Hands-on review: Grand Seiko Snowflake

As we have seen in many of the models on this website, every watchmaker company has its style.

Every company has a signature that sets them apart in watchmaking; however, some of these signature marks aren’t exclusive.

When we say these signatures are inclusive, we mean Rolex’s Cyclops. Although it was specially designed for the Rolex, other brands can also use it.

But in this article, we will discuss a watch with a unique dial signature that you cannot find on any other model or collection worldwide.

The Grand Seiko Snowflake.

The Japanese company, the Grand Seiko, is known for its subtle innovations that can lead up to a door with a whole new sense of practicality.

In this article, we will review the famous snowflake of the Seiko, so let’s get into the article and see whether the Grand Seiko snowflake is worth the money the brand sets on it.

Grand seiko snowflake review

Overall view of Seiko Snowflake

As you know, most watch manufacturers work on one of the collections, the Diver collection.

The Seiko snowflake takes place in the Diver collection.

At first glance, you might think that this watch is the essential classic we see every day; however, that fact is partly actual, but some fine details will change your mind regarding this watch.

Besides the Diver collection, the Grand Seiko Snowflake is a spring watch that uses the powerful spring caliber that the Seiko itself makes.

The case on this watch is highly durable, maybe one of the best in the market; however, the full durability review is where we will be discussing this matter.

Seiko snowflake’s design is a simple one that you might see on any watch to a certain point, but when you reach the dial, Seiko performs a fantastic act and changes everything.

There is a specific detail on the dial of this watch that no other watch on the planet has.

And lastly, the features of this watch and the accuracy of the caliber is the subject that makes us wonder if this watch is worth buying or not? However, we cannot decide yet and must go through concrete steps to find out.

So let’s get to the review, shall we?

The durability of the Grand Seiko Snowflake

As you have seen, many watches have used stainless steel as their base material for the watch case to be durable and light-weighted, but the Grand Seiko went the other way.

This company uses one of the most durable substances on the face of the earth to manufacture the case and the back case of the Grand Seiko snowflake.

The High-Intensity Titanium (HIT).

As the name suggests, this material is one of the most intense Titanium kinds on the planet, even stronger than the grade two titanium.

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

The weight of the watch is significantly heavier than what we anticipated. However, it is still not that heavy, but if you consistently wear watches that are light as a feather, you have to consider that the Grand Seiko Snowflake isn’t like any of those watches.

The front glass and the back glass are special.

However, they consist of Sapphire crystals but have Temper Glass quality, meaning that these glasses can take on a great deal of pressure and temperature changes.

This watch is a diver, meaning that it would have high rates of water resistance; however, this subject is related to the features section so it will be discussed there.

Overall the durability of the Grand Seiko snowflake is immaculate, especially considering the material that Seiko used in crafting it.

Now let’s get to the design section of the review.

Grand seiko snowflake

The design of the Grand Seiko Snowflake

This might be the best watch for you if you are a fan of classic and old-fashioned watches.

However, the Grand Seiko snowflake doesn’t come in other forms like a leather strap; the metal helps the watch’s personality.

The case shape and the dial is the usual classic design we see every day, but if you pay close attention, you will see a second compartment on the watch dial. However, first, let us tell you a story.

One of the headquarters of the Grand Seiko takes place in a mountain where it is constantly snowing.

One day the designers observed the snow and saw that it would pile and shine like a piece of diamond, then it would change location, and this process never gets repeated.

This is the inspiration behind the Grand Seiko snowflake.

The dial is made from titanium; however, the coating and texture are immaculate.

Now let’s move on to the feature section and see what the second compartment on the dial is.

The unique features of the Grand Seiko Snowflake

We have mentioned that this watch has a unique idea that none of the other watches have.

First, let’s say the watch has up to 70 hours of power reserve; however, what do we mean by the resting position?

The battery on the Seiko snowflake is a backup; this watch uses your hand movements and magnetic fields around you and your pulse to keep working, meaning that it takes energy from you, and every week it adjusts its accuracy.

The water resistance rate on this watch is up to 10 bars or 100 meters deep.

That back glass makes the watch show the excellent spring caliber we have discussed.

And the titanium watch hands and dial make this watch the best in its area.

Now let’s conclude, and we will tell you what we think about the Grand Seiko snowflake review?

In the end

In this article, we talked about some of the great features of the Grand Seiko snowflake; in other words, this watch has a lot to offer.

We think a watch with all these capabilities and features should be considered on the wish list; the Grand Seiko Snowflake is a high-end wristwatch.

We are happy that you came with us till the end, and if you have any additional questions about the “Hands-on review: Grand Seiko Snowflake” article, we will be honored to answer them in the comment section below.


Is the Grand Seiko snowflake a limited watch?

  • When this watch first came out, it was hard to find in the rest of the world; however, nowadays, you can find them anywhere.

Is the Grand Seiko a Chinese company?

  • the Grand Seiko is a Japanese company, and the main headquarter of the corporation is still in Tokyo.

Is the Grand Seiko expensive?

  • Rationally yes. The high-end watch companies all have extreme prices, but there are fair reasons behind this pricing that we cited in the article.
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