Hands-on review: Xiaomi IMILAB KW66 smartwatch

After reviewing the analog and caliber-based watches, it’s time to take it up a notch.

While some people love wearing classic timepieces, others are looking for functionality only.

In 2004, Microsoft’s SPOT division introduced one of the first wearable gadgets, a smartwatch.

Over time, all big technology companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi started manufacturing smartwatches that met every user’s need.

Considering that Apple’s smartwatches are the leading ones in the industry, they are pretty expensive, but what if we want a high-end smartwatch for a reasonable price?

Do not worry, and we have got you.

The Xiaomi MILAB KW66 is our topic in today’s article.

You will read:

  • What is a smartwatch?
  • Configuration of KW66.
  • Battery life.
  • Sensors and functions.
  • Summing up.

Therefore, let’s start the review of this fantastic watch; come with us.

What is a smartwatch?

With the evolution of technology, the obvious next step was wearable gears.

Following this idea were invented Airpods and smartwatches, one for music and the other one was your portable nanny and was completing your phone.

The first smartwatch was introduced by SPOT, a division working in the Microsoft facility; this idea didn’t entirely take off because it was the first of its kind, and there was still time for improvement.

Then in 2012, Sony came up with a perfect smartwatch that fulfilled its responsibilities; it informed the user about the notifications, you could control the music that was playing from your phone, etc.

Smartwatches are small and miniature replicas of your phone; they each have an OS, a CPU, and a GPU besides the graphics card.

A combination of these departments makes a smartwatch. However, they were making a watch, which meant space limitations. The only solution was to downgrade the configuration of the chipsets.

But, in the year 2014, a revolution happened with the Apple Watch series original, this first-ever smartwatch that was as powerful as some smartphones.

This company is introducing the Apple watch series 7; this watch is more powerful than the 5S model on Apple’s phones, but the problem with Apple and similar companies was the ridiculous price.

So a new company burned, Xiaomi.

This company did everything that Samsung and honor did at the time and competed with them beautifully, and by some means, it won.

Now let’s see how the Xiaomi MILAB kw66 smartwatch was made.

imilab kw66 review reading

Configuration of KW66.

In October 2020, Xiaomi changed the usual pace of making a health band into a watch series, and Xiaomi made the MILAB series, and the kw66 was one of the best in this collection.

The Xiaomi MILAB kw66 was a revolutionary step, but remember that the price for this smartwatch is approximately 50$, so you have to lower your expectations.

Let’s talk about the configuration of the watch:

  • Dimensions: 3 x 45.3 x 12.7 mm
  • Display: TFT 1.28” 265ppi (touch screen)
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth LE (5.0)
  • Memory: 384 ROM, 128MB flash, 160KB RAM
  • Protection: water-resistance IP68
  • Battery capacity: Li-Pol 340mAh
  • SoC: Realtek RTL8762C

Looking at the configuration of Xiaomi MILAB kw66, we can see that this set of power is too low. Still, considering the utilization of this smartwatch, it should be just fine.

Some other options in the smartwatch world have up to 1GB of RAM and a much more powerful chipset.

We have to mention that the OS used in this model is purely UI base, much unlike Apple and Samsung which have exclusive OS such as WatchOS and GearOS, yet once more, the price difference is over the roof in these comparisons.

We have to say that this watch is one of the best budget options that you can have in a health band or a smartwatch.

The bottom line is that you get precisely what you are paying for.

Now to the next chapter, the Battery life of Xiaomi MILAB kw66.

imilab kw66 review article

Battery life.

Earlier, we mentioned that the Xiaomi MILAB k66 has a 340mAh battery.

If you know anything about Xiaomi, you know that literally, no one can beat the battery preserve on Xiaomi products, whether on smartphones or smartwatches.

We will tell you how much it takes to drop the battery percentage on kw66 from 100% to 0%.

It will take exactly 30 days, yes 30 whole days, to drain the battery on this watch.

Just for comparison, here is a chart of the smartwatches and how much they can preserve battery percentage:


  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi

100% to 0% Battery percentage

Apple Watch Series 3 (199$) 1 Day
Galaxy Gear S2 (89$ – 189$) Three days
Xiaomi MILAB kw66 (50$) 30 Days

It was evident that Xiaomi did a marvelous job with the battery on this model.

Now let’s see what the significant upsides and functions of the kw66 are.

imilab kw66 review article

Sensors and functions.

When we talk about the sensors on a smartwatch, the first thing that comes to mind is the VC sensor or, in other words, the Heart Rate Sensor.

Usually, this sensor takes place on the back case of the watch to be close to your pulse; this sensor measures the vibrations that reach the surface of your skin.

Another sensor that this kind of smartwatch has is the Gyroscope, which tracks movement, which is helpful for tasks like “raise to wake” or “fall alert.”

Another use for the Gyroscope sensor is that it can track your walking or running activities, and then using them can set a health plan for you.

Now let’s talk about functions.

We will list the main functions that you can benefit from in Xiaomi MILAB kw66:

  • Playing music and changing the volume and tracks.
  • Viewing the notifications and replying with prefix answers.
  • This watch measures your heart rate 24/7.
  • More than 100 variant watch faces choosing from.
  • Step and sports tracker with six different sports modes.
  • Caller ID.
  • Stopwatch and timer.
  • Sleep tracker.

And these are the functions that are available on the Xiaomi MILAB kw66; keep in mind that for using this watch, you have to connect to it via Bluetooth and an app called Glory Fit.

Now let’s conclude the article.

Summing up

Xiaomi is a Chinese company specializing in manufacturing electronic products, one of the best products you can get from this company is the Xiaomi MILAB kw66 smartwatch.

As we reviewed in this article, this smartwatch offers you a lot, especially from the battery aspect. The price you will pay for it is much more than your expectations. If you are looking for a health band or a smartwatch on a budget, we recommend this model as the starter pack.

We hope that you enjoyed this review as much as we did. If you have any questions or own the Xiaomi MILAB kw66, we would appreciate it if you shared your experience with us in the comment section below.


Is it worth buying the Xiaomi MILAB kw66?

  • For sure. With the money you are paying for the smartwatch, you cannot find a better substitute; however, read the configuration in this article before buying the product.

Are there other smartwatches that I can purchase?

  • Of course, there are. As we mentioned in the article, several companies manufacture smartwatches professionally; you can see the list of the companies that manufacture smartwatches in this article.
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