Hands-on review: Apple watch series 6

Have you ever thought of having a full-functioning phone on your wrist like your smartphone?

If you are one of the wearable technology fans like us, you know that there are lots of gadgets that are amazing and we don’t know about; the concept of today’s article is about one of the biggest tech companies in the world which recently announced the most expensive company on the globe.


We will be talking about a watch that Apple released two years ago; however, today, the watch still works and is one of the best watches on the market.

The Apple watch series 6.

This watch is one of the market’s most advanced and exclusive intelligent watches. In this article, we want to review this watch on a miniature and profound level, so keep reading alongside us, and let’s find out everything about the Apple watch series 6 and its qualities.

If you are ready, we shall begin the article.

Apple watch series 6 Hands-on review

Overall view of the Apple watch series 6

One of the smartwatches that have been blowing but the internet for the past few months is the brand-new Apple watch series 7, and the Apple watch series 6 is its older brother.

This watch has lots of features that do impress us.

As a smartwatch, this piece must have some unique characteristics to set it apart from the other smartwatches on the market, and, like Apple always does, this watch is exceptional.

Whether we were talking about the body, design, or operating system, this watch is one of the leading timepieces on the smart wearable market.

The design of the Apple watch series 6 is almost identical to the series 5, but minor modifications set this watch apart from the other ones in its family.

The watch’s body is highly durable and has a compelling scientific reason, which we will discuss further in the article.

The watch’s interior, such as the chipset of the watch, is immaculate; in other words, one of the strongest smartwatches on the globe.

In the next section of the article, we will discuss that the body and design of the Apple watch series 6 is fascinating.

If you are ready, let’s jump to the next section.

The body and design of the Apple watch series 6

One of the most significant parts of a great smartwatch is its body and design.

Just like any other high-brand watch on the market, apple uses stainless steel in the making of the Apple watch series 6’s body, meaning that the frame of the watch is durable enough, and the interior patent of the watch suggests that this watch is more durable under pressure because of the internal placements.

Keep in mind that Apple uses sapphire and ceramic crystals to build the front and back glass of the watch, so we can confidently say that this watch and its screen have an impressive protector.

And we might add that these screens are shattered and scratch resistance.

The watch’s overall design is the same as the Apple watch series 5; however, when you look closer, you can see that the edges of the watch are smoother, and the screen is 15% bigger than the series 5 Apple watch.

We presume that Apple is developing a bigger and better screen every year, but this is a business strategy; they have the tech; however, they are feeding it to the users slowly and constantly to keep the customers satisfied, and as Apple fans, we can confirm that it is working.

Now let’s get to the interior of the Apple watch series 6.

Apple watch series 6 Hands-on review

The interior of the Apple watch series 6

The operating system and the pieces that power it are excellent n the Apple watch series 6, and we think you have to consider this watch your leading smartwatch.

This watch uses an Apple S6 chipset and PowerVR GPU.

These two components are the pieces that make this watch unique because both of them are exclusive to the Apple smartwatches on the market and not anything else.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is Retina LTPO OLED with a 1000 nitrate, meaning this screen is both very high res and very bright so that you can use it on the sunniest days.

The Apple watch series 6 uses a 304 mAh battery which will last about 24 hours; as you might have noticed, battery life isn’t the strongest suit of Apple products. However, this fact has been changed because Apple’s new Li-ion battery designs for its devices are significantly better than the previous generation.

As you can see, the interior of the Apple watch series 6 is filled with power and innovation now, we shall list some of the sensors on this watch, and then we should end the article:

1. Accelerometer

This sensor is responsible for calculating the watch’s height and then updating the data to determine your walking pattern and wrist location.

2. Gyro

This sensor is a location finder; it provides services like raise to wake and shake to undo. We think this sensor is one of the best that Apple has used in their smartwatches.

3. Heart rate

As the name suggests, the heart rate monitor is one of the sensors on this watch that estimates your heart rate by the second, and in the end, it gives you detailed analytics to help you to keep yourself healthy.

4. Barometer

This sensor calculates the rate of the pressure around the watch, and this quality has an excellent use for underwater situations.

5. Always-on altimeter

This sensor measures the active elevation meaning that the watch calculates your height and how you walk and uses that data to make a health suggestion every moment you wear it.

6. Compass

This one is self-explanatory; the compass on your apple watch uses this sensor to detect the direction you are facing and then present the exact information.

7. SpO2

This sensor is responsible for measuring your blood oxygen levels, especially when one of your workout modes is on, so you will be healthier when you have all this information.

8. VO2max

This last sensor is also related to your blood oxygen levels. However, this one measures the maximum capacity of your blood for oxygen, which also can be used in the Apple health app.

These were the sensors on the Apple watch series 6, and we think that all of these sensors, along with the strong interior, is fantastic.

Now let’s finish the article.

In the end…

Imagine that you are looking for a smartwatch that has it all, quality, practicality, and so much more. Don’t look anymore because today we are bringing you the Apple Watch 6.

This watch has lots of qualities and features that we cited all of them all in this article.

In the end, we recommend getting this watch; hover, you can always consider this watches brother the Apple watch series SE.

Overall we are happy that you stayed with us until the end of the “Hands-on review: Apple watches series 6” article, and in the future, if you have anything to add to this article, we would be happy to hear your thoughts.

Just contact us in the comment section or the contact page of this very website.


Why all of the Apple is watches expensive?

  • Because all of the Apple watch pieces are exclusive to Apple Apple, only the prices are higher, but you have to keep in mind that these watches are pretty much immortal.

Where is Apple based?

  • Apple Co is based in LA, California, in the USA, and the main manufacturing line of this company is currently located in China and Taiwan.

Should I buy the Apple watch series 6?

  • If it were up to us, we would recommend this watch; however it is a decision you have to make yourself, you can review the watch from this article and then decide.
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