Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global

Once, people would be amazed if you told them that you could almost focus all of the variant features in the world of technology into a small space and then call it the smartphone.

However, that’s precisely what some companies did worldwide.

Since the dawn of the tech era, people have been working with new inventions to reach a far better state, and on this road, a lot can change.

For instance, now you can get almost all of the features on a smartphone and then use them in a much smaller space like a wristwatch.

This would be phenomenal; however, several companies have been working in this era, such as Apple and Samsung, the leading giants in the industry, competing very closely.

In our previous articles, we discussed some of the Apple watches, such as series 7 and 6; however, this article will discuss a different brand.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global is one of the watches you must know about before purchasing any smartwatches.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

Overall view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global

Overall view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global
Overall view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global

If you have been with us through some of the smartwatch reviews, you know that in our opinion, the Apple watches are the best in the market but judging by what we have heard about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global, we think that this fact is about to change.

Samsung is known for its background and experience in home appliances and high res displays, so this company decided that use its display expertise on these smartwatches that will go fantastic with the new Samsung phones.

One of the things that caught our attention at first glance this watch was that its screen is curved, just like the edge series in the Samsung phones.

We think small details like these can separate this watch from the rest in the market.

Besides the display, the watch’s design and body are exclusive as well, meaning that you can quickly wear it, and there is no need to introduce this watch because it speaks for itself.

The fact that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global feels just as exclusive and unique as the Apple watches show that Samsung has done a perfect job designing the watch. We might say that the watch’s interior is decent and even higher than anticipated.

So as you can see, this watch is worth reviewing, so let’s start with a detailed discussion.

The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global

The specifications on the global and other versions are the same.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global:

CPU: Dual-Core 1.18 GHz Cortex-A55

Chipset: Exynos W920 5nm

GPU: Mali-G68

Display: Super AMOLED 321 PPI

Battery: 361 mAh Li-Ion

OS: Android wear OS, One UI watch 3

Storage: 16 GB

RAM: 1.5 GB

Now let’s get to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global itself.

The body and design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global

Two of the main factors that make the best smartwatch in the body are the watch’s design; otherwise, if a watch has 16 GB of RAM but has a terrible plan, we cannot use it.

The circular shape of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global body makes this watch closer to its previous watches, which are the gear series. We think that because this company wanted to start the trend of minimalism in their line of products, they came up with this idea.

Samsung uses decent materials on their watches that we think are more than enough for these watches.

This company utilizes Aluminum and stainless steel in their Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global, but remember that these substances are not mixed and come in separate forms.

The next matter is the color of the finish on the watch; the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global comes in lots of colors:

  • Black
  • Pink Gold
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Thom Browne Edition
  • Bespoke Edition
  • PXG Golf Edition

As you can see, these many options on the watch finish make us think that Samsung has been dedicating resources to building this watch.

We might add that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global is a mid-range smartwatch, meaning its price will also be reasonable.

Now that you have a basic image of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global, it is time to get to the watch’s interior.

The interior of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global

The interior of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global
The interior of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global

As we mentioned in the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global, there is a lot to talk about when it comes to the pieces inside of this watch, and we will be briefly talking about them in this section.

First of all, the most critical aspect is the performance. We have concluded that this watch has an excellent performance and display refresh rate.

The CUP and the chipset of this watch are one of the best in the Android market, but when we observe the benchmarks, we can see that the performance still has a lot of ways to reach the top level, which is Apple at the moment.

The sensors on this watch are pretty basic, meaning that it supports the Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, and barometer; however, there are still many sensors that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global can have, and we think that Samsung needs to take care of this issue.

Now let’s get to the end of the article, shall we?


Many brands worldwide are working on the technology to develop the best smartwatch, but few are successful in this industry.

In this article, we talked about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global. What its specifications were and considering the price of this watch, we can confidently say that it is worth buying, but If you have a higher budget, you can invest in a much better watch from the other brands.

The price range on this watch starts at $205, and it can go up to $250.

Considering all of these, we think that you should consider this watch.

In the end, if you have anything to add to the “Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Global” article, we would love to hear your thoughts; the only thing you have to do is to use the comment section below.


Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 better than Apple watch?

  • This comparison would be unfair because these two companies work for different goals, and in the end, comparing them to each other would not be proper, and we think both of these brands are decent.

Why is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 so cheap?

  • There is nothing shady happening in the background of the Samsung. The reason that this watch I cheap is the recycled materials that got used in this watch.

Is the Gear series better than the Samsung Galaxy Watch series?

  • Depending on the person who uses it, the Gear series are more durable and professional and are the top guns of the Samsung watches.
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