Omega watch brand review

Since the early 1800s, the watch-making industry has taken off in a big turn.

People worldwide are willing to invest in a high-brand fancy watch; could you blame them?

So many companies are in standing that has accomplished a lot, such as Rolex, Lecoultre, Dior, and many more. They all have unique histories and identities that make them who they are.

If you are devoted to a good wrist timepiece, we are sure that you will enjoy this article about the Omega watch brand review.

Today we will talk about the history, foundation, and inspiration that a particular brand had since 1848: The Omega.

There are few individuals nowadays who haven’t heard of the name Omega, but in this article, we will talk about the first steps they took; today, the world of wristwatches is more competitive than ever.

If you are ready, let’s start the article, shall we?

You will read:

  • Overall history.
  • The types of Omega watches.
  • After all, it is said and done.

Here is the time tunnel. What do you say we go for a scavenger hunt?

Overall history

In 1848, in a village called La Chaux-de-Fonds, a young watchmaker decided to pursue his passion for timepieces; he was none other than Louis Brandt, the founder of Omega watches.

He dreamed of making the most accurate timepieces that ever faced the earth. But his torch didn’t stay as lit up as expected for him to see the empire that Omega was about to become.

In 1879, Brandt passed away, and right after his death, his sons, who had been alongside him, took over.

They had passion, just like their father. They knew that this passion would get them somewhere, but they didn’t realize that the Brandt brothers, the heritage of Omega, were about to a step toward a revolution in the watch-making industry.

First, the company didn’t call itself the Omega. It was the Brandt & Fils; everything changed for our young Brandts after they moved into a new premise.

Moving to 1885, this company started its activities to create the first line of products in supremacy; they named this line the Labrador.

Then came the milestone; after a while, in 1892, the Brandt brothers made the first time product, the minute and second repeater for the first time.

This watch was the one of its kind, and no other brand was approaching to create some movement like this. Following several innovations, the company’s name started to be mumbled worldwide.

And in the end, they had one last step to take towards being the legend they are today; in 1894, this company created a new movement system name 19-Ligne Omega.

At first, they just added the name Omega to the caliber title, but later on, the very Omega became their name and symbol.

To this day, Omega is one of the legends in Swiss, and we deeply admire this corporation. We are pretty familiar with Omega by now, but let’s get through their watches’ most critical part.

The types of Omega watches

When it comes to the watches that this company makes, we haven’t seen quite like it; precision and innovation are the first things insight.

There are different series to the Omega; all of them have unique sides to them and are a part of the heritage that Omega is so highly proud of; let us list the series and collections then we will talk about them:

  • The Speedmaster
  • The Seamaster
  • The MoonWatch Professional
  • The S&O

While having only a couple of collections in hand, these watches are unbelievable; let us tell you why:

The Speedmaster

The 321 Caliber is the hat that beats inside of this series, making this collection one of the most accurate to the second in the world’s most elite watches.

The design of the Speedmaster series has unique chronographs and dials, and we are confident that you would love them as much as we did.

Review of the best watchs Omega brands

The Seamaster

Like many other brands, the Omega has a highly water-resistant watch collection.

Likewise to the Submariner of the Rolex, this company has the Seamaster; most of the models in this category have the resistance of at least 15bars under the sea pressure. In other words, these models can survive 150 meters under the water.

The MoonWatch Professional

This is the spot that we have been waiting to tell you about there is a saying in Omega, and we quote:

“Loved on earth and beyond.”

We always wonder what it means to be loved beyond the earth. Then they introduced the MoonWatch series.

Astronauts have used these models, and all of them use the Co-Axial color system; in other words, these watches can even handle space; it is crazy, isn’t it?

The S&O

One thing that always differs the Omega from the other brands is their materials in specific models.

At the moment, Omega decided to accept the collaboration offer from the Swatch company, and they made one of the yet first Bio-Ceramic watches that ever existed.

Bio-ceramic is one of the world’s solid materials for crafting a watch case. Besides, the coating that this substance initially has is matte and anti-scratch; in other words, it’s durable in the worst cases possible.

These were the prominent and most popular collections of this company, Omega, no let’s cut to the chase.

After all, it is said and done.

We discovered Omega’s history and legacy and how much effort and time it took to be the high brand that they are today.

We also listed some of the most known collections from the Omega series and explained them; we would like to hear your feedback on these series and the Omega watch brand review.

Gladly this is the end of the article. We hope that you acquired the information you were looking for; if you have the experience of owning these watches or have an inevitable question about the Omega history, just let us know in the comment section below. We will return your comment as soon as possible.


Is Omega running by the Brandt family?

  • Unfortunately, no. For no apparent reason, they have pulled aside from their current job a long time ago, and now the CEO of Omega is Raynald Aeschlimann.

Are prices high in Omega watches?

  • Considering the materials and innovations that Omega has done over the years, it should be expensive, and we respect that.

Is Omega a watch brand?

  • Mainly yes. The Omega is a professional Swiss watch-making company. However, they have other products that they manufacture, such as eyewear.
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