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The most important thing for any watch buyer to consider when purchasing an expensive watch is to obtain a purchase guarantee; So, if you face any issues with your watch, this will give you peace of mind. By using the warranty card, you won’t have to worry about your watch repair expenses. Different watch brands provide various guarantees that mostly can last one or two years. But Omega, the famous watchmaking company, has increased its warranty card duration.

Omega warranty cards duration

Every Omega watch that is purchased after November 2, 2018, comes with an Omega warranty card that is valid for five years!

This change in the duration of the omega warranty cards shows confidence and pride in their quality and their excellent craftsmanship. This also increases the customers’ satisfaction and trust, because only a handful of watch companies have 5-year warranty cards… such as Rolex warranty cards.

What is the Omega warranty card?

The international Omega warranty card is shaped like a plastic card. The watch will also come with a variety of plastic cards. Also, the watch can have different cards depending on the materials used.

Diamond watches, for example, come with a diamond origin card. In another way, each model includes a unique type of card.

Omega has decided to boost the warranty on all watches to five years. Omega’s warranty used to be valid for two or three years but after Rolex increased their warranties to 5 years, Omega did the same in order to not fall out of the Rolex vs. Omega competition.

Omega has worked hard to establish itself as a high-end watchmaking company, competing with Rolex. It’s predictable that the increased warranty demonstrates Omega’s recent technological advancements and their assurance of their watches.

Omega watches warranties

now let us talk about the coverage of Omega warranty cards:

What does the Omega warranty card cover?

The terms of Omega warranty cards are as follows:

  • The Omega watches come with a five-year warranty that starts at the purchase date and covers (unfaulty) material and manufacturing flaws at delivery and the 5-year duration.
  • The guarantee is only legitimate if the date, accurate specs, and the official agency stamp are all present on the Omega warranty card.
  • When you reveal a legitimate Omega watch warranty certificate, you will be entitled to have the watch repaired for free, during the warranty period.

If repairs are unsuccessful in restoring regular use to your Omega watch, OMEGA SA guarantees that it will be changed with a new Omega watch of similar or equal specifications.

What does NOT the Omega warranty card cover?

Unfortunately, there are some problems that this warranty card does not cover for your watch:

  • The battery’s lifespan
  • Normal aging and wear-and-tear
  • Any damage to the watch caused by abnormal/abusive usage, carelessness, negligence, or accidents
  • Misuse of the watch and failure to follow OMEGA SA’s instructions.
  • Handled by non-authorized individuals or altered from its original state outside OMEGA SA’s control Omega watches.

Omega warranty card

How to use the Omega warranty card?

As most watch enthusiasts are aware, some watch brands only offer electronic warranties, but not Omega… at least for the time being. This indicates that the warranty is mechanically activated rather than electronically.

As earlier, we said the warranty is only reasonable if the warranty certificate is dated, completed entirely and correctly, and stamped by an official Omega station.

Note: There has been a lot of talk about grey market watches with no warranty, preceded by seller warranties, and so on. So, is it possible to ensure that a valid guarantee covers your purchased Omega watch?

The first and most crucial step for the Omega seller, is to label the warranty on your Omega watch. The warranty card should then be dated with the buyer’s purchase date as the final step.


Sometimes, the date on the Omega warranty card is not stamped for various reasons.

Omega warranty card not filed out?

It must have been the Owner’s neglect! Which in argument means the warranty isn’t legitimate. But do not worry, it has a reasonable solution. Because the warranty card isn’t digital, you can quickly fill out the date by yourself.

Even if you have the Omega warranty card filled out by yourself, your watch will have a valid warranty – even if this is not intended to be the case in theory.

omega warranty card

Is it possible to obtain a new Omega warranty card?

Keep in mind that if you lose your warranty card, you might not be able to use all of the features it offers.

Your warranty card comes with your watch. It is impossible to have a warranty card that belonged to another one; even if it is the same model, your watch is listed on the reference card and serial number.

However, you can obtain an archive extract from Omega, as close to a new certificate as possible.



Finally, the Omega 5-year global warranty ensures that you can use this card to fix your watch without spending any money, in case you purchase this watch and uncover a flaw. However, keep in mind that the problem must be the industry’s fault. If the problem is caused by your own negligence, the fixes are not covered, and replacement is not guaranteed.

Also, make sure you don’t misplace your warranty card while it’s still valid. Not only will you be unable to claim your warranty but not having the original warranty card will lower the value of your watch, if you decide to sell it.

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How long is the warranty on Omega?

  • Omega has extended its warranty duration recently and it is valid for 5 years as of now. They take huge pride in this achievement.

Lost Omega warranty card?

  • You can obtain an archive extract from Omega SA dealers, as close to a new certificate as possible, but not the same. This will decrease your Omega watch’s value whenever you want to sell it.

Do Omega watches have a lifetime warranty?

  • No, Omega watches do not have a lifetime warranty. if you have purchased your Omega watch after November 2, 2018, then the timepiece comes with a 5-year omega warranty period but before that, the duration of the Omega warranty was 2 or 3 years.

Is Omega warranty card legit?

  • Yes, it is. A stamped and dated Omega warranty card is legit and will be valid for 5 years since the day of purchase.
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