Hands-on review: Apple Watch Series 7

“Full screen ahead.”

This is the quote that the industry giant uses for its new model.

We all have seen smartwatches, they are practical and instrumental in our daily lives, and some even say that they are much better than classic movement watches.

Apple is one of the companies that have the smartwatch markets majority of customers, meaning that the watches that Apple manufactures are beneficial and popular.

Today we will be talking about a particular model, the latest model Apple watch on the records, and the Apple watch series 7.

This watch has many new features and innovations in a small space. By the end of the article, you may join the individuals that prefer smartwatches to regular analog timepieces.

We will be talking about the specific qualities of the Apple watch series 7, and in the end, we will be telling you if this watch is worth the money, whether it comes for or not?

Now, if you are ready, let’s get right into the statement.

Apple Watch Series 7 review

Overall view of the Apple watch series 7

Apple watches series 7 is the newest model of the Apple Company, and it has made our lives easier.

This watch has many new changes on its body and even the interior that would shock you.

With the new generation of screen displays and body materials, this watch is one of the best in the smartwatch world.

The Apple watch series 7 uses all kinds of sensors and upgraded ECG sensors, which will be the most significant change on this watch.

And last but not least, the watch’s price will define a lot about this watch, making the decision-making process much more straightforward.

In this article, we will be tending to the configurations of the Apple watch series seven. Then we will talk about the design and durability of the watch to determine whether this watch is a good deal or a bad one?

First, let’s talk about configuration.

Apple watch series 7: Configuration


Every smartwatch from the beginning of the technology era has a unique configuration that defines the actual watch’s performance and power. You have to be aware of them before buying.

Let’s see what the configurations of the Apple watch series 7 are:

Battery capacity: 309 mAh (%30 faster than the Apple watch series 6)

RAM and chipset: 1 GB – S7

Software version: WatchOS 8.0 to 8.6

Storage: 32 GB – No SD slot

Colors: Midnight – Starlight – Green – Blue – Product (RED)

Graphics processor: PowerVR

As you can see from the configuration of the Apple watch series 7, this model is the most advanced one yet, and we will tell you why we should start the detailed review of the Apple watch series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 Full review

Apple watches series 7: Display & Body.

Two of the most critical factors for Apple and the customers in today’s digital market are the screens and the body of the smartwatches.

Now, we have seen many apple watches before, and you can tell that the design of the apple watch hasn’t changed significantly.

However, the material did.

At times, Apple used only steel in their apple watches; however, the Apple watch series 7 uses stainless steel, titanium, and recyclable aluminum.

These three are the central realities of the Apple watch series 7 bodies.

Aluminum is the green flag of Apple to show support for the planet; Tim Cook says that they removed the charger adapter and are using recycled material because less hazard comes to nature.

This was an act of policy and efficiency, and nobility.

The display of the Apple Watch 7 is the biggest one in any apple watch ever presented. It is similar to Samsung Edge screens, which go all the way and curve around the frame, which is the act of the apple in the Apple watch series 7.

The display is OLED, and the 1000 nit brightness will help you to see the watch face in the bright daylight.

One of the features that Apple is proud of is the Always-on display on the Apple watch series 7; this feature was used on many screens before; however, like constant, apple just perfected it.

Now, the next matter of order is sensors.

Apple watches series 7: Sensors & Interior.

As we mentioned earlier, this watch has many sensors; let’s see what they do:

  • Accelerometer:

This sensor is measuring your movements constantly, and it uses the data to calculate your fitness information

  • Gyro:

A Gyro determines the physical position of the watch and when you move it and even is some intelligent actions.

  • Heart rate:

As the name suggests, this sensor measures your heart rate and monitors your heart condition.

  • Barometer:

This one measures the atmospheric pressure in different conditions that can be helpful underwater.

  • always-on altimeter:

This one is a life saver, the mentioned sensor calculates your altitude based on the air pressure, so if you fall and get hurt, the watch will automatically understand and call your emergency contact.

  • Compass:

Geographic directions can be observed via this sensor that can help you to find your way in the middle of nowhere.

  • SpO2:

We have heard that Apple developed the system of measuring blood oxygen levels, and it is true; they use the SpO2 sensor to measure oxygen in your blood constantly.

  • VO2max:

Like before, this sensor measures the oxygen levels in intense sports or non-sport activities.

These are special sensors of the Apple watch series 7; However, powering all of these sensors harmonically requires a great processor; Apple uses its S7 chipset on the Apple watch series 7, which is the best smartwatch chipset yet.

However, there is no SD slot on the watch, but the 32GB of space can be decent.

The GPU is also exclusive to Apple products.

The last thing we must mention is that this watch is dustproof, crack-proof, and water-resistant.

The sealing on the watch allows it to handle tremendous pressure; it even has a swimming mode.

Let’s end this article and see this watch’s bottom line.

Apple Watch Series 7

The bottom line

Apple is one of the leading technology companies in the world. With their exclusive OS and chipsets, they are kind of invincible.

The Apple Watch 7 is currently on sale for $400 US dollars.

If you care about the design and practicality of a wristwatch, we think that you should have an Apple watch series 7, but the problem is that these watches are so much better if you own an iPhone.

Overall the Apple watch series 7 is the best smartwatch that we have ever seen in our entire career.

We thank you for accompanying us through the “Hands-on review: Apple Watch Series 7” article; if you have anything to add to the website, contact us in the comment section below.


Is the Apple watch series seven the last Apple watch?

  • Apple made it clear that the Apple watch line will not be closed, but they might change the title of the watches for a new generation.

Why is the Apple watch series 7 expensive?

  • Considering the quality of the product and all of the features presented in this watch we think the price is very reasonable.

When will the Apple watch series 8 be released?

  • Apple hasn’t announced a specific date for their new products. However, Apple’s fall seminar is usually where they introduce the latest products, so maybe in October.
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