Hands-on review: Bell & Ross Bellytanker

Being passionate about specific ideas can create something magnificent and even extraordinary.

This is precisely what Bell and Ross did in the case of creating their new collections of limited and luxury wristwatches.

For a company like Bell and Ross, which specialized in crafting desert cars with high performances making a wristwatch was a vast step and an impressive breakthrough.

Desert cars are the vehicles that some sports enthusiasts use to drive fast in the desert where there is nothing to stop them; these cars sometimes can go up to 400 K/h.

In this article, we will be reviewing one of the models from Bell and Ross that represents the blood rush of speed and the love of vintage.

The Bell & Ross Bellytanker.

This watch is one of the watchmaking industries that inspired many watches; however, in this article, we are not going to talk about the brand’s history.

Now, if you are ready, let’s start with the article and review the Bell & Ross Bellytanker.

Full review Bell ross Bellytanker

Overall view of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker

Have you ever faced the dilemma of choosing the watch you want?

Sometimes when we intend to purchase a watch, we get confused as to whether to get the vintage or the modern ones and needless to say, the specifications also count as a factor.

What if we told you there is a modern luxury watch with a vintage look and vibe?

The Bell & Ross Bellytanker is the model we are talking about, and in this article, we will be going through every little aspect of this watch.

The durability of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker is quite decent, meaning that there is nothing that special about the body and the materials of the watch; however, the glass used on the Bell & Ross Bellytanker is different from what you have seen.

The design of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker is pretty immaculate.

Imagine having a watch that meets your every expectation, design-wise.

The dials, body shape, and the minor remarks on the watch face are considered very well designed. Most F1 drivers and other athletes wear this watch, and we will find out why.

The special features on the Bell & Ross Bellytanker are at an average point; we cannot say that it is the best yet; however, we are confident that the features on this watch will be more than enough for your daily use.

Now let’s go to the detailed review of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker.

Bell Ross bellytanker watch review

The durability of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker

The primary material that Bell and Ross are using on the Bell & Ross Bellytanker body is the same old stainless polished steel, and this substance is also present on the bracelet and the back case.

However, the material on this watch isn’t that special. However, it is a limited watch, and there are only 500 units on the planet.

The glass of the Bellytanker is made from pure sapphire. However, the glass is considered super-curved.

This means that the front glass of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker is so curved that you can see the difference when you look from the sides of the watch.

Keep in mind that having curved glass can significantly increase the durability rate because it needs much more pressure to break than regular flat glasses.

The case shape of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker is just like most of the watches on the market; we mean that it is a perfect circle.

And lastly, the straps on this watch are two kinds you can choose from. Metal and leather are the two strap options on the Bell & Ross Bellytanker; choosing the right strap depends on your perspective from the watch.

The design of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker

Many features are going on when talking about the design of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker.

Most of the design is happening on the dial, and you must pay close attention to see some details.

The dial of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker is one of the most beautiful watches faces that we have seen. The small circles and the placement of the date indicators are very much synchronized with the order of the crowns and the winding tools on the side of the watch.

The dial contains three watch hands skeletonized with lumiNova light, meaning they don’t have the matte finish; however, they will glow beautifully in the dark.

The other watch faces inside the leading watch faces are for the second indicator and the chronograph meter operated by one of the crowns.

In addition, the Bell & Ross Bellytanker has only one color pallet, the skin yellow and brown; these colors are why this watch gives off vintage vibes. And we think that is awesome.

In the end, the numerals on the dial are numbers that got added on the dial, so you can see that they are a tad higher than the actual surface of the dial.

Full review bell ross bellytanker watches

The unique features of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker

Pretty there are three features on this watch that make it unique:

  • The first one is the curved dial glass that increases the durability of the screen.
  • The second factor is the water-resistance option up to 100 meters deep.
  • And the last one is the glow-in-the-dark watch hands with light luminescence baked in them.

These are the only features worth mentioning, and then there is nothing else left to say, so let’s conclude the Bell & Ross Bellytanker review.

In the end

The Bell & Ross Bellytanker is one of the most well-designed watches that we have seen, and we should say that we appreciate the thought put into this timepiece.

When talking about the limited edition in factor and the $4,000 price, we can say that this watch is fair priced and worth buying.

And if you are looking for something different, this might be your watch.

In the end, we would love you to share your thoughts and experiences with luxury watches, or if you have anything to add to the “Hands-on review: Bell & Ross Bellytanker” article, use the reply section to send us your inquiries.


Where is the Bell & Ross from?

  • Originally this brand started its job in Switzerland; however, later, it opened some retail shops in America and Europe.

Is the curved glass on the Bell and Ross Bellytanker works?

  • Indeed it does. The curved glass raises the strength of the mirror, and it shatters resistance. Also, it makes the watch look good.

Is the Bell & Ross Bellytanker expensive?

  • It depends on your definition of the word “expensive.” Usually, you have to consider the factors of the watch that we listed in this article and then decide if it is expensive or not.
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