Hands-on review: Black Bay Bronze

Wristwatches get better and better every day.

New features, options, and fashionable looks, but when it comes to luxury wristwatches, what are our options?

Most people like a sunny day on the beach, and they sometimes tend to go swimming. We know that almost every wristwatch that a high brand manufactures is water-resistant. Usually, they call these series the “diver.”

But which one is better?

Today we will talk about a unique watch that has the delicacy of a swan and the strength of a lion.

The Tudor Black Bay Bronze.

This watch is a heritage to the Tudor company, and today we will open up this watch and review its aspects to see whether it is worth spending or not?

If you are ready, let’s start the article, and if you are looking for a fantastic watch, you better keep reading this article until the very end.

Review of best Watches Black Bay Bronze

The Durability of the Black Bay Bronze

First of all, we will be discussing the durability of the Tudor black bay bronze.

As the name suggests, there is a mixture of bronze in the making of this model, and it’s got a good reason.

The front and back case plus the bezel are a combination of bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel with a satin finish.

Let us tell you about the history of diving.

This model is from the heritage diver’s series, meaning it’s very durable. Several decades ago, when they usually wanted to craft diving equipment, they usually used bronze in the out layer of the devices.

It prevented the metal from rusting over time.

This is the same logic behind the black bay bronze; if we look at the other model in the black bay series’ most of them have bronze as their primary material.

The fact that separates this model from the rest of the black bay series is the bronze coating.

The front glass on this watch uses sapphire crystal with a blue hue and anti-reflective coating on both sides.

The straps on this model are attractive as well, they are detachable, and you can change them whenever you desire.

However, the original kit straps that you receive with this watch are vintage leather; being vintage is a tribute to their heritage in the 1960s.

And lastly, the dial uses the same ingredients as the case and frame.

The bottom line about the durability of the Tudor Black Bay Bronze is fantastic; it can stand in extreme conditions.

The next order of business is the design, one of the essential perspectives when buying a watch; let’s see how the black bay bronze will perform.

Review Black Bay Bronze

The design of the Black Bay Bronze

Now that we’ve covered durability, it’s time to evaluate this watch based on its degree of design.

As you may know, we are very picky in the matter of a good design, and we will say this in advance, this watch does it all.

We mentioned earlier that the case and frame have stainless steel with a satin finish; let us tell you.

Satin finish means the surface they are painting is smooth rather than having any lumps.

The satin finish and the feel of steel combined with the golden color of bronze give a very warm and calming vibe.

The dial has 3 numerals and a gradient of black to gray as its primary color.

The Black Bay Bronze’s hands-on is luminance, and Tudor calls these hands the “snowflake.”

This nickname is for the shape of the hands-on dial and in honor of one of their 1950s series.

The leather strap is a nice touch; being able to combine anything that you want in a wristwatch is the best feeling.

When it comes to the overall design review, we can say that this watch is both classic and modern, old and young, formal and sport. In other words, the Tudor Black bay bronze can give you everything that you could want from a luxury wristwatch and maybe even more.

The last thing to mention is the crown. The crown on this watch is self-winding and has a small logo of the company engraved on it.

The crown size is a tad small compared to the same watches, but this is a plus positive point in our chart.


The Tudor Black Bay Bronze design is pretty unique, and we appreciate it, let’s move on to the features section.

Special features of Black Bay Bronze

Let’s start with the main feature that this watch holds it is water-resistant.

This watch is a high-rate water-resistant model with a sealed body, bezel, and sapphire crystal.

The maximum depth that the Black Bay Bronze can take is almost up to 20 bars or 200 meters deep into the water.

It would be best to consider the average price of this model compared to the other Swiss watches; these functions are extraordinary. This watch has an advanced power reserve system that can rise to 70 hours.

If anything happens to your battery and you have to take it out, this watch will keep working.

Another not emphasized option is the magnetic resistance that protects your watch against the magnetic waves that float around you.

The steel on this watch is PVD treated, meaning it has particles of vaporized solid material as a finish to protect it even more. PVD stands for “Physical Vapor Deposition.”

Last but not least, the Black Bay Bronze classifies as a masterpiece when it comes to the design, and it checks out on our list.

Now that we know the Tudor Black Bay Bronze better, it’s time to conclude and see if it is worth investing in a watch like this.


When analyzing all of the facts and research that we shared in this article, the only thing left to say is that the Black Bay Bronze is a magnificent piece of art that has to be appreciated.

And if you are looking to invest in a unique wristwatch that is both formal and sports, this might be one of the best options available.

We are glad that you came all through until the end of the article.

Our team would love to hear your opinions and experiences with this watch; if you ever owned a Tudor Black Bay Bronze, share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Is Tudor Black Bay Bronze a Chinese watch?

  • The Tudor is a Swiss brand specializing in manufacturing calibers and wristwatches.

Is the Black Bay Bronze series expensive?

  • Overall yes. However, when comparing this watch with other companies, this wristwatch is extremely low in price.

What was the Black Bay bronze release date?

  • In April 2019, Tudor made the first-ever advanced Black Bay Bronze model available to the public, but there have been some updates on this model since then.
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