Where Are Cartier Watches Made?

You are aware that the most known spot for watch manufacturers worldwide is Swiss; because of the history and the tech that this country has, watchmakers feel at home in this region.

You have to know that some brands didn’t start by manufacturing in Swiss, and we even have some brands that didn’t start by making watches.

In today’s article, we will discuss the origin and aspects of one of the luxurious brands of all time, which is now thriving in Paris and worldwide.

The Cartier.

This brand started as a fashion, clothing, and jewelry brand; however, as time passed by creating the wristwatch division, it managed to take itself even higher than it used to be.

In this statement, we will discuss the location of the Cartier watches and even a tiny section of what makes them unique.

So, if you are as ready as we are, let’s get started with the article and see where Cartier watches are made.

We shall begin.

Cartier watches: how did it start?

At times, individuals with the same enthusiasm about wristwatches would gather around in one place, and everyone would present their watches to the rest of the community and chat about them.

But these days, the same gatherings can be just with your phone, and you don’t even have to leave your house.

As we have said in our previous articles, Cartier is a French-originated company that collaborates with many huge fashion companies and makes their work even more significant.

If you look deep into the web, you can even find watches that are the shared result of Cartier and Bvlgari.

History suggests that the first men’s watch that Cartier made the patents for was a Santos, one of the most popular models of the decade, as you may have guessed.

This patent was submitted around 1903.

After that, Cartier started to expand the watch business, and they built some of the most luxurious and well-designed wristwatches we have ever seen.

The thing with the Cartier watches is that if you take a slight glance at them, you will understand that they are not regular watches that you see, and they have specialties that would define them.

Further, the article will discuss some of the symbolic and best models of Cartier watches.

If you travel to Paris, you can see the signs of Cartier all over the city because it is rather popular, but where it is located now, let’s get to the next section and talk a tad more about this fantastic watch brand.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, where the legend is born

After the first watches took off in the Cartier collection, the brand decided that having decent and logical manufacture for the Cartier watches would be the best.

Like every other watch brand that starts from zero, they had to purchase their first series of movements from other companies, but when they got the hang of the work, they started making exclusive in-house movements.

After this fantastic discovery, nothing could stop Cartier from becoming a watch legend.

However, this company’s plan was not to be the world’s most well-known watch brand.

Some of the sources declare that Cartier himself did enjoy the feeling of being able to do everything that he desired in the best way possible.

And when they started the watch division, the Cartier spirit helped this brand become one of the biggest luxury watchmakers.

And when they would combine their jewelry line with the watches they have made, they would become one of the giants of the industry.

And these days, you can go to Swiss or France and ask people, and we are sure that every 9 out of 10 people would know what Cartier is, which shows that the brand has completed its duties.

Some of the models in the Cartier watch collection are special; two of these watches are Cartier Le Santos and Cartier Le Tank.

In the article’s next section, we shall tend to these watches up close.

Le Tank & Le Santos: A Legacy

These two watches are the gems of the Cartier collection.

These two have special meanings.

The Santos De Cartier is one of the original watches of the Cartier, and the legend himself wore it; Louis Cartier, the founder of the company, made this watch for the pilots that needed to check the time when they were flying.

He mentions that this watch would push boundaries and create a new definition of class and delicacy.

This watch has visible screws and is one of the most beautiful models we have ever seen.

The second product we have to mention is Tank De Cartier; this one was also designed by Cartier himself after WW1.

As the name suggests, this watch was inspired by the tanks involved in that war.

He states that this watch would open the door to new experiences and the flat and tall design of the watch with the whole movement is worth every dollar you would pay.

The Cartier watches are some of the most inspiring and elegant pieces we have ever seen.

Now let’s get to the end and finish the statement at this moment.

In the end…

Wrist watches are a part of our identity, and wearing what you love will add to your confidence and overall image of the people around you.

In this article, we talked about a particular brand we envy all the time, and the watches that this collection produces are immaculate.

The Cartier watches.

We discussed the origin of the Cartier watches, and then we stated that wear Cartier watches are made at the moment.

And then, we introduced some of the unique models in these collections.

We are happy you decided to come with us until the last section of the “Where Are Cartier Watches Made?” article. Make sure to use the comment below to contact us about this article.


1. Is Cartier a Swiss company?

  • In some words, yes, but the origin of the Cartier was started in Paris, and these days, you can still find traces of this company in most of the big cities in the world.

2. Is Cartier watches expensive?

  • Because of the material that this brand uses and the legacy and history they have regarding these watches, we are sure that the prices on these watches are fair and square.

3. Is Cartier a watch company?

  • Cartier is many things, this brand first started with jewelry, but as time passed, Louis Cartier decided that he could join the competition of wrist watches. He was right, so Cartier is a watch company and, in addition, so much more than that.


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