Mark Zuckerberg Watch Collection – Does he wear any watches?

While many celebrity watch collections may include Rolexes, Richard Milles, Apple Watches, or even Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX watch, we see you Elon Musk, some rich and famous people don’t show much interest in wristwatches.

Today, we will dive into Mark Zuckerberg watch collection to see, apart from possessing the Watching Eyes of Sauron, what other watches Zuckerberg has… Wristwatches, I mean.

What watch does Mark Zuckerberg wear?

Watches can help you manage your time and increase your social status. You might think that any billionaire would always wear designer clothing and accessories brands and ride million-dollar cars. But, in reality, many of them just prefer to invest their money rather than show it off.

Mark Zuckerberg is among the many rich people who are very rarely (almost never) spotted wearing a watch; yes, shocking! The only time we could find him wearing a watch tracks way back to 2006 when Mark Zuckerberg received his acceptance email from Harvard!

Mark Zuckerberg watch collection

Although we could not confirm what watch he was wearing back then, it is believed that Mark Zuckerberg wore an inexpensive Casio watch that was priced at around $25. So yes, it is not every day that you see the Meta and Facebook co-founder wear a watch.

Another watch that was associated with Mark Zuckerberg was the Facebook or Meta Watch. Purposed to rival Apple watches, the Meta smartwatches were also designed to capture hand movements for Metaverse users. Planned to be released in Summer 2022, the Meta watches were controversial from the moment they were introduced.

Mark Zuckerberg got infamous for watching people’s lives and stealing their data and personal information on Facebook. So, when it was stated that the Facebook watch had dual cameras (they became known for Meta camera watches), he and his company started getting backlash as people stated that this was just another instrument for Peeping Zuck to get info from their lives. In the end, the Meta watch’s release got interrupted.

Mark Zuckerberg watch collection

Because of these controversies, Zuckerberg and Meta decided to turn their “camera watch,” which was designed for Metaverse, into Meta wristbands that used EMG (electromyography) technology and use them for capturing user’s hand movements.


Why doesn’t Zuckerberg wear a watch?

When you see billionaires like Gates and Zuckerberg don’t wear expensive watches on their wrists, you might be thinking to yourself, “Not even the rich can buy fancy watches,” but that is not the case for them.

Lesser-known rich people wear watches to show their wealth and social status, or perhaps they are really interested in the watch. The expensive watch can signal others of the wearer’s importance, but Mark Zuckerberg is in another league as he does not need to wave his money around to be recognized, and he chooses to keep a simple persona.

While some of the rich people are known for their luxury designer watch collections, you can recognize the Facebook CEO by his gray shirt collection.

Another reason might be his simple and minimalistic approach to life, considering his gray t-shirts. With smartphones getting more popular, wristwatches have slowly become just accessories, and people don’t really “need” them as everyone is carrying a smartphone everywhere. In Mark Zuckerberg’s case and because of his busy life, he probably has personal assistants, like Jarvis, who manage his time for him and tell him the time and places he needs to be.


Mark Zuckerberg is not a fan of expensive wristwatches, and you may never see him wearing a Rolex, but he has had his collection of watches before he got famous and rich. In this article, we discuss the watches that were associated with Zuckerberg, as well as the reasons why he is rarely seen wearing wristwatches.

One Zuck to rule them all, one Zuck to find them. You may not find much in the Mark Zuckerberg watch collection, but the wide-open eyes of Zuck will surely watch you.

Thank for you being with us at Saatsaz Watch. We try to have updated information and news compared to other online watch magazines, and we appreciate your presence on our website. What other watches have you seen Mark Zuckerberg wear? Tell us in the comments.


Does Zuckerberg wear a watch?

Mark Zuckerberg has almost never been seen wearing an expensive watch in public. On one occasion, when Mark Zuckerberg received his Harvard acceptance email, he wore a wristwatch on his wrist.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and their features, analog wristwatches have become mere accessories and are worn for aesthetics instead of telling time. With that, people like Zuckerberg, who have a minimalistic life, may prefer not to carry something on them purely for aesthetics and looks or status, as they don’t need it.

Why not even the rich can buy fancy watches?

Some fancy and designer watches may be very expensive, even for the rich! And they may not be willing to pay so much for status and aesthetics. Meanwhile, some minimalist billionaires, like Zuckerberg, who could afford them, still may choose not to spend their money on accessories that they don’t really need and invest their money into something better.
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