Everything about the Patek Philippe warranty card 2023

Time has become precious in human lives since it was invented, and “being on time” is a good trait. As a result, watches are used for more than just fashion and style. They are also made for planning and keeping track of time. Patek Philippe is one of the most respected companies whose timepieces are trendy among people. The company’s timepieces are of high quality and have sophisticated construction.

This brand has a premium price compared to its competitors, making it a luxury watch, and the Patek Philippe Warranty Card that comes with the watches, will give you rest of mind.

In this article, we will discuss the Patek Philippe warranty card, and the services covered by it. Before we get into the details of this watch’s warranty card, let’s first define the word “Warranty”.

What exactly is a warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee provided by a maker or manufacturer concerning the quality of their goods.

It also includes specifications of the circumstances under which fixes or replacements are covered if the item does not operate as advertised initially or intended.

Now let’s talk about the Patek Philippe warranty card for their watches.

Patek Philippe Warranty

What exactly is a warranty for wristwatch?

Watch warranties, like any other device’s warranties, are intended to protect your watch from “manufacturing defects”.

The warranty covers any flaw in the watch and its manufacture that is not done by you. If you haven’t messed up the watch yourself and it was malfunctioning, the warranty card should cover anything that is wrong with it..

Patek Philippe warranty card

In recent years, watch manufacturers have extended their warranty periods to compete with the competitors and show that their timepieces are dependable and of excellent quality. for example, Rolex warranty cards now last for five years!

While the common guarantee is two years, several manufacturers now provide five-year, eight-year, or even longer warranties!

The crucial aspect to remember is that, the Patek Philippe warranty accompanies the watch rather than the owner; which implies that even if your name is not on the warranty card, for example owning a second hand watch, the warranty is still valid.

However, it should be noted that, if the certificate of ownership is revoked or destroyed, the guarantee will be null and void.

In certain instances, Patek Philippe may waive the warranty. Conditions such as damage to leather straps and more.

How long is Patek Philippe warranty period?

The Patek Philippe warranty lasts for two years or around 24 months from the purchase day. It should be noted that the warranty covers the faults and manufacturing issues.

This implies that it does not cover problems and damages caused by carelessness or incorrect watch usage.

Advice on Patek Philippe servicing

Remember that your watch should be serviced every three to five years, and the batteries should be replaced every two to three years. An approved service center must perform this. This is to check that your watch is completely functioning and mechanically sound. However, if the watch does not have a specific issue, you can increase the service distance.

When the time of watch maintenance comes,the company suggests taking it to a Patek Philippe approved retailer or service facility that accepts the Patek Philippe warranty card. This guarantees that a trained technician will service your watch.

Before reassembly, all watch components are separated, examined, and oiled. All watch functions will be tested to confirm that the watch works appropriately. Furthermore, Patek Philippe will hold your watch for two weeks to control it thoroughly.

Repairing Patek Philippe timepieces might take weeks or even months! This is due to the numerous steps that the watch goes through during a service.

During a service, Patek may replace the following components if necessary:

  • Mainspring barrel
  • Electrical circuit
  • Components like crystals, leather straps and more.
Note that the Patek Philippe warranty card does not cover the crystals and leather straps.

Patek Philippe’s care instructions

It would be best if you considered Patek Philippe’s suggestions for the watch’s high durability and optimum performance. The instructions manual says:

  • Avoid subjecting your watch to high-intensity shocks.
  • Avoid subjecting your watch to frequent vibrations.
  • Avoid wearing a bracelet or jewelry next to your watch.
  • Avoid using the buttons when the watch is wet or underwater.
  • Wash your watch after it comes into contact with chlorinated or salt water.
  • Avoid excessive temperature swings.
  • Adjust your bracelet correctly so that it does not wear out soon.
  • Keep your mechanical watch away from magnetic fields.
  • Conduct a water test once a year for watches with leather straps.

Because leather straps can fade fast, it is best to keep them away from water and direct sunshine. It is also recommended to open it at night.

Every morning, it is advised that you manually set your watch. This optimizes the movement’s perfect performance and decreases its susceptibility to shocks and positioning changes.

Finally, if your watch is not working, you may manually spin it with a few gentle swings of the crown to get it to operate again.

Patek Philippe Warranty Card 2022

Is it possible to transfer the Patek Philippe warranty?

It should be noted that if you are not the original owner, the warranty will not be honored.

So, for example, if you purchase a second hand Patek Philippe 5296g watch from a retailer and subsequently decide to sell it, the guarantee is now null and void. In the United States, the two-year basic warranty is non-transferable.


As we said, having a guarantee for any high or expensive watch is necessary and gives peace of mind in the event of a malfunction.

The Patek Philippe warranty card is applicable for two years from the date of buying, as shown on the certification of ownership.

A two-year additional service guarantee will protect your watch after it has been serviced. The complete set of terms and conditions can be found in your Patek Philippe maintenance manual.

We hope this post was helpful to you, and if you have this watch and have a problem, you know what to do. If you are a Patek Philippe owner, tell us about your experience with the Patek Philippe warranty card so that we can share it with our readers.


How long does the Patek Philippe warranty last?

  • As stated on the Patek Philippe warranty card, this company guarantees their watches for two years.

What does the Patek Philippe warranty cover?

  • It covers any malfunctioning of the watches for up to two years. Note that leather straps and improper usage problems are not covered.

Is the Patek Philippe warranty card reliable?

  • Yes, it is. If your name is not the purchase certificate, then you can get free services at approved retailers or service facilities.
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