Shinola Omaha Watch Review

There are many new watch-manufacturing companies in the US, and one of them is the Shinola watch brand. Located in Michigan, this brand hand-assembles and even produces watch parts in order to improve USA’s product production. But the question is, “Are Shinola watches good?”.

Shinola started as a Detroit-based retail company but soon decided to manufacture watches, bicycles, and jewelry. Shinola started its watchmaking journey in 2013 by producing quartz analog movement watches.

And today, we are going to talk about one of Shinola’s watches. So, stay with us on the Shinola Omaha review at Saatsaz Watch.

Shinola Omaha Review

One of Shinola watch brand’s goals is to revitalize American manufacturing even if a higher price is at stake, and most of the Shinola watch series are in honor of Great Americans and their achievements. One of these is the Shinola Omaha watch which is a tribute to the US Navy’s Omaha-class cruisers.

The Shinola Omaha watch features a silver-tone 42mm stainless steel case and fixed bezel with a brushed finish that gives it a casual yet sophisticated look. The dial is a simple black or white brushed dial with stick indices and luminous silver-tone hands. The Omaha watches also have double domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and original leather bands that are proudly “Made in USA”.

Overall, The Shinola Omaha Rectangle Square Tank watch is a good and classy watch that even reminds the fans of the JLC Classical Reverso watch. But the Shinola watches come at a relatively high price, and that is why it is criticized for. While the Shinola Omaha’s Argonite 1069 Swiss quartz movement is from Switzerland, its other parts are from various parts of the world and are assembled in the USA.


Shinola Omaha watch Specifications

After reviewing the Shinola Omaha watch, it’s time to get into detail.


  • Case Shape: Rectangular
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial Color: White or Black
  • Dial Markers: Arabic Numeral
  • Movement: Quartz (Argonite 1069)


  • Case Size: 26mm x 36.5mm
  • Case Lug to Lug: 39mm
  • Case Thickness: 8mm
  • Strap Width: 20mm


  • Strap Material: Leather / Grain / Nylon / Calfskin / Braided
  • Leather Strap Color: Brown / Black
  • Other Strap Colors: Orange / Red / Blue & many more


What are the Shinola Omaha watch’s Pros and Cons?

Any watch has its own pros and cons, and the Shinola Omaha watch is no exception.

  • Pros

      • Up to 165ft / 50m water resistance because of its screw-down crown.
      • Scratch-resistant Saphire crystal.
      • Hand-assembled by precise staff members.
      • Good quality Made in USA straps and beautiful wooden boxes.
      • Local support and replacement offers.
  • Cons

      • Having some imported parts and is only partially original.
      • Not so good repair shops outside of the US.
      • Overpriced compared to other assembled watch brands.

Also, you can see that the Shinola Omaha serial number is laser-etched on the case back.


Shinola Omaha Watch Price

As we mentioned, the Shinola Omaha men’s watch is a excellent classy and somewhat considered a luxurious watch. But it has a relatively higher price compared to other assembled watches. The Shinola Omaha watch price is around $650 but can be bought for less than $300 during sales. Shinola is criticized for this high price, but American fans appreciate the Shinola company’s work and their goal to revitalize American manufacturing.

The Shinola Omaha watch is likely discontinued as it is not for sale on the Official Shinola website. But it can still be found and bought from retailers.

Why is Shinola Omaha watch so expensive?

It’s true that some of the Shinola watch parts are imported, but in Omaha, they use high quality Swiss-made Ronda quartz movements that brands such as TAG Heuer also use. They also manufacture some of their watch parts on their own, and everything is hand-assembled in Detroit. Also, Shinola Omaha is not manufactured anymore, thus making Shinola Omaha watch much more expensive than other assembled watch brands.

Another advantage that the Shinola Omaha watch has over its competitors is its screw-down crown and sapphire crystal that usually Seiko, Timex, Daniel Wellington, and Fossil watches don’t have in this price range.

Shinola values its fans and customers, and more than that, they take pride in their efforts to improve United States brands and products. And this is the reason that despite many criticisms, Shinola continues to make watches that sell.



In this Shinola Omaha review, we found out that this watch has high-quality parts, such as its Swiss quartz movement and some great features, such as a screw down crown and sapphire crystal, that gives this watch an edge over its competitors. But the Shinola Omaha watch still is relatively higher in price than the other non-American quartz movement watches… but for good reasons!

This concludes this article and THANK YOU for spending time with Saatsaz Watch; we would like to hear your thoughts. What is your opinion on the Shinola Omaha watch? Is this watch a worthy watch to be worn? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments, and tell us your Shinola Omaha review.


Is Shinola Omaha watch good?

In our opinion, yes and no. Compared to its quartz movement competitors, Shinola Omaha watch comes at a higher price. But this watch features high quality Swiss Movement, Saphire Crystal, and Screw Down Crown that gives it an edge over other assembled brands. Read our Shinola Omaha review to find out if it is good enough FOR YOU.

Is Shinola Omaha watch discontinued?

Shinola watch brand doesn’t manufacture new Omaha watches and has moved on to other series. But the Shinola Omaha watch can still be found at various online retailers.

Is Shinola Omaha watch waterproof?

Yes, it is. Because of its Screw Down Crown and fixed Saphire Crystal, the Shinola Omaha watch is water-resistant for up to 50 meters / 165 ft.

Are Shinola watches made in Detroit?

Yes, Shinola watches are assembled and made in Michigan, Detroit. Shinola watch brand imports its Swiss movements, but they also manufacture their own parts and hand-assemble their watches.
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