Hands-on review: Richard Mille’s RM67 V2 extra flat

As you might be familiar with the brand, Richard Mille is famous for its ginormous wristwatches.

This brand has done something spectacular by realizing the second version of its unique wristwatch, the RM67 V2.

The nickname of this watch is an extra flat; if you wonder why to keep reading, you’ll find out.

Revealing this watch was a revolutionary step for the company because the RM67 V2 was an entirely different watch from others.

We recommend you read through until the last word of this article. You won’t regret it.

We will read about:

  • overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Features
  • Conclusion

There is some interesting story and facts about the RM67 V2 that we will be honored to share with you.

Overall view

The brand has done something completely unexpected and uncalled for by introducing this wristwatch.

Typically, all of Richard Mille’s watches are big and flashy and usually hard to ware, but not the RM67 V2. This model is yet the thinnest one that the brand has ever created, and they say, and we quote, “the flattest automatic watch of the brand.”

The RM67 V2 is made for circumstances such as sports, casual or formal wear.

However, this watch is pretty expensive compared to other models, but once you read about the hidden facts inside this magnificent watch, you will see that it’s a fair price.

So let’s cut to the chase and start reviewing this beauty.

richard mille review


The RM67 V2 is full of surprises; you might ask, where? Let us tell you.

This watch is the thinnest of its kind, the lightest, and in case of durability, the strongest.

This is because the entire body, bridge, and frame are made of pure titanium and carbon fiber, making it highly durable yet very agile.

The RM67 V2 weighs 32 grams and has bracelets of carbon-concentrated plastic.

Some of the company’s partners liked this watch so much that they collaborated with Richard Mille and put their country’s flag on the RM67.

The company says that this watch is more suited for athletes and an athletic model because of its lightweight.

The coating on this watch is a satin finish, and it comes in different colors.

Unlike the other models, the front glass in the RM67 V2 is quartz crystals, and the back case, which is transparent like the other models, has the same glass.

This model uses the CRMA7 caliber, so this watch is so thin.

The base plate and the bridges are all made of grade 5 titanium, making RM67 V@ one of the most robust and durable in the industry.

All we can say is that this watch is one of the most durable models that we have ever had to review, but it’s time to get to the design.

richard mille reading


The design of the RM67 is a whole different story. If you encounter any of this brand’s products, you will see that the Richard Mille has an extensive and flashy style, but this watch is much more than that.

While the RM67 V2 has the same design but is much thinner and lighter, the dial is open in front to see the caliber, and typically the numbers are on the new quartz glass.

Three watch hands that show hours, minutes, and seconds. The dual calendar system is still present in this model.

If you think about it’s odd how much they could compress inside such a small body.

The matte black bracelets and textured bridges complete the look of this masterpiece. Another interesting fact about the design of the RM67 V2 is the screws are in place and make the device entirely shockproof up to 6 bars of pressure.

The chemicals used in making the body can reform on a molecular level and terminate slight scratches on the body’s surface; in other words, they have used nanotech on this part.

As the company said, this watch is more suited for athletes; it’s only reasonable because the durability, color variants, shape, and lightness are the perfect combinations for people to wear while doing sports or working out.

Moving on from design. Let’s talk about the features of RM67 V2


The rotor inside the caliber is made of white gold and carbon; it will give the watch a glorious shine when long under the sun.

Another pretty exciting feature is the power reserve mode on the RM67 V2. Even after removing the battery, this watch will work for up to 50hr.

Let us explant this tech for you; the power reserve is possible with the small tech piece inside the caliber that uses the movement of the gear energy and stores it in case of emergency like when the battery is removed, or the battery is drained power watch is going to keep working.

The bracelet straps on the RM67 V2 are removable, and there are a variety of colors and designs available to choose from and have the straps you want.

The dial hands and the numeric placeholders are infused with fluorescent means that they absorb the light in the day and use it to shine and help you see the time in the darkest of times.

And lastly, let’s wrap the article and get to the point in this hands-on review for RM67 V2.

richard mille review

Concluding all

This may be the best watch-out for professional athletes and those who want to experience something fancy and different.

Features and design quality justifies the price of the RM67 V2, the jewels and gold used in this model are precious themselves.

Overall this is a lovely watch and, indeed, getting it would be pleasant.

But we advise you to look over all the facts and reviews before purchasing this product.

This is the last bit of the article; we are so glad that it could aid you in making the right decisions on purchasing the correct item, ask all of your questions in the comment section below so we can help you properly.


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