Hands-on review: Sinn 104

As you know, Swiss wristwatch manufacturers are globally known for their incredible work on crafts high-end and luxury watches.

But interestingly, some other regions of the world are currently active in making luxury timepieces, such as Japan, Germany, America, and many more.

Choosing a wristwatch is essential; you want your watch to be fancy and practical, and fair in price.

Today, we will talk about a company located in Germany that has superb watches for an excellent price, The Sinn.

The watch that we will review today is the Sinn 104, known by the Sinn 104 St Sa mark I.

There are some fantastic sides to this model, so without waiting anymore, let’s get started with the full review of the Sinn 104.

Review Sinn 104

Overall view of the Sinn 104

We all have seen so many watches that were designed to fit the needs of a pilot.

Likewise, the Sinn 104 is one of the few pilot watches in this range of price; keep reading; we will tell you how much you need to spend to get this watch.

This model looks like any other classic Rolex watch, but it is quite the opposite.

This company uses an exclusive system called captive bezel, which allows this watch to be more resistant to water; in other words, it has a more robust seal against the environment.

We presume this watch will be durable with minor pressure resistance and a steel body, but we will get into the durability section later.

The design of this watch is simple and complicated, and we can confirm that you could fall in love with this model at first glance. So we are looking forward to the design review of the Sinn 104.

And besides all of the above, some great interior features will change your perspective on a timepiece.

So without any more introduction, let’s get the review started.

Review Sinn 104

The durability of the Sinn 104

Over time, the culture of titanium as a watch case faded away; however, there are still brands loyal to their original material.

But the fact is that titanium is a pretty heavy metal and over some decades, using it as the primary material in crafting a wristwatch wasn’t practical anymore. Hence, the younger material took the crown from titanium.

The reinforced stainless steel.

The Sinn 104 also uses this material as its leading in the case, bezel, and back case.

This substance has made the Sinn 104 exceptionally light but not too much.

The bezel in this watch consists of two colors, silver and black. As we said before, the bezel in this watch is the captive bezel kind which means that this watch is water-resistant up to 20 bars.

The Sinn 104 uses SW-220-1 caliber, an exclusive Sinn product, moving on to the movement section. And the other fact that we have to mention is that for this caliber, the Sinn uses 26 jewels which add another function to this watch.

We will read all about it in the feature section.

The next matter of order is the front glass and the dial.

The glass on this model is made from pure sapphire crystal, and the dial is the same substance as the body of the watch, but there is another crystal glass under the watch AKA in the back case, which allows you to see the caliber.

And the final point of view on durability is the grip. This watch comes with two kinds of bracelets:

  • A leather strap
  • A metal bracelet

It is a matter of preference. Therefore you have to choose which one do you like?

Now moving on to the next section, the design of the Sinn 104 St Sa mark I.

Design of the Sinn 104

As you have seen, we are always excited to check a great design.

This section will review the Sinn 104 design and see what it will do in presenting itself.

The first aspect of the design is the watch’s body, and let us tell you, this watch is a goddess of detail.

The dial has a permanent color coating on it. There are a few detailed points on the sides of the bezel.

The finish on the Sinn 104 is polished, meaning it will shine at its best when the sun touches it.

The glass on this watch is coated with an anti-reflective layer, so it won’t make an issue when you check the time in a direct sunlight situation.

The dial on this watch doesn’t have numerals on it, and we think that by this point, knowing the time without the digits is common sense however bezel has the minute count on it.

The dial also contains a weekday panel that shows you where you are on the weekdays.

The design of the hands in this watch is like nothing we have seen before; the precision and delicacy are defined in the dial. And also, the hands do have the luminance option.

The base model of the Sinn 104 comes with a leather strap in brown and black.

Overall, the design review of the Sinn 104 did not disappoint us, and the only thing that we can say is that this watch gets a 10 out of 10 in the design section.

Now to the last section of the article, which is the unique features that the Sinn 104 St Sa Mark I offers.

Watches Sinn 104 review

Special features of the Sinn 104

All the high-end watches have particular talents and features that drag them up when competing with other brands.

The Sinn 104 also has some unexpected features considering its price.

This watch uses captive bezel technologies, which allows this watch into the deep waters up to 20 bars or 200 meters.

The next exciting feature is the magnetic resistance; this resistance is possible with the 26 jewels embedded inside the caliber.

The weekday panel is also one of the features that will make using this watch even more delightful.

And to top it off, there is a two-year unconditional warranty on all of the Sinn products.

The Sinn 104 has started bidding at $1,500 to $3000; compared to the other brands; this is a very affordable price.

Now we are at the finish line; let’s conclude and see if this watch is worth buying or not?


In this article, we talked about the durability of the Sinn 104, and then we tended to the design and features section.

Overall this watch is a fantastic option if you are a watch enthusiast and want a luxury watch for an affordable price.

But before choosing the watch that you want to invest in, make sure that you carefully read the review of the watch.

We hope that this article gives you enough information to make the right decision regarding the watch you are trying to get.

If you have any questions about the “Hands-on review: Sinn” article or have the experience of owning a Sinn 104, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Is the Sinn watch only one model?

  • Its Depends. Other models are called 104, but the original 104 and the collection’s signature piece is the Sinn 104 St Sa Mark I.

Is the Sinn model an expensive brand?

  • Actually, no. compared to other Swiss brands like Rolex or Omega, the prices on this brand are very much affordable.

Is the Sinn a Swiss brand?

  • The Sinn is a German brand, and the company’s main headquarters is located in Berlin.
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