Hands-on comparison: Nautilus vs. Royal Oak

Some individuals are really into timepieces that cost a lot or, at last, are fancy enough that they can wear them whenever they want.

Most of the people that lean towards luxury and costly watches are the ones that are trying to use them as a strategic asset; just in case they need the money quickly and fast, the retail market makes it easier to sell luxury watches.

Today we will be comparing two of the most expensive and high-end watches in the world, and we hope that at the end of the article, you can deal with your indecisive feeling and choose one of these watches effortlessly.

The Patek Philippe Nutilus vs. Ademaurs Royal Oak.

Both of these watches are very well built and unique in their way.

This article will discuss these timepieces’ build quality, design, and unique features. However, our last factor in choosing the best watch will be the price.

If you are ready, let’s start and choose the best watch, the Audemars Royal Oak or the Patek Philippe Nutilus?

Complete comparison Nautilus vs Royal oak

Overall view of the Nutilus and Royal Oak

When talking about expensive watches, we have to pay attention to specific details because there are so many fantastic watches on the market, and they are decent in quality and perfect in design.

Like budget watches like the Seiko SBP143, you can get to know better from its review article.

However, if you are determined to get an expensive watch, that’s ok, and we will guide you.

To get a better watch.

The Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak have similar designs; however, if you look closer, there are differences among these models. However, they look alike.

The next matter is the durability of the watches.

Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak are made with stainless steel, meaning they have the same durability and build quality.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you remembered that the special edition series among these watches are costly because most of them have diamonds, silver, and gold.

When talking about special features of the watches, we have to step forward because it seems that these companies didn’t want to focus on the features in the Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak, and we think that’s because these watches are more like a symbolism rather than practical.

To get to know these watches a tad better, we should observe them in detail; let’s move on to the details review of Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak.

Nautilus vs Royal oak (Complete comparison)

The durability of the Patek Philippe Nutilus and Audemars Royal Oak

Durability is one of the most important aspects of a luxury watch because they are fragile, and you can easily break an almost $40,000 watch unless you want to keep it in a safe for eternity.

The Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak are made from stainless steel; however, there are some differences in the shape of the watches and the glasses that separate them from each other.

However, let’s say that the Ademaurs Royal Oak wins the durability section of the article just because it has some build differences in the case of the watch.

If you pay close attention, you can see that edges on the Patek Philippe Nutilus are softer than the Ademaurs Royal Oak, meaning they are more likely to take damage if they hit some place or fall from your wrist.

Besides the edges, we can say that you can find some exceptional edition watches in the Audemars Royal Oak collection that use Titanium as their main ingredient.

Now let’s get to the design of the Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak and see which one is better?

The design of the Patek Philippe Nutilus and Audemars Royal Oak

Both of these watches are classified as elegant, meaning that they are more of a formal watch, and it wouldn’t be suitable to wear them to a sports event. However, it is ironic that some celebrities do it.

Besides the odd shape of the Ademaurs Royal Oak and the digital texture dial, there is not much that differs between the Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak.

However, the curved glass in the Ademaurs Royal Oak makes it much more beautiful. However, there is the fact that you have to know.

Patek Philippe Nutilus uses several diamond pieces on its case that is something else. Still, because the Ademaurs try to keep their prices in a particular range, they don’t add diamonds to the watch case.

However, we think the watch has some diamonds doesn’t mean it is better.

Because these watches are more about the look and not the features, you can guess that they don’t have unique features that can change the comparison’s fate, so that this article won’t contain a special features section.

Overall we think that the design of the Audemars Royal Oak is much better than the Patek Philippe Nutilus.

Now, let’s march to the end of the article.

In the end…

The Patek Philippe Nutilus and Ademaurs Royal Oak are two of the most expensive luxury watches on the market, and there is debate on whether one is better?

The prices on these models are as below:

Patek Philippe Nutilus: $101,000

Audemars Royal Oak: $39,000 – $45,000

Every single individual indeed has their own opinion. Still, based on the details we discussed and the price of these pieces, we can confidently say that the Ademaurs Royal Oak wins this comparison.

In the end, we are happy that you could make it through the “Hands-on comparison: Nautilus vs. Royal Oak” article, and we would be much happier if you share your opinions with us in the comment section below.


Is it hard to buy Nautilus?

  • Indeed, these days the only places that sell this model are the brand’s official retailers, and you have to contact and make an appointment to see the watch.

How expensive is the Royal Oak?

  • Compared to its competitor, the Nautilus, it has an affair price of below $50,000; you can see the full description in the article.

How can I find a Royal Oak to buy?

  • This watch is also hard to find in the market, but the brand’s website just stocked the Royal Oak again, and you can purchase it.
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