Hands-on review: Movado Museum Collection

There are over 50 watch brands worldwide, most of which are in Switzerland.

These watches have at least one small detail in common, and sometimes you can see that these watches resemble each other; however, this article will read about young entrepreneurs.

A youth who managed to create something that no other company has ever done, even in the 21st century.

The Movado Museum Collection and its history.

We are confident that you have seen many kinds of watches, such as:

  • Divers
  • Classics
  • Heritages
  • GMT

And so on.

These collections have several models that oddly look like each other in different brands.

Today we will be talking about the history of the Movado brand and the Museum collection history; we hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to identify all of the fantastic sides of this series and brand.

So if you are ready, let’s get into the article and start our exploration.

Movado Watch Museum review + history

Overall and historical view

Paying attention to some of the other brands and their collections, you will conclude that every model follows a specific guideline for whatever the brand wants it to become.

Most watches have the same classic dial, watch hands, and straps or bracelets. However, these models can differ in the case of features and so on, but overall they are very much look alike.

However, the design and the manufacturing process of the Movado watches have a completely different story.

In 1947, a 19 years old entrepreneur dreamed of starting the business of crafting timepieces, and in the end, after tremendous amounts of obstacles, he succeeded.

History suggests that Horwitt designed the original Museum only one year after the company was founded.

We might add that the first Museum that was ever produced was without the permission of Horwitt, meaning that he disagreed with the design.

At the beginning of the job, this company struggled; he would take the museum watch to retailers and firms; however, no one seemed interested. There is a reason behind this failure.

The watch’s design was controversial, meaning that no one had done it before the Movado, so it was an outsider.

Then Horwitt discovered another American company was using their patent to produce watches identical to the museum collection timepieces.

Then began the trials and court dates to settle this conflict.

They say that the company’s first years were hard, and Horwitt had to inject his own money into the company to maintain it.

However, he later won the trial and recorded the official patent to the Museum watches under the commercial name of “oddball.”

The most prominent part of the Museum’s collection of watches was the dial on these pieces.

At the time and even now, you cannot find any watch models that can compare to these watches when talking about the dial and the movement system.

You have heard about the quarts movements.

If not, let us elaborate.

There are two types of movements:

  1. Calibers
  2. Quarts

When talking about calibers, hundreds of models use exclusive or inclusive calibers to power their watches; however, the quarts watch systems are the ones you see on the wall.

But you have to keep in mind that engineers in the Movado miniaturized the design of the quartz movements.

There are upsides and downsides to having a quartz movement. However, I’ll be tending to that matter later on.


Now that you have a general knowledge of the Movado Museum Collection history, let’s get into the next section and talk about the characteristics of the watch, shall we?

Movado Watch Museum Full review and history

Characteristics and specifications

One of the factors that set the Movado Museum Collection apart from the rest of the brands is design innovation.

First, we will discuss the most beautiful part of this collection.

The dial & case

As we mentioned, this collection’s dial design may not appeal to most watch lovers; however, w think this style is something else altogether, and we should not compare it to other brands.

The dial on the Museum collection has no remarks, meaning that the face of the watch is entirely blank, and the only thing you can find is the vast dot or ball in the noon direction.

That’s why these watches are also called the oddballs.

Nothing on the dial gives a minimal character to the watches and preserves their specialness.

Even though there are no unique designs on the dial, knowing the history behind this company, we can say that these watches have a rich and inspiring story altogether.

The bracelets and cases on these watches are made purely from PVD-finishing stainless steel and dials.

The Movado Museum collection has a rate of 30 meters deep water resistance.

However, these watches have no power reserve features because of the quartz movement system.

And the last thing is that thanks to the movement, the accuracy of these watches is comparable to Atomic watch.

Now that you know why the Movado Museum collection is unique and the history behind the birth of this collection, let’s get to the end and cite our personal opinion on this collection.

Last but not least…


We talked about the genesis of the Movado Company, and then we cited how they have been through a lot in the case of their stole patent.

We think this watch might be perfect for people who want to spend less on a wristwatch but still have that luxury feeling and are a fan of minimal artwork.

However, if you are used to the classic dials and interior features, want something more complex, and don’t care about the price, you have to skip this one.

These watches start at $800 and go up to $2,400.

Last but not least, this is the end of the article; we are happy that you decided to join us on this journey.

If you have any additional thoughts that you want to share with us regarding the “Hands-on review: Movado Museum Collection” article, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in the comment section below this article.


Is the Movado Company bankrupt?

  • There were times that this company went through a lot, and it was on the verge of getting bankrupted; however, it stayed strong, and now they are a successful watch brand.

How many watches are there in the Movado Museum collection?

  • There are nearly 50 items in the Museum collection of the Movado; you can figure out why there are so many by the article’s descriptions.

Why do Movado’s prices low?

  • Because Movado doesn’t focus on luxury and uses the quartz movements, these watches are sold at a fair price.
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