Hands-on review: RM028 Diver

The Richard Mille productions’ most famous reputation is squarely based on thick body wristwatches; this unique design only belongs to Richard Mille.

But what if someone prefers circular base wristwatches and so much more features?

The RM028 Driver is the next-gen wristwatch that belongs to Richard Mille, and we are honored to have the chance to review this fantastic wristwatch.

This model Is the opposite of Mille’s; there are so many features and build details that we can’t even begin to cover.

So, stay with us because we’ll dive inside “the Diver” itself.

We will get through:

  • Overall view
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Finish line

Let’s review this majestic watch and see what hides beneath the all-mighty Diver.

Overall view

If you seek quality, durability, flawless design, and greatness in one watch, look no further you are precisely at the right spot.

The RM028 is by far the most exquisite model of Richard Mille yet. This model differs from every single dole that this corporation has ever made.

The watch’s circular shape, ginormous body, and fine details considering investing in.

The nickname “Diver” has a story and logic behind it. It is inspired by submarine systems and made to be similar to an underwater device. This leads to an outstanding feature that we will mention in the feature section of the article.

This watch contains much more than the other models, yet it’s smaller and lighter.

But to understand the core of the RM028 Diver, we should review all of the micro details embedded inside this brilliant watch.

So let’s start with the test of durability.

rm028 review


Like most of the models at Richard Mille, this one is made of grade 5 titanium, making the RM028 one of the most durable watches.

Richard likes to use titanium in his watches because titanium is a rigid metal and is surprisingly light weighted. Considering the diameter and thickness of the Richard Mille watches, it was the smart move to make.

The number of screws on the Rm028 is almost three times more than on other same-level watches; this makes this watch so much better.

Let’s mention that some of the screws on this model are different from what usually is used on these models, and it has a reason that we are going to discuss over design.

This model uses RMAS7 caliber, and like all of the other models at Richard Mille, the dial is blank, so the caliber is visible. This watch also has a power reserve that helps this watch to last longer in challenging conditions.

Richard says that this watch is designed for marines, and we think that’s more metaphoric than literal; we believe that this statement means that this watch can stand the most extreme conditions.

No, let’s talk about the new subject, and it is designed.

rm028 reading


Innovation and diversity reach their finest with the new design of the RM028.

The phase change from square to circular made it into customers’ hearts and twisted the whole industry and competition.

The glass used in the RM028 is TPT quartz, a new tech used primarily for submarine waterproofing. The same glass exists on the back case of the watch, and therefore, like most of the models, the caliber is visible from both sides.

The baseplate and bridges are made from white gold and grade 5 titanium, and the bracelet is usually carbon-infused silicon.

22 screws on the watch’s bezel does a perfect job of stabilizing the watch against tagging loss. The placements of the screws are brilliant; every screw is almost at a five-minute limit of each other.

The fluorescent substances used in this watch are different from the rest.

These liquids usually glow yellow in the dark, but the light on the RM028 glows marine blue and creates a spectacular view in the dark times.

The steel crown is attached to the caliber itself and its manual winding.

The font on the dial is exclusive and made for this watch that is used on the dial and date window.

The gray steel-like finish combined with the red touches on the dial almost makes the perfect color combo among all wristwatches. With all this being said, we are confident to say that the RM028 is one of the most well-designed models in the Richard Mille collections and other brands.

Now let’s talk about the features we’ve all been waiting for.

rm028 reading


As we said in the title, the nickname that the RM028 owns is “the diver” let us tell you why.

This watch is waterproof for up to 30 atmospheres, 300 meters underwater.

The craziest part is that this watch also has a power preserver for 50 hours. This means that this watch has an electrical interest inside it, yet it’s one of the most gorgeous waterproof watches that humanity has ever seen.

Just in case, a power preserver is a small part that storages energy from the watch’s movement, and when the battery dies, it activates and keeps the watch running.

The RM028 has a singular calendar system to inspect the data specific to the day. The Diver engraved on the back of this model makes it even more like a miniature submarine.

This model uses the VGR system for its lifespan as well.

The non-reflecting coating on the sapphire and quartz glass makes it almost effortless to observe the watch face in the daytime and the direct line of the sunlight.

Now with all consideration, let’s wrap the article up and conclude.

Finish line

After cleverly analyzing all the facts and details about the RM028, there is just one thing left to say; this watch is the best.

Acknowledging the price and features of this model, we can say that the RM028 Diver can hold the crown for the most practical, fair priced, and features among all the Richard Mille models.

We recommend reading the whole article and making the correct call if you want to own this model. We hope that this article gave all of the answers you needed about the RM028 and made it easier for you to decide.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning this model, let us know in the comment section below.


5/5 (2 Reviews)

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