Reviewing the Shinola and Filson Mackinaw Chrono Field Watch

Finding your style and taste in 2023 is easy due to the various brands and influencers available. Adding an accessory to your style can always level up the look and the prestige. Today we will be talking about the Filson watch brand and discovering their finest timepieces. Filson, based in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 1897. The company is famous for its high-quality clothing and blankets, also specializes in the watchmaking industry. In 2012 the brand is owned by Bedrock Manufacturing founder Tom Kartsotis, who also owns Shinola Detroit.

Without further explanation, let’s dive into the world of Filson and Shinola watches and explore their design and prices. Hope you enjoy this review at Saatsaz Watch.

Who owns Filson and Shinola?

The brands Filson and Shinola are currently owned by an American entrepreneur, Tom Kartsotis. He is the founder of the brand Bedrock Manufacturing Co, a private company in US, and also was the founder of Fossils between the years 1984 and 2010. Both Shinola and Fossil were powerful and quality-driven companies that Bedrock Manufacturing acquired to achieve more extraordinary advancements and higher ambitions.

Here we bring you Filson Mackinaw Field watch review, a remarkable timepiece brought together by hand at sister company Shinola’s factory in Detroit.

Shinola x Filson Mackinaw Chronograph 43mm Field Watch Review

The origin of Trench or Field watches can be traced back to World War 1, when pocket watches were the norm. However, many officers had a big difficulty with using the pocket timepieces as they had to use both hands to read the time during combat. So, the solution was to strap their pocket watches to their wrists by a band; thus, the first field wristwatches were invented.

The Filson Mackinaw Field watch 43mm offers a range of practical features and convenient and easy-to-use mechanisms such as Swiss Super LumiNova hands and Swiss-made Shinola and Filson Argonite 715 quartz movement.

Let’s take a look at different aspects of Filson Fackinaw Field and explore its features.


Filson Mackinaw Field Watch features a brushed one-directional bezel, Saphire crystal, which makes it scratch-resistant, a signed crown, and a date indicator at three. The white dial and greenish numbers indicate the attention to detail. Also, the watch feels very comfortable and well-built on the wrist.


The brushed stainless steel 43 mm case provides a classic aesthetic and long-lasting structure. Featuring a Brass case back with the Filson logo engraved.


Filson Mackinaw Field runs on Swiss-made Shinola and Filson Argonite 715 quartz movement, which delivers accurate timekeeping. In addition, the chronograph system works pretty smoothly and can be used as a stopwatch.


The watch is water resistant up to 200m / 660 feet, making it suitable for swimming and skin diving. Filson Mackinaw is highly durable and designed to be worn during outdoor activities, making it an ideal option for adventurous people.


The Filson watch strap is made of leather, and it’s designed to be comfortable on the wrist and secure during different daily activities. Also, it comes in two colors: black and dark green.

Filson Mackinaw Field Watch Price

The timepiece is available with a price tag of $600. The craftmanship and the attention to the detail can justify the price of this timepiece and make it a good quality option to purchase.

Shinola and Filson Mackinaw Chronograph Field Watches

Filson Mackinaw Field Watch Specs

  • Case Size: 43mm
  • Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Lug Width: 50mm
  • Case Material: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Strap Material: Leather
  • Dial Color: Green
  • Movement: Shinola Argonite 715 quartz movement
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters / 660 feet

Filson Mackinaw Field Watch Pros and Cons

Here, we bring you the advantages and disadvantages of Filson Mackinaw’s timepiece.


  • Water resistant up to 200 meters / 660 feet
  • Swiss Super LumiNova hands
  • scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Anti glare coating
  • Shinola Argonite 715 quartz Swiss movement


  • The over-size case


Are Filson watches good?

Filson watches are built from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and feature sound running systems such as Swiss movements. They look simple but gorgeous, suitable for any style and aesthetic. Also, the prices are fair for the sound quality you’re receiving. So yes! Filson watches are an excellent choice if you want a fashionable, durable timepiece to wear on your wrist for years.

Who wears Filson watches?

People who appreciate comfort and a sense of style in a timepiece such as Chris Stapleton, Tom Selleck, Tom Cruise, John Roderick, and Rob Patterson.



Finally, the Filson and Shinola Mackinaw Chronograph Field watch is a well-designed timepiece, and so much effort has been put into creating this watch. The watch features good quality features as well as an elegant classic appearance. If you’re interested in Filson Mackinaw Field watches, your questions can be answered in the FAQ about Filson official website. Hope this review was informative for you.

At last, we have covered everything you need to know about this Filson Mackinaw Chrono field watch. Thanks for staying with us at Satsaaz Watch, and we hope you enjoyed this Shinola x Filson Mackinaw Chronograph 43mm Field Watch Review. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments; we assure you they’re appreciated here.


Are Shinola and Filson the same company?

No, Shinola and Filson are not the same company. These two company’s goal is to make higher-quality, American-made products. They used to be separate companies until 2012; then, Filson partnered with Shinola and was owned by Tom Kartsotis, who owns Shinola.

Are Filson watches discontinued?

Filson does not currently produce timepieces. The Filson watch-making was discontinued in 2015 when the partnership between Filson and Shinola ended. The brand no longer makes its own watches today.

Is Filson made in China?

Currently, Filson collaborates with partners based in China to produce some specific products. These manufacturing partners are skilled at using Filson materials to create outstanding quality, ensuring that every Filson product meets the customers’ needs.

Is Filson an ethical company?

Since 1897, Filson has embraced using eco-friendly materials such as natural-fiber and sustainable resources like wool and cotton. Filson takes pride in their commitment to using Bridle Leather, which undergoes a natural tanning process without the harmful chemicals typically found in other ways.

Who makes watches for Filson?

The Filson watches were assembled for Filson by the Shinola company.
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