Orient Automatic Watch [Full Review]

In the modern days, when someone desires to match their outfit and looks with some accessories that will define them in a social gathering or even a meeting that is regarded to the business, you intend to lean towards some of the accessories that relate to timepieces such as some luxury watches that would make a significant impact on the people that would see you for the first time.

You might wonder why having a specific accessory would make a difference in your appearance and even the primary image of what people would think about you or your manners.

In today’s article, we will discuss the Orient automatic watches, and we will talk about the different collections this brand has regarding mechanical timepieces that are or are self-winding.

We will also discuss some of the principles and unique factors these watches have that set them apart from the rest of the brands worldwide.

So, if you are prepared and wonders about the Orient automatic watches, come with us until the end of the article so you will find out everything about these fantastic wrist accessories.

Orient Automatic Watch

Orient watches: the origin

the first matter that we will be attending to will be the origin of the Orient watches and why these watches are a decent option when you’re looking for a watch that is both luxury and on a budget.

Remember that most of the watches in the market are luxury timepieces with tremendous value, but on the other hand, these watches are relatively expensive. Not everybody can afford to have one of these timepieces in their writing.

Usually, wristwatch brands like Rolex or even Seiko have some significant aspects to them that make them unique, and these factors are the main reason that the price of these watches is very high; however, the Orient watches are the opposite of these brands.

This means that these timepieces have the exact small and delicate details; however, the pricing on these watches is very decent. This is because of a unique business model that this company has to increase its sales and customer loyalty.

Orient watches use the same high-level and top-tier materials and the perfect mineable and sometimes complex design that would make these accessories pretty much unique.

In the next section of the article, we will discuss these materials, why this company has decided to put such a low price on these watches, and how they would profit from this business model. We will also talk about the Orient automatic series.

So, by this point, if you have all the information regarding the Orient watches, let’s start with the next section of the statement and see the top collections in the Orient automatic timepieces.

Orient Automatic Watch

Orient automatic watches: detailed review

Before getting started regarding the small sections of the Orient automatic watches, we first know that the origin of the Orient watches and the resemblance that this brand has to the others is a pretty complex matter.

·        The design of the Orient automatic watches

As you know from some of our previous segments on the Orient watches, we appreciate a minimal design; however, not all watches in the Orient collections are minimally designed. Instead, most of them are pretty complex, especially in the dial section, and even some have a glass back case that makes these watches see-through.

Keep in mind that the design of the watch is a personal preference. Before getting to any conclusions, you must like the watch to get it, so make sure to view all these watch models and choose the one that mesmerizes you.

·        The durability of the Orient automatic watches

We are sure that you are aware that one of the most distinguishable factors in every wristwatch is the material they would use in making this timepiece because it would determine how durable these watches have.

This is an exciting matter because the Orient automatic watches would use titanium in a grade two level, stainless steel, and sometimes even white and yellow gold in some special editions of this brand.

This guarantees that these watches are durable, and they will withstand specific amounts of pressure.

Remember that the watch’s durability is directly related to the primary material used in making the case and the straps of the watch, whether it is steel or leather.

We will not be going through the unique sites of these watches and the futures that these calibers would offer; however, you have to know that some of these watches have great lots, such as secondary and 3rd dials and watch faces, and some of them even have the power reserving future as well.

Now that you are familiar with the Orient automatic watches, let’s get to the next section of the article, which is the end, and finish the statement once and for all.


Wristwatches are a significant part of an individual’s outside appearance; however, as you know well, this is not the only thing that determines the manners of a person. However, it has some impacts on it.

Especially when encountering a group of people for the first time, having a nice and fancy watch might help you make a great first impression.

In this article, we discussed the design and durability of the Orient automatic watches and explained each one and why these watches are considered unique with the low price they have on the market.

In the end, we are very much glad that you decided to stay with us throughout the “Orient Automatic Watch [Full Review]” article, and if you have any additional feedback or inquiries that you want to share with us, make sure to use the comment section below or the information on the contact page of this very website.


Are the Orient automatic watches good?

  • This is a question that is a relative meaning when you are looking through the models of the Orient automatic watches; you have to consider your taste in wristwatches to pick the right one, so makes sure to read the whole article and then decide on getting these watches.

Why are the Orient automatic watches cheap?

  • As we mentioned in the article, having a low price on these fancy watches is a strategic move that the brand has conducted to raise its customers’ loyalty and expansion.

Should I get Orient automatic watch?

  • As we said, you must first review the model you have in your mind and desire, and then after studying it for a long time and in this extreme detail, you can’t decide correctly and adequately on which watch is the best option for you.
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