Hands-on review: Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m

Mythical creatures and such are the number one inspiration source for most of the designs and ideas in the world, no matter the industry and field.

Although today we will be tending to a specific wristwatch designed and built based on a North American creature that doesn’t exist, the story behind this watch will impress you.

So we suggest you keep reading to find out more.

The Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m is the watch we will review today.

At first glance, you can tell that this watch was made with maximum precision because it almost has no flaws, and the features and design are immaculate.

However, this watch is a diver watch, as you can see from its title; however, you have to be aware that the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m is not like the other divers.

Let’s get into the article and see why?

Overall view of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m

We have seen many divers and Seamaster watches on this website, each with unique features representing the brand’s name.

However, one of the most splendid pieces of underwater watches is the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m; you might have guessed that this watch will be performing very well.

Now let’s read about the story of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m.

In northern Canada, Eskimos believed in the god of ocean and sea creatures, Sedna.

They believe that she is the one that sends all of the fishes and creatures to help these folk; however, omega got inspired by this story and created a new collection called the ocean world or aqua terra.

There are so many unique features regarding this watch.

The watch’s durability is the best it can get in the watch industry, they have thought about luxury and durability at the same time, and that is why this watch comes in three different materials to choose from.

The design of the wristwatch is charming; this watch is considered a GMT watch, meaning you can add a time zone to the watch face.

Other remarks on the watch dial and its body make this watch’s design very exciting, and we cannot wait to test it out.

Finally, as a SeaMaster watch, you have to expect more from the special features section of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m, so if you want to find out whether it is a decent watch or all of it is a just big fuss, let’s get started with the detailed review.

Full review Omega seamaster planet ocean 600m

The durability of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m

As we mentioned in the previous section of the article, the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m has three materials on its body that you can choose from when purchasing this watch.

  • Stainless steel is the essential material that every company in the watch industry is using for their watches at the moment; it is durable; however, it is a tad cliché.
  • The second material is ceramic; if you are familiar with it, you know that this substance is durable as steel and is almost one of the best watch case finishes in the world.
  • And the third material is Sedna gold, which is the exclusive invention of the Omega Company and combines Palladium and rose gold.

A mixture of these two materials creates a perfectly durable finish, and the gold gives it a luxurious appearance; as you can see, Omega is using gold in their watch cases, which is indeed stable.

There are three kinds of bracelets on these watches as well:

  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Rubber carbon fiber

As you can guess, the metal bracelet on this watch is the most durable, and you can have it customized to your ideal material.

Besides these, the 5-year warranty of the Omega for Omega SeaMaster Ocean World 600m makes it invincible.

Now let’s get to the design.

The design of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m

Now that you have come this far, let’s talk about design.

The dial on this watch is circular, which gives it the feeling that we all know and love, and the finishes on the case are just charming.

The night and day series of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m has two colors on its bezel to indicate the night and day in certain conditions.

The bezel is unidirectional and rotatable, meaning that you easily adjust it.

The watch hands and numerals are skeletonized with luminescence light in two colors, green and blue.

The date indicator and the watch hands have a new design that is coming up for this piece.

And the back case is engraved with the number of production and the actual figure of goddess Sedna.

And at last, the two screwed-in crowns create a pleasant piece to look at; overall, the design of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m is off the charts.

The next stop is the unique features of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m.

Special features of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m

Because most of the features that this watch has is explained in the previous articles, we will briefly go into them:


Protects the watch and you from the magnetic waves in the environment.

Water resistance

The Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m has a rate of 60 bars of water resistance equal to 600 meters deep!!!

Helium escape

A vale that allows the helium to leave the watch under high-pressure conditions to preserve the caliber


A fourth watch hand performs as a chronometer; it is operated with the other crown.

These are the unique features of the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m; you can see that the parts we just listed cannot be found on any watch; however, the Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m has it all.

It is time to get to the article’s bottom line, shall we?

The bottom line

The Omega Seamaster Ocean World 600m is one of the best wrist watches we have seen on this website, the design, durability, and other factors only make this watch an ideal option.

For $7,400, you can get this watch from any Omega retailer.

In the end, we are happy that you stayed with us until the end of the article, and we hope that by reading this article, you will be enlightened about this unique watch and can decide better on buying a timepiece.

If you have any additional inquiries about the “Hands-on review: Omega SeaMaster Ocean World 600m” article, don’t hesitate to contact us in the comment section below.


Is the Omega SeaMaster Ocean World 600m the most waterproof watch?

  • It is not; however, no watch is waterproof; they are water-resistant; if you want a waterproof look, you have to spend big money.

Where is Omega originally from?

  • The Omega watchmakers are Swiss-based. The first and current headquarters of the Omega watches are in Switzerland.

Why is Omega so expensive?

  • The material that the Omega uses and the effort it takes to create a caliber and, therefore, a watch is so much that you would have thought.
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