What are the numbers on a watch bezel for?

You might have seen the bezels on different watches, but as a casual watch wearer, you might not know the name of this attractive ring around the watch display. And you might even didn’t know the name of this particular part.

Well, the bezel on a watch is one of the essential parts of a watch, and all watches have this part. There are used for many purposes.

As we have different watch bezels, they have different proposes, and each helps us in most cases as a tachymeter.

There are also numbers on a watch bezel. These numbers might be different, and they are placed for further usage. In this paper, we want to know the use of the numbers on a watch bezel and explain them thoroughly.

The cases we are going to discuss are:

  1. A brief explanation about a Watch Bezel
  2. Types of Watch Bezel
  3. What are the numbers on a watch bezel for?
  4. Final thoughts

We are excited to read all the sections of these articles with you, so stay with us and understand the reason for the number on numbers on a watch bezel. Shall we begin?

A brief explanation about a Watch Bezel

Around the crystal glass of your watch, there is a ring! This ring has many types and uses and is called a watch bezel. Bezels are made of different materials, mainly steel, aluminum, and ceramic.

If you want to know the difference between the Ceramic and Aluminum Bezel, you can read our Ceramic vs. Aluminum Bezel article.

We have explained each of them and their pros and cons in a table for easy access.

As the bezels are made of different materials, they have different types. If you want to know them, we have mentioned the different kinds of watch Bezels in the following section.

These bezels have different numbers on them, so you will see what these numbers are for and how to use them.

What are the types of Watch Bezel, & what are their numbers for?

There are various types of watch bezels. They can be simple steel; they might have numbers and shapes.

In this part, we mention eight types of watch bezels and tell you what they are used for. Also, we will discuss the bezel numbers if they have any numbers on them.

What Are The Numbers on a Watch Bezel For

8 types of watch bezels with their numbers

· Count-Up Bezel (Dive Bezel)

Our first bezel on this list has numbers from 0 to 60, which indicates the minutes of passing the time.

As you can see, these bezel numbers are for divers to measure the elapsed time when they are under the water.

What is the number on Count-Up bezels for?

The number on the Dive bezel to which the minute hand is pointing demonstrates the number of minutes that have passed since you set the bezel.

· Countdown Bezel

The countdown bezel has the numbers 0 to 60 as the previously discussed bezel. But it is counting down from 60 to 0. The numbers on this watch bezel are helpful for runners and other racers.

· Plain or Decorative Bezel

The plain bezel has no particular number on it as its name represents. It is more designed with engravings and jewels, or they have simple colors.

· Tachymeter Bezel

Unlike the Countdown bezel and Count-Up or Dive Bezel, which have rotating bezels, the Tachymeter Bezel is fixed.

Tachymeter is one of the most common bezels, and there are numbers on this watch bezel. The numbers on this bezel are often used to measure time, speed, or distance.

Numbers on the tachymeter bezel start from around 4000-1000 and ends at 60 units.

· GMT Bezel

International travelers! I have mentioned a unique bezel for you! As you know, GMT is the abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time. You can see the 24-hour numbers on the GMT bezel.

How do the numbers on the GTM bezel work?

If your home country is ahead of time, your place, you should rotate the bezel to the left. And if it is behind, turn it to the right.

You need to know that the time shown currently on display is the time in your current location.

· Compass Bezel

With this bezel, you have a compass with you all the time! You have four directions. This bezel might often have degrees in between the directions.

You can rotate the compass bezel and mark where the north is.

· Slide Rule Bezel

One of the other bezels with the number on it is the slide rule bezel which is complicated to use! The digits on the slide rule bezel are helpful for pilots because they can do conversions and mathematical activities.

· Decimal Bezel (Decimeter Bezel)

we also have bezels designed for Scientifics. This watch bezel has the decimal numbers for the time.

Scientists or industrial engineers conducting time studies often use time numbers in decimals. The numbers on Decimeter Bezel are for more straightforward computation.

What are the numbers on a watch bezel for?

As you saw in the previous section, there are different types of numbers on a watch bezel, and they are for other purposes.

Tachymeter numbers on a bezel are the most common ones on the market, which shows the speed.

Telemeter numbers on the bezel in a watch are to measure the distance.

We also have a pulsometer scale on the bezel with the numbers showing the number of pulse beats per minute. The hand shows the number of pulse beats per minute.

These numbers on a watch bezel are so various. They can help us do our job better. So, if you are a specialist, you can buy a watch with a bezel that has a number suitable for your activity.

Final thoughts

You can find the most suitable watch in the vast world of different watches. You see that most bezels have numbers, and the numbers on a watch bezel have various uses.

Reading this report will help you understand what the numbers on a watch bezel are for and which one is adequate for you if you want to purchase one.

Which one of these bezels is suitable for you? You can share it with us in the comment section.


What are the numbers on the edge of a watch?

The bezels have different numbers, which can be used differently. You can see the most used bezel numbers in this article.

What is the numbered ring around a watch for?

Tachymeter numbers on a bezel show the speed. Telemeter numbers on the bezel in a watch are to measure the distance.

We also have a pulsometer scale that indicates the number of pulse beats per minute. You can find others that we have entirely discussed in the section above.

What does 10 20 30 Mean on a watch?

It shows the seconds/minutes while the numbers 10, 20, and 30 on a bezel are meant to register 30-minutes for a chronometer.

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