Top 10 Orient Women’s Watches 2022

Women wear stunning dresses for the occasions they participate in, meaning that these women are breathtaking in a fashion sense.

However, no outfit is complete without some jewels and accessories that become the dress you wear.

Some of these jewels should be your choice, and we cannot declare what goes best with the dress you have on; however, the watch you wear around your wrist is something else.

Timepieces can be one of the most popular and well-effective pieces of extra accessories you can wear to pop up your style and even the dress and some of the unique features you have.

This article will discuss the Orient women’s watches collections in 2022.

This company makes cheap, however high-brand, high-quality watches that we think you should know about, especially if you are on a budget to get a watch.

We will list the 10 best Orient women’s watches of 2022 and give a short statement about each, so you have a base picture of the watches you are trying to buy.

So, come with us if you are ready to dive into the best Orient women’s watches list.

Orient Women's Watch

What characteristics should a women’s watch have in 2022?

When discussing distinguished genders and their differences from the rest of the genders, we must remember that these differences that made sense around 50 years ago are not ruling the minds of the 21st century.

We’re trying to say that when you wear something these days, no matter if you are a man or a woman, most companies nowadays are gender-natural, meaning that the products they create are made for both genders.

When purchasing a watch, these characteristics show themselves a tad better, and you can see the difference between men’s and women’s watches.

But as we have mentioned, it is entirely up to you to make it work, meaning if you see a piece you like, you should go for it, but some individuals like the products the old-fashioned way.

Meaning the men and women separated.

Indeed, men do not have the delicacy of women, and therefore the products that define their identity should match their spirit.

In the next section of the article, we will list the 10 best Orient women’s watches of 2022, and then, in the end, you can see all of them and decide which would be the best option for you.

Keep in mind that in addition to this list and its descriptions, you better research the watch you intend to get even more.

So, let’s get to the list, shall we?

10 Best Orient women’s watches in 2022

In this article section, we will discuss the best watches that Orient made for women in 2022. Then after the list is complete, you can select one or multiple of the watches on the list and get them all because the price of these watches is somewhat lower than what you would have expected.

We shall get to the list of the best Orient women’s watches of 2022:

1. Orient contemporary RA-NR2004S10B

The first watch we have to discuss is one of the simplest ones in the collection of women’s watches of Orient in 2022.

This watch has a leather bracelet in several colors; the main one is wine red.

And the watch’s dial is as simple s it can get, which is minimal and somewhat delicate.

this watch sells for $150.

2. Orient contemporary RA-NR2003S10B

This watch is a silver knight in armor; the bracelet and the case itself are made from steel and silver, giving it one of the most magnificent looks ever.

The watch’s dial is also simple, and the numeral is Greek.

this watch sells for $250.

3. Orient moon phase RA-KB0001S10B

This watch differs from the other ones we have listed so far.

The watch’s bracelet combines silver and rose pure gold, and the watch’s dial contains a moon phase that shows whether it’s day or night.

this watch sells for $210.

4. Orient contemporary gold straps RA-NR2001G10B

As the name suggests, this watch has a simple dial; however, the numeral and the watch hands, as well as the watch’s bracelet, have some golden strips on them that make this watch look even fancier than intended.

The price of this watch was on sale at the official Orient website, so make sure to check it out.

this watch sells for $330.

5. Orient classic RA-QC1702S10B

The following watch we have to discuss is unique, thanks to the watch’s bracelet.

This watch uses a chain bracelet, however not the big ones that we are used to; this watch has a small chain branded, and it seems gorgeous with the silver color on the clock.

this watch sells for $100.

Orient Women's Watch

6. Orient classic automatic RA-AC0009S10B

As the name suggests, this watch has an automatic self-winding system, and the bracelet on this watch is silver, so you know that it is minimal and delicate.

Also, the watch’s dial is similar to most of the classic watches in this collection.

this watch sells for $230.

7. Orient lady rose RA-KB0005E00B

By far, this watch is one of the best on the list; it has a black dial on it, making a great paradox between the silver and the black and the numerals, and the watch hands are golden, which adds even more dynamic to the watch itself.

this watch sells for $300.

8. Orient lady rose RA-KB0004A10B

Like the last one, the dial differs from the dial, and the bracelet is a deep navy blue.

We have to mention that the bracelet of this watch is made from 100% legit and genuine leather, which is a great feature to have in a timepiece; if you like watches that can suit any situation, this watch can be one of the best options.

this watch sells for $260.

9. Orient contemporary extraordinary RA-AK0004A10B

This watch differs from all the watches in the collection and the list.

The bezel has some jewels; the whole watch is rose gold colored, metaphorically and literally.

The watch’s bracelet is made from leather, and the white dial on the watch creates a fantastic appearance for that timepiece.

this watch sells for $270.

10. Orient ladies’ quartz FQC0D005B0

The appearance of this watch is also different from the other models because of the odd bezel shape and the new jewels added to it, and the stainless-steel case and the bracelet are the near-perfect combinations.

These are the ten best Orient women’s watches of 2022, and now that you know all about them, let’s get to the next section and end the article, shall we?

this watch sells for $100.


The end…

Choosing watches for ladies and women is a tough choice worldwide; luckily, some brands have exclusive women’s watches like the Orient watches.

In this article, we talked about the list of the 10 best Orient women’s watches of 2022 and then explained each watch for its unique sides.

We hope our information can help you choose the best watch overall. Therefore, let’s end everything right here and then but keep in mind the price of these watches is relatively low, so you have to consider looking into these timepieces.

In the end, we are very much delighted that you decided to come with us until the end of the “Orient Women’s Watch – Top 10 Women’s Orient Watches 2022” statement; if you have anything to add to this article or you have any feedbacks, make sure to keep in touch with is us so we can guide you even more.


Are Orient women’s watches good?

  • The watches in the Orient women’s collections are unique because they have a low price and decent quality; obviously, these watches can’t compete with brands like Rolex. However, they can get the job done.

Where is the leading company of Orient?

  • The Orient is located in Switzerland, and just like any other fancy watch-making company, this one is located at the watch-making magnet of the world.

Should I buy an Orient watch?

  • We don’t see a reason why not. You can get these watches reasonably, and we are sure you will love using them. However, you have to review the watches yourself to decide on the best watch to get; you can use the list that we have offered in the article.
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