What Are the Differences Between a Fake Fossil Watch vs Real one?

Have you ever been concerned that the product you intend to buy is not original? Is it too cheap to be one of the watches from an authentic company?

Wearing stylish and high-quality watches is not considered rare since we can see people everywhere doing that at any age. But there is a problem: How do we say if the brand we are trying to buy is real? What about the Fossil brand? What are the differences between a fake Fossil watch & an original one?

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to tell a fake Fossil watch vs real.

Fossil Watch Real vs Fake

It is always good to know that the product you purchase is original and made in great detail by the credited companies, but how to ensure that?

One of the great ways to make sure is to buy it from trusted shops; then you will wear it proudly because you know what you spend your money on has been worth it.

fake fossil watches vs real

But apart from that, is there any way to help you with notifying fake Fossil watches vs real? Happily, yes, there are some ways you can say if the watch is original.

Here are FOUR main ways to know if a Fossil watch is an original:

1. Touch the engravings

Engravings are on watches to tell you about the details and can also help you to know whether the watch you are buying is real or fake.

Since Fossil watches are covered in engravings, you better know that a real watch’s engravings are deep, high quality, and made of metal; anything else is fake.

You can check if everything is exactly where it needs to be, the brand name, details, and other stuff; once you figure out anything goes wrong, get out of the shop.

2. Inspect the material

If you buy the watch in person, you must know the price range; if you find a surprisingly low watch, you should know the same ratio goes for quality.

Differentiating fake Fossil watches vs real is relatively easy, provided you pay enough attention to the strap. Fossil metal bracelets are stainless steel and of high quality, while the leather used in Fossil leather straps must be real and natural leather.

Touch it, in case it does not feel natural, or there is a problem with it, look for the expression “genuine leather”; if there is none, it’s very likely to be a fake fossil watch.

You can also smell it or push your figure if you can recognize the original leather; otherwise, leave it and go for the first solution.

The back of a real fossil watch is flat and smooth, without any ring, so you find one, and it’s one very certain way that the watch you are about to buy is not real.

Finally, if you buy it online, ensure the pictures shown on the website or platform are what they have taken, not stolen.

fossil watch real vs fake

3. Spell check everything

It might look naive, but checking if the dictation is correct can be very helpful in many cases in fake Fossil watches vs real!

The point is to see the brand’s name is misspelled; it’s not a mistake in their eyes, so they would send their fake watches to sell people. Often on fake Fossil watches, they would spell it as “Fosil” or “Fossel“. Also, you need to read other written things; any misspelled word is a sign of a fake Fossil timepiece.

4. Observe minor details

If you need to learn about fake Fossil watches vs real, you should check on a few more things.

By looking at the watchband, try to tell if the lock suits the holes in the leather. If it doesn’t, put the Fossil watch down.

Then, inspect the watch’s crown; it needs to be smooth. Otherwise, it’s either hurt or made from low-quality materials.

Summing up

You might be asking: Is Fossil a luxury brand? Fossil is not a luxurious watchmaking company, so you do not have to be worried about high prices!

In the end, it’s up to the customer whether he wants to buy a fake and low-quality watch at a lower price or the original product of Fossil company. But anyhow, he should be able to tell the difference between authentic and fake Fossil watches.

Thank you for staying with us at Saatsaz Watch, and we hope that by now, you are able to tell the difference between a fake Fossil watch and an Original one. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments.


How to tell a real Fossil watch from a fake one?

1. Touch the engravings: Engravings should be deep and high-quality.
2. Inspect the material: Watch band should be genuine leather.
3. Spell check everything:Fosil” and “Fossel” are incorrect.
4. Observe minor details: Crown material and band hole sizes.
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