RM 052 Skull Watch [Full Review]

You know that we always love a watch with a decent design and all kinds of features related to using the watches more accessible and more efficient, and this is because we love smartwatches.

However, the topic is not smartwatches.

As you may have heard, Richard Mille is one of the most expensive luxury watch brands on the market, and some of the designs this brand works on are absurd, but some are decent and worth considering.

Remember that these watches are costly, and we will tell you why further into the article.

In today’s article, we will be talking about the RM 052 Skull and all of the aspects that make this watch special, so in other words, we will have a complete and detailed review of the RM 052 Skull.

If you intend to purchase the RM 052 Skull and have some doubts, come with us until the end of the statement, and then you can make the right choice.

So, if you are ready, let’s get started with the statement and see where it goes.

RM 052 Skull Watch

Overall view of the RM 052 Skull

When choosing a luxury watch, we pay attention to so many details; however, some aspects matter the most:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Value of the brand

These factors are the key to determining which watch is best for you, and you should and must get it, but because the preferences are different, we will review the RM 052 Skull from our perspective and hope it will be helpful.

The durability and the design of the RM 052 Skull are at the top of the chain, but you have to remember that quality over quantity is a matter that comes around.

The price of this watch is very high but compared to the brand value and the materials used in this watch and considering that this watch can be a limited-edition watch, this price can be decent to individuals that look for authentic luxury watches or they want to invest in the fancy watches.

We have seen many watches with the exact case shape as the RM 052 Skull, but the difference that this watch has with the rest of the models in the Richard Mille series.

Overall, this watch can be one of the great options if you are looking for something complex and unique, and we would advise you to get it; however, this is your choice, and you have to make it after the article ends.

Now let’s get started with a detailed review of the RM 052 Skull and the first call to the durability:

The durability of the RM 052 Skull

We first have to discuss standing under pressure and going through extreme conditions.

As you may know, most watch brands like to use stainless steel as the primary material on their case because they want to make the watches lighter and keep the profits and the price balanced.

However, the RM 052 Skull is unlike any other watches you have seen and used.

As you may know, many materials can be used instead of stainless steel, and the most popular of them is grade 5 titanium, one of the most durable substances on the face of the earth.

Remember that while this watch is highly durable, it is a tad heavier than the usual watches you might wear, so you have to keep that in mind.

But on the other side, this watch can stand any pressure and not break under it.

Also, the watch’s glass is a sapphire crystal with many meanings; it is scratch and shatter resistant.

Now let’s get to the watch’s design and see whether this watch is considered an excellent device for your wrist.

RM 052 Skull Watch

The design of the RM 052 Skull

The next matter that we have to talk about is the matter of the design; as you know, the plan is one of the most critical factors for us because we believe that if you want to pay thousands of dollars for a watch, you have to make sure that it has the best design possible.

The RM 052 Skull is one of the distinguished parts of the Richard Mille series because of many factors.

The watch’s dial has a titanium skill in Front of it, and the watch hands are just above the skull, the head’s mouth is open, and a jewel appears.

Besides this incredible detail, the watch’s dial is see-through, so you can also see the caliber.

Moving out, the watch’s case is the same shape as the original RM watches, and we are sure this case works for some individuals.

Remember that this watch’s straps can come in leather or steel, which is your choice.

Now let’s see the price of this watch as well and then finish the statement.

The RM 052 Skull watch can value up to $500,000, and you can get it directly from the company along with the certificates of ownership.

Now let’s get to the end.

In conclusion…

Some of the brands that make wristwatches around the world have their ways and strategies to make the best watch on the market, and they each have their unique sides that you have to see and embrace.

In this article, we have talked about the RM 052 Skull watch and all of the aspects that this watch has.

We have reviewed the RM 052 Skull with extreme details, so if you want to get this watch, ensure that you read the article up until the end, and then you are ready to make your decision.

In the end, we are very much glad that you decided to stay with us until the end of the “RM 052 Skull (full review)” article, and if you have anything at all to add to this article, we appreciate it if you would share all of that information with us.


Why should I buy the RM 052 Skull watch?

  • Every watch in the RM series has its unique style; however, we can say that the skull is one of the best in the series; based on the review we have done, this watch is worth the money you spend on it.

Is the RM 052 Skull watch expensive?

  • This watch is worth a lot, and this is considered more of an investment than a personal item purchase, but again you have to like the watch to get it for $500,000.

Where should I buy a RM 052 Skull watch?

  • You can always use the company’s official website or refer to the official stores of Richard Mille; these are the best two options you have in Front of you, so choose wisely.
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