Hands-on review: Grand Seiko SRP775 Diver

Typically watch companies have very distinguished and unique watch collections that set them apart, but they all have a group in common.

Wearing a watch is the finishing touch to any outfit, whether one is a pilot or a college student.

We all do love a fancy watch on our wrist.

Today we will be talking about the shared collection among the watch manufacturers; by sharing, we don’t mean that they share the collection. They share the idea behind the collections.

The Diver series.

Almost every timepiece maker company has a Divers series in their collection.

However, in this article, we will be traveling to japan because the watch we will be reviewing is the legendary Grand Seiko.

The Grand Seiko SRP775 Diver.

This watch model has another nickname: the “turtle” read the whole article, and you will know why they named a watch like this.

Now let’s get started.

Full review Seiko Srp775

Overall view of Seiko 775 Diver

The model that we intend to review today is a unique watch from a design and durability perspective.

The Seiko 775 diver, as the name suggests, is a diver’s watch meaning that it is pressure and water-resistant; this is a fact about this watch because the body design of this model is abnormal.

By abnormal, we don’t mean that the design is absurd or bad, but it is something that takes time to get used to.

The durability of the Seiko SRP775 diver is exceptionally high; when thinking about the watch and its nickname, we would expect this watch to be durable.

When it comes to design, this watch looks nothing like the other classic models like the Seiko cocktail, the design on the Seiko 775 is different, and you will see why in the design section of the article.

This model has many unique features that we are looking forward to reviewing.

Overall, this is a watch worth buying, but we will inspect every little detail of the Seiko 775 diver to be sure.

If you are ready, we shall start the detailed review of Seiko SRP775.

The durability of the Seiko 775

The Seiko 775 has two branches when it comes to the material that makes the body and frame of the watch.

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium

It would be evident why a company should use steel as its primary substance.

Stainless steel is light and as durable as titanium, so that it would be perfect for the watch body; however, the caliber on this watch consists of white gold and titanium.

Earlier, we mentioned that the Seiko 775 is called “turtle,” but why?

The design and the durability ideas for this specific watch are inspired by the shell of a turtle which is both durable and beautiful.

One of the primary purposes that the Grand Seiko made this model is to brag about its durability and functionality at the same time.

This watch gets a 10 out of 10 in the durability section of the review; now, let’s move on to the design chapter, where things will get interesting.

Seiko Srp775 Watch review

The design of the Seiko 775

The second part of the review is the design of the Seiko SRP775 diver, and this magnificent turtle has a curved body with a flat back case which is adorable.

Seiko focused on the body’s design and making it as durable and compact as possible, but the dial and the watch face got smaller.

The watch glass is made from sapphire crystals with antireflective and captive seal coating. However, having a small dial and bezel could be difficult for some watch enthusiasts that like huge dials.

But some individuals love having a small dial on their hand.

The next point of the design of this watch is the details on the dial; information on the dial includes luminance numerals, hands, month and day calendar module, and the branding.

We have to mention numerals on the Seiko 775 are not actual numbers, but they are giant dots that indicate the clock hour.

One of the other details that complete the design of this watch is the metal-based, stainless steel bracelet.

The Seiko SRP775 diver takes place in the classic watches category. However, there is only one model in the whole history of watchmaking that briefly looked like this.

The 1960s Rolex Oyster is the watch we talked about; we have an article regarding the Rolex Oyster perpetual
new generation that you can see here.

We will give the design of the Grand Seiko 775 diver a 10 out of 10, which is fair in our opinion; what do you think about the creation of this watch? Share your thoughts in the comments at the end of this article.

Now let’s get to the next section, the unique features.

The unique features of the Seiko 775

When the matter of speak is the features that a wristwatch can offer, the Seiko 775 diver comes to the top. Let us tell you why.

Usually, watches that are high quality and have lots of interior features have a much higher price compared to watches that only show the time.

However, this model went in another direction.

The Seiko 775 diver offers 20 bars of water resistance rate, which is equivalent to 200 meters; this water resistance rate for a watch within this price range is unbelievable.

In addition to water resistance quality, the Seiko SRP775 diver has a magnetic resistance function, which helps you preserve your watch in high magnetic field situations.

The next feature that this watch possesses is showing you the month and the date simultaneously; usually, high-brand watches only have one module for date-showing purposes.

The last feature that sets this watch apart from the other models is the crown placement, which is lower than it usually should be; this placement is to preserve the turtle nickname.

This watch has exceptional features that can come in handy someday. Yet, we will give a 9 out of 10 to the functionality of the Grand Seiko 775 diver because the power reserve options are lacking in this model.

Now let’s conclude the article and see if this watch worth’s the money that you will be spending on it.

Wrapping it all up

As we mentioned in this article, the Grand Seiko 775 diver passed the durability and design test very well, and it became victorious.

This model starts at $500 up to $1000; considering the features and the built-quality that this watch offers, this price is way lower than its competition in the watchmaking market.

Keep in mind that this is a particular watch, and some individuals may not like it; however, if you are considering buying it, we recommend you read this article carefully and then decide on getting it.

This would be the end of the article. If you want to add anything to this article or have experienced using the Seiko 775 diver, contact us if you have any questions regarding the “Hands-on review: Grand Seiko SRP775 Diver” article in the comment section below.


Is the Grand Seiko SRP775 diver a good brand?

  • Grand Seiko is a high-end watch manufacturer that makes its exclusive calibers; in summary, the grand Seiko is a pretty nice brand.

Is the grand Seiko SRP775 diver a Swiss watchmaking company?

  • No, the Grand Seiko is a Japanese company located in Tokyo; this is the farthest from a Swiss company in so many ways.

Is Grand Seiko SRP775 diver expensive?

  • It depends on your definition of the word “expensive.” Compared to the other luxury watch companies, the prices of the Seiko watches are pretty affordable.
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