Hands-on review: Oris Diver 65

Having a luxury wristwatch is like a dream come true.

Rolex was the only luxury timepiece maker in the Swiss watch industry, and because they had a very high price range, not everyone could afford it.

But then other companies and manufacturers appeared that offered the same quality at a lower price.

This article will discuss yet another Swiss watch company with fantastic design and durability while maintaining the price in an affordable range.

The Oris Diver 65.

The Oris 65 isn’t a specific watch. It is a watch series from the Diver collection of the Oris Company; however, we will be discussing the overall qualities of the series by setting a particular model as an example.

Let’s begin the review and enjoy the artistry inside the Oris Diver 65 series if you are ready.

Oris Diver 65 review

Overall view of Oris Diver 65

Oris will surely take the crown among all other brands

regarding verity in a watch series.

There are several models inside the Oris Diver 65 collection, 24.

And it is attractive in design. The only difference these models have is the straps and the color; other than that, all watch designs are the same but with very slight changes.

Oris says:

“Our watches have personalities and identities, and every one of them is unique!!!”

This quote is correct; every model in this series has a uniqueness.

The durability of these watches is immaculate; the substance used in Oris Divers 65 watches is incredibly steady. However, there is so much more than materials.

We can assure you that you have never seen a watch series like this before regarding the watches’ design. The plan might seem familiar because the original patent is the same format as Omega and Rolex classics.

The Oris timepiece company has been around since 1904, and they made their first functional wristwatch in 1938, which was the Big Crown collection.

Although this company made only caliber way before this date, the very first caliber that they made was in the year 1934.

After reading about this general knowledge, let’s get to the detailed review of the Oris Diver 65 collection.

The durability of the Oris Diver 65

As we said before, the Oris Diver 65 watches are durable; most of the models in this series have consisted of reinforced stainless steel.

This means that these watches are light and durable in challenging conditions.

However, we said almost every model, but why?

This watch has several special edition series that partner with certain companies like Caviar or Cartier.

The body and the bezel in these watches are specially engineered to stand firm in complex conditions and pressure. After all, this is a Divers watch.

Being In a Divers collection means that these watches have an extreme water resistance rate which we will discuss in the features section of the review.

The second factor in Oris Diver 65’s durability is the strap or the bracelet of the watch.

Most of the watches in this series have leather straps, some of them have metal bracelets, and some unique edition models have both in the box so you can change the look of your watch whenever you want.

Overall having few innovations inside these watches and the outside of the body gives this watch fair durability.

The Oris Diver 65 collection gets a 9 out of 10 in the durability section now; let’s get to the next part of the review, which is the design.

Full review Oris Diver 65

The design of the Oris Diver 65

The second part of our review is the design aspect of the Oris Diver 65.

Like we said before, the design of this collection is beautiful. Small but effective details will make you fall in love with all the models inside these watches.

First, let’s talk about the body. As we said, by using stainless steel as a body material, these watches are incredibly light and thin; usually, a more delicate look gives the fashion sense a better contribution.

Moving on to the front glass and the dial.

Like many other Swiss high-end brands, the Oris Diver 65 uses a sapphire crystal as a front glass with an anti-reflective coating on the inside of the glass.

An interesting fact about the glass on these models is that all of them are box-shaped, meaning they are cured to increase durability, and in the matter of design, the curved glass is a unique touch.

The next matter of order is the dial.

The dial panel on the Oris Diver 65 series has the same design and everything; the numerals on the dial are bold and exclusively written.

The dial also has a month/day calendar module.

All of the parts inside these watch’s dial are luminance meaning they will shine green in the darkest of nights.

The bezel on this series is rotatable, and it indicates the minutes of the watch face.

Last but not least, the designs on the Oris Diver 65 series are unique and colorful; however, some factors have to be considered in the next generation of the Divers, such as the titanium dial.

However, we will give this series a 10 out of 10 for design and appearance.

Now let’s move on to the next chapter, which is the special features.

Special features of the Oris Diver 65

This section will discuss some general, unique features and some only available in a special edition.

First, let’s start with one of the essential sides of Diver watches, the water resistance.

All of the Oris Diver 65 collection models have a water resistance rate of 10 bars or, in other words, up to 100 meters.

Although some companies have this rate up to almost 30 bars, the 10 bars of resistance are enough to please us.

The second feature, as you know, is the magnetic resistance module which gives the watch the ability to protect itself when encountering magnetic fields; this function got possible by the jewels that are included inside the caliber.

The last feature is related to the special editions.

Exceptional watches have other elements used in them as the primary material, and sometimes even scarce substances have been used in these watches, such as:

  • Gold
  • White gold
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
  • Black diamonds
  • Diamonds
  • Crystals

These were the distinct sides of some Oris Diver 65 series models.

After all of the information we gained, let’s now conclude the review of the Oris Diver 65 and see if it is worth buying one for yourself.

In the last

With all of the reviews that we did in this article, we can confidently say that if you are looking for a watch suitable for every occasion and on a budget, this watch might be one of the best options.

The price range for the Oris Diver collection starts at $1,500 up to $2,500.

Overall these watches have a lot of realities, so there is a watch for every individual and taste.

We recommend you to read the article with full attention to be able to make the right decision.

We are glad that we can help you with your decision to buy a wristwatch.

Contact us in the comment section below if you have any other questions regarding the “Hands-on review: Oris Diver 65” article or if you want to add your personal experiences with this watch.


Is Oris Diver watch related to Rolex Diver?

  • the diver series are designed for marines, and almost every watch-making company has a diver series. Besides, the Oris is an independent company, and no one owns it.

Is Oris watch an expensive brand?

  • It depends on your point of view.Compared to Casio G-Shock, yes, these watches are expensive, but on the other hand, it is much cheaper than brands like Rolex.

Does Oris watch Own by Rolex?

  • ever since the beginning of the company, this manufacturer was independent, whether in making calibers or automatic movements.
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