Hands-on review: Casio Vintage A168

“Sometimes, the innovation of the future rests in the past.”

It might interest you that not all of the watches we review on this website are new, high-end, and worth thousands of dollars; however, we also like to check watches that everyone can afford and have value.

So today we have decided to introduce a brand new vintage wa6tch, one of the most affordable yet. However, it has the fancy feeling of a Rolex because almost everyone on the planet knows about this brand and loves it.

The brand we will be talking about today is one of the most sold all over the globe.

The Casio Vintage A168.

We are sure you have heard of the Casio watches and how valuable they are to the rest of the watch lover’s community and us.

In this article, we will be talking about this unique digital watch, and in the end, you may want to get this watch and wear it for every occasion you desire.

Now, if you are ready, let’s start reviewing the Casio Vintage A168.

Hands-on review Casio Vintage A168

Overall view of the Casio Vintage A168

When talking about vintage watches view are discussing pieces that were made at least 10-20 years ago, but the watch that we have in our hands today is brand new; if you look closely, you can see that the design of the watch is exactly what it was ten years ago.

So the Casio Vintage A168 is one of the brand new vintage watches, ironic, right?

The durability of the design of this watch is immaculate; however, some individuals might see this watch as a repelling case, but we are sure that many other watch enthusiasts worldwide adore this design.

Casio’s material in this watch is the same substances that most other brands like Omega or Rolex use.

However, the price of the Casio Vintage A168 is quite different from the rest of the watch brands that we have been reviewing over the past few months.

The features of this watch are impressive because when you are paying less than $100 for a watch, you expect nothing literally from it.

But when we encountered the features contained in this watch, we were shocked and sure that you would be as well.

Now we shall get to the detailed section of the Casio Vintage A168 review, and we hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to choose the right watch for you or your loved ones as a gift.

The durability of the Casio Vintage A168

The durability of the wristwatch is one of the factors that makes us consider a watch when intending to buy one.

The Casio Vintage A168 is made entirely of stainless steel. Cartier has collaborated with this brand in some particular matters to produce this same watch using yellow and white gold and diamonds.

However, we will be talking about the standard model.

The glass on this watch is resin glass, and since this watch is digital, there is no worry that the hands of the watch will get stuck on the glass.

The body and frame of this watch are made from the same steel, and they are one, meaning if you want to open up the watch, you have to use particular tools.

The bezel on the watch is also made of resin, ensuring that the bezel will never get scratched.

Keep in mind that this is a cheap watch, and the material we just listed is the top of the game for this price range, so overall, we can say that this watch is an absolute masterpiece.

Now let’s get to the design section of the article, shall we?

Casio Vintage A168 Hands-on review

The design of the Casio Vintage A168

The second matter that attracts us to a wristwatch is that you can see simple designs but high qualities and tiny details.

This is precisely what you will find on the Casio Vintage A168.

The dial on this watch is entirely digital, meaning that you can see all the information needed without effort, and the watch’s colorwatch’s color matches the dial and presents the watch as one.

The strap on this watch is ion fiber and self-adjustable, meaning that when you try to wear it, you only have to put it on, and the watch takes care of the rest.

Several writings on the watch’s bezel indicate the operations possible on this model, such as stopwatch and alarm setting.

As you can see, the simpler the design, the more we love it. However, you might not like a simple design, so you have to look for the G-Shock watches in the Casio collection

because they are big, messy, and gorgeous.

Overall this watch is one of the few small watches; however, the design makes us intrigued about the watch and what the Casio Vintage A168 offers.

Now let’s get to the next section of the article, which is the unique features of the Casio Vintage A168.

Special features of the Casio Vintage A168

This watch is filled with features you would not expect from other watches in this price range.

Keep in mind that this watch is a simple digital, and the interface is not as smooth as the smartwatches we have seen.

The Casio Vintage A168 uses an ultra-sonic ion battery, which gives this watch immortality; in other words, if you buy this watch now, you will have to change the battery nearly 7 or 8 years later is unbelievable.

This watch is water resistant, meaning you can use it without worrying about its mechanism in simple water-based situations.

A calendar and stopwatch is the next option that this watch possesses.

There are so many other features that you will notice when using the watch, and we must end the article here and get to the last section of the statement; let’s move on.

Casio Vintage A168 Hands-on review

The bottom line…

Some people like to have massy and big watches, and others prefer thin and minimal watches; the Casio Vintage A168 is the best option if you want a magnificent watch for a minimum price.

This watch is sold for $70 on the official website of Casio.

If you are looking for such a watch, we advise you to consider this watch based on the facts that e presented and your takeaway.

In the end, we are pretty glad that you stayed with us until the end of the “Hands-on review: Casio Vintage A168” article, and we would love to hear your feedback and opinions on this watch; and whether you ever used this piece or not?

The only thing you have to do is to contact us via the comment section or the contact page.


Why should I get Casio Vintage A168?

  • There are several reasons and price is one of them, because these days it is hard to find high-end watches within this price range, by reading the article you can find out the other reasons why you should get this watch.

Why is Casio Vintage A168 called vintage?

  • Although this watch was made recently, the design of the watch is identical to the original series of the Casio, so the series is in the memory of the original.

Is the Casio Vintage A168 worth buying?

  • Considering all of the facts we cited in the article and the price of this magnificent piece, we would like to say that you absolutely have to consider this watch, but again it is up to you, read the article and then decide.


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