Shinola Monster GMT Review: How good is this new Automatic watch?

Shinola, an American brand located in Detroit, started its watchmaking journey in 2013 by producing quartz analog watches; but are Shinola watches good today? Today we are going to have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic Shinola Monster GMT on Saatsaz Watch.

Without further explanation, let’s begin our Shinola Monster GMT review and ask critical questions about the brand. Hope you enjoy it!

Shinola Monster GMT Review

GMT watches, short for Greenwich Mean Time, are known as the pilot’s watches. The most well-known GMT timepiece is the first the Rolex GMT-Master. Meanwhile, Shinola Monster GMT is a timepiece with a 24-hour bezel and a fourth hand that allow keeping time in three time zones!

Shinola Monster GMT watch includes Swiss-made automatic movement, durable inner sapphire crystal, screw-down crown, and a shiny stainless-steel case.

The Shinola Monster GMT timepiece is hand-assembled in Detroit using various parts sourced in the United States and Switzerland. Now let’s discuss the different aspects of the Shinola Monster GMT watch and its features.


The amazing Shinola Monster GMT watches come in three colors: black, blue, and olive dials. One of the great points of the design of this watch’s strap is this watch comes with the standard stainless steel bracelet and a strap made from ocean-sourced plastic waste.

Also, you can read the third different time zone on this watch by the end of the fourth hand’s small arrow. The rotation of the bezel in 24 hours gives you the second timezone. Easy…

Shinola Monster GMT review
Shinola Monster GMT watch in different colors such as black, blue, and olive dials


As mentioned above, Shinola Monster GMT watch comes with a durable inner case back sapphire crystal part that allows you to see through the movement of this timepiece. The bi-directional bezel is made from ceramic, and you can change the time zone by rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise.


The Shinola Monster GMT watch running system is Swiss-made Sellita SW330-2 automatic mechanical movement coming with 25 jewels and a 56-hour power reserve.


This watch has a screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, and overall good build quality making it water-resistant up to 100 meters / 330 feet. So, you can use Shinola Monster GMT automatic 40mm watch for traveling on land and at sea.


Shinola company cares about the environment and the ocean, to be precise. They use recycled ocean-sourced plastic waste to produce some of their straps. Although you can purchase your Shinola Monster GMT watch with stainless steel bracelet, remember that plastic waste is a huge problem for the oceans worldwide, and it is good to use products that are against it.

Shinola Monster GMT strap review
Shinola Monster GMT stainless steel bracelet and strap

Shinola Monster GMT Specifications

Let’s dive into the details of the Shinola Monster GMT automatic watch’s specifications:


    • Case Shape: Round
    • Case Material: Brushed Stainless Steel (Polished Sides)
    • Dial Color: Black or Blue or Olive Green
    • Movement: Automatic SW330-2
    • Crystal: Single-dome Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal 
    • Case Size: 40mm

Bracelet & Strap:

    • Bracelet Material: Stainless Steel
    • Strap Material: Recycled ocean-sourced plastic waste
    • Strap Color: Gray
    • Strap Type: Quick Release


    • Case Size: 40mm
    • Crown Construction: Screw-down
    • Strap Length: 120mm x 80mm
    • Strap Width: 20mm

Shinola Monster GMT Pros and Cons

We should consider the pros and cons of the Shinola Monster GMT automatic 40mm watch to understand the timepiece’s worth.


      • Water resistant up to 100 meters
      • Screw-down crown & sapphire crystal
      • High-quality Swiss-made automatic movement
      • Recycled ocean-sourced plastic waste strap option
      • Three time zones with Bi-directional bezel and fourth hand


      • High in price for being a lesser known brand

Shinola Monster GMT Automatic 40mm Price

You can buy the Shinola Monster GMT watch for $1995 from Shinola official website. Although this timepiece is considered expensive by watch enthusiasts, it would be a good choice because of its automatic movement and recycled ocean-sourced plastic waste strap.

Shinola Monster GMT review
Shinola Monster GMT

Shinola Monster GMT Watch Warranty

 All automatic Shinola Monster and Shinola Runwell watches have a limited lifetime warranty. So, during the watch’s useful life, natural defects to material and workmanship of the Monster GMT watch are covered by the Shinola automatic watch limited lifetime service warranty. (Shinola automatic movements’ useful lifetime is considered to be 5 years.)

After the registration, the warranty is activated and not transferable. Beware that this warranty excludes damages by accidents, water damage, normal wear and tear, and some more additional conditions that void the warranty. If your watch checks all the warranty condition boxes, you can request warranty or watch repairs by completing a repair form at or a Shinola repair station.

(Note: There are many automatic and quartz watches in the Runwell collection, but only the automatic ones have this warranty. For example, the Shinola Runwell 41mm watch is a quartz watch and has a different warranty than this.)

Is the Shinola Monster GMT Automatic 40mm watch worth it?

Shinola Monster GMT has decent quality featuring Swiss-made automatic movement. Also, because this timepiece has a strap option that is built from recycled ocean-sourced plastic waste, this timepiece is worth buying. We are in a plastic waste crisis, so why not help the environment (as well as Detroit) by purchasing eco-friendly timepieces?



This article reviewed the Shinola Monster GMT automatic 40mm watch and discussed its design, movement, case, durability, and strap. Discovering its high-quality features, such as Swiss-made Sellita SW330-2 automatic mechanical movement, and eco-friendly features, such as recycled ocean-sourced plastic waste strap option. We hope you enjoyed our Shinola Monster GMT Review.

Thank you for spending time with Saatsaz Watch. We hope you enjoyed our Shinola Monster GMT Review. Is Shinola Monster GMT watch still worth it in 2023? What is your opinion on this watch? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments, please.


Is Shinola Monster GMT watch any good?

Yes. The Shinola Monster GMT watches feature a decent Swiss automatic mechanical movement, bi-directional bezel, and a fourth hand that allows reading 3 timezones! With high build quality, the Monster GMT watch offers 100m / 330ft, and comes with a lifetime warranty. In conclusion, it may have a slightly high price for a lesser-known brand, but the Shinola Monster GMT is a really good watch.

Are Shinola GMT watches worth it?

If these watches pass the beauty check in your eyes, then yes, The Shinola GMT watches are worth it. They contain a high-quality Swiss-made movement and a lot more that is going for them. In some cases, they also support the environment and have great after sale services.

Are Shinola watches made in China?

No, not entirely. Some parts of the Shinola watches may be from Europe, Thailand, or China, but Shinola either uses their own or high-quality Swiss movements in their watches. They have improved in the watch making industry and are becoming more self-sufficient day by day by making their own watch components and parts.

How many watches does Shinola make a year?

There is not much public information regarding the Shinola’s produced watches in a year. But it is stated that they made around 200,000 watches in 2017 and aspired to become more profitable year by year. That is impressive numbers considering that Shinola is not only a watchmaking brand.
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