Do Cartier Watches Hold Their Value?

Sometimes individuals would buy luxury watches to complete their look or prepare for a formal event and gathering.

But meanwhile, some others would get these watches to invest in them, meaning that when they purchase these timepieces, they are investing their money in something that would stay on their wrist.

Or even some individuals like to collect watches, and when the set is complete, they will sell them for even a higher price.

The prices on these retailed watches are somewhat different, and some factors impact this price.

In this article, we will discuss one of the brands recognized as one of the world’s most well-designed luxury watches.

The Cartier.

So, the main question is, do Cartier watches hold their value?

We will answer this inquiry and then tell you about these factors that may change the pricing list on these models and watches.

So, if you are as ready and excited as we are, let’s get started with the statement and see what the deals on Cartier watches are.

Shall we?

Do Cartier Watches Hold Their Value

Cartier watch prices & factors

As we have mentioned in the introduction of the article, Cartier watches are considered a luxury; this means that when you are purchasing these watches, you will be paying a lot of money, and it is fair and evident because there are some factors involved.

Every luxury watch has a reason to have a high piece, and these reasons can be different, but sometimes you can figure out that some are similar.

In this section of the article, we will discuss some of the crucial factors of the pricing in Cartier watches.

So, let’s begin and see why Cartier watches are expensive.

· Used Material

First of all, you have to know that material of the watch matter.

The material used in the watch case, the bracelet, and sometimes in the dial can make a massive price difference when purchasing a watch. For instance, take two watches we will not name; one is made from iron, and the other is made from grade 2 titanium.

The first watch would cost $50, but the other can go up to $15,000.

This indicates that having a decent material is somewhat effective on the watch’s price.

· Special Characteristics

Some of the watches that we have seen on the market have some unique characteristics that other watches do not have.

This characteristic can be one factor that defines the timepiece’s price; even on some occasions, it would be the only factor that changes the watch’s price.

For example, some watches engrave a unique signature on the watch, which can declare that this watch is unique and, therefore, the price rises.

· Special Editions

The next factor we must keep thinking about is the limited series of every watch. Usually, high-end watch brands would make a different version of a particular watch with more details and more expensive items, regardless of the design or the diamonds on the watch.

These limited watches are the reason why some of the watch prices can be more than $100,000.

Now that you know why a price range would change in luxury watches, let’s get to the next section of the article and see whether the Cartier watches held their value when you weren’t to sell them.

And if yes, what are the factors?

Let’s move on.

Do Cartier Watches Hold Their Value

How do Cartier watches hold their price? (+ Factors for a reasonable price)

As you know, Cartier is one of the brands with almost all of the factors above, meaning that it is expensive, but the good news is that this watch can hold its piece throughout time.

However, some factors are in place.

Let’s say that you have purchased a Cartier watch, want to sell it after five years, and have paid $5,000 for this watch.

There are three possibilities regarding this situation:

  1. If you have opened and used the watch on your wrist, but it is in mind condition, you can sell it for almost the same price that you have purchased it, meaning that you get your money back, and it is an investment if you will.
  2. And the second scenario is when you haven’t even opened the box of the watch and the watch itself is intact, and in addition, you have all of the documents for the watch; in this case, you can sell your watch for more than what you have paid for, it can be up to $2,000 more.
  3. And the third one is when you have bought the watch, and you have worn it, and it gets damaged, no matter if it is a scratch or a shattered front glass or a dent on the case, the price of the watch will fall, the only way that you can sell that watch for a big buck is holding it at least ten years, so it becomes vintage.

These are some of the conditions you must keep in mind because they would define the price of your Cartier watch.

Remember that when trying to sell the watch, make sure to sell it to someone you trust or a legit store.

Now let’s get to the end of the statement and finish the article, shall we?


In some unique scenarios, you may have to sell the Cartier watch that you have purchased, you may want to use the money to buy something else, or you want to invest, and the period on investment is done.

In this article, we talked about the Cartier watches and what makes them unique and expensive, and then we discussed preserving the price throughout the time that you own the horology piece.

Hopefully, by the information we have offered in this article, you will be able to preserve your Cartier watch perfectly, so when you are selling it, you will have the best price you could have imagined.

In the end, we are happy that you decided to stay with us throughout the “Do Cartier Watches Hold Their Value?” article, and we will be glad to know your thoughts regarding this matter.

Use the comment section below or the contact page to keep in touch with us, and we will answer your inquiries.


Can Cartier watches be sold in the market?

  • Yes, like any other watches we have seen in the high-end collections, the Cartier watches are the same, and if you preserve them well, you can sell them in the market for a reasonable price.

Why are Cartier watches expensive?

  • Many factors can make a watch expensive, and some are rather impressive; in this article, we tended to the factors that can change the price of a timepiece.

Where is Cartier located at?

  • Originally Cartier was a French brand; however, the timepiece manufacturing division of Cartier is located in Switzerland same as the other high-brand watchmakers that you have seen.


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