Seiko Turtle Watch [Full Review]

Wristwatches are a big part of the fashion and clothing world because it is a piece that completes almost any kind of outfit, and when you are trying to go to a gathering, that appearance matters. Wearing the right watch can make the perfect first impression.

Meanwhile, the fancy watches we reviewed on our website are relatively expensive, so you have to look for a more decent option.

Today we will tell you about one of the watches with fantastic quality and design and a meager price.

This article will discuss the Seiko Turtle watch, one of the best in the Seiko collection.

But you have to remember that this watch would have some differences from the $100,000 watches we discussed in some of the previous articles, so you have to manage your expectations.

So, if you are ready to start with the article and talk about every aspect of the Seiko Turtle watch, make sure to come with us until the end of the article to decide on getting this watch.

We will begin to see whether it is worth buying the Seiko Turtle watch.

Seiko Turtle Watch

Overall view of the Seiko Turtle watch

As you can see in this article, we will discuss the different aspects of the Seiko Turtle watch because each watch has some factors that determine whether getting that watch is a decent option.

We will be straightforwardly talking about these aspects, but in this section, we will give you a brief observation of the Seiko Turtle watch, so let’s start.

The Seiko Turtle watch is one of the diver watches in the Seiko collection; this means that this watch is water resistant; keep in mind that this means that if you have to repair your watch someday, the seals on the watch should open which will result in the elimination of the water resistance.

Secondly, this watch uses some durable material both on the case and the glass of the watch that matters the most because when you use a watch, the parts that are most likely to get damaged are the case and the front glass of the watch.

And then, we get to the design of the Seiko Turtle watch, which is pretty impressive, and we have seen nothing like it, meaning it is unique in design, but the reason that this watch is called the Turtle will be more apparent in the next section of the article.

And the Seiko Turtle watch has some fantastic features besides the water resistance that we have to tell you about further into the article.

So, let’s get started with the statement and see how the factors of the Seiko Turtle watch will perform under pressure and intense conditions.

Will it be victorious? Let’s find out.

The durability of the Seiko Turtle watch

The first matter that we will be tending to is the durability of the watch, which relies on two factors:

  1. Material
  2. Built pattern and patent

First, let’s talk about materials.

The materials that Seiko has used on the Seiko Turtle watch are decent, the case of the watch is made from grade 2 titanium, but there is a steel version of this watch on the market as well.

But remember that titanium ones are the best ones because they are indestructible.

And when we move to the material of the front glass, while this watch doesn’t use the sapphire crystals like most watches, it uses the Seiko Hardlex tech that ensures that the watch glass will remain without any scratches or anything.

And also, the front glass is shatter resistant.

The pattern of design on this watch case and other components has a significant role in the watch’s durability.

Because of this unique design, this watch can handle up to 70KG more pressure and not break.

Now let’s get to the design section of the watch, shall we?

Seiko Turtle Watch

Design of the Seiko Turtle watch

The second section we have to discuss is the watch’s design, which is our favorite part.

If the design of a wristwatch is decent, you have to respect it and consider it your next wristwatch.

As you can see, the Seiko Turtle watch has an animal named a Turtle.

This watch is built with the logic of a turtle shell, meaning if you look at the watch from the sides and even the top, you will notice a resemblance between the Seiko Turtle watch and a natural turtle shell.

Because of this design, this watch is much heavier, but on the other hand, there is a fact that you should consider, and it is that this watch looks fantastic.

Keep in mind that the watch’s dial is the same while there are many details on the watch dial, like the mild gradient of the color on the dial place, and the watch hands are made to resemble the toughness of the turtle shells.

Overall, the watch’s design, from the case finish to the bracelet of the watch, makes this watch a fantastic piece to have.

Now let’s get to the end and finish the statement.

In the end…

Seiko is a Japan-based company that designs and manufactures high-end wristwatches with minimum pricing, which is excellent.

Based on the details that we have seen from the Seiko Turtle watch. This watch is one of the best watches that you can get in this range of pricing.

The durability and design of the watch are impressive because of the Seiko team’s precision in the design and picking of suitable materials.

You have to remember that while the Seiko Turtle watch comes in two materials, you have to get the titanium one because of the matte design and durability and forget about the weight of the watch.

We are happy that you stayed with us until the end of the “Seiko Turtle watch full review” article. If you have any feedback and opinions that you want to share with us, you have to use the comment section or the contact page of the website.


Is the Seiko Turtle watch worth the money?

  • Actually, for the first time, yes, this watch is one of the top 10 watches we have listed in our best watch list, and the reasons for this are evident in the article you have just observed.

Where is the Seiko located?

  • This company, which is older than most watchmakers like Rolex and even Cartier, is located in Japan, the birthplace of this watch; however, you can find Seiko stores in all of the world’s major cities.

Is the Seiko Turtle a watch good?

  • This watch has some downsides that we have discussed in the article, but these are inevitable flaws, so aside from these small details, the Seiko Turtle watch is one of the best watches you can get for this range pricing.
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