Can Rolex Watches be Tracked?

Rolex is a luxurious brand that produces terrific and unique timepieces. It has also earned its spot in watch marketing which makes its watches high in price.

Every Rolex watch has a serial number that ensures your Rolex is original and not fake, but we’re here to tell you this serial number has other usages as well.

The Rolex serial number is essential for checking whether the watch wasn’t reported missing. So this number can be pretty precious to you. The serial number is a critical part of authenticating your Rolex watch.

Rolex watches are expensive, and that makes them great for investing. But as we all know valuable things must be protected because if you lose them or someone steals it from you, the price would cost you so much.

If you lose your watch, can you track it? What if someone steals your watch? Can you track a Rolex? Can Rolex watches be tracked?

Today we want to discuss this critical question and see if the Rolex Watches can be tracked.

So, if it has been on your mind for a long time, you will find your answers here.

Can Rolex Watches be Tracked

Can Rolex Watches be Tracked?

If you have a Rolex or are about to buy one, since it is a highly valued product, you need to take care of it and not let it be stolen or lost.

But can Rolex be tracked? Great news! Rolex watches CAN be tracked, which we will let you know how.

First of all, make sure you have the assurance of your Rolex watch’s safekeeping. Now that you know Rolex watches can be traced, we want to encourage you to take the following tips and guidance to protect your Rolex even better.

The Rolex company keeps a record of every watch produced! Interesting, isn’t it? So, if your Rolex timepiece gets stolen or lost, you can find the Rolex with its serial number.

Now let’s begin with the serial number and how you can find it.

What is the Rolex serial number, and how to find it?

After buying a new Rolex, the owner should register their new or second-hand Rolex in the database. This registration process automatically alerts you if someone anywhere in any county tries to search or register for your Rolex watch on the mentioned website.

You must set up a free account with your email address and enter your Rolex serial number. Your serial number has been stored safely in the Rolex Tracker database since you registered to the mentioned site.

Also don’t worry about the Rolex watch register, its databases are NOT available to public enquirers and are held in-house by Rolex for their use. It is just available to the police and other authorities.

What happens if you lose your Rolex serial number?

If you have lost your box and the guaranteed paper that came with your watch, you can still find your watch’s serial number.

On all Rolex timepieces, the serial number can be found between the case’s lugs on the 6 o’clock side of the bracelet. You might have to remove and replace the bracelet to access the Rolex serial number.

Can Rolex Watches be Tracked

How to track the Rolex Watches?

Retrieving your Rolex may seem like a long shot after it has been lost or stolen. You must register the serial number at, a fantastic Rolex tracker, and report the serial number to the police. Don’t forget to check Rolex serial number stolen! The chances of regaining the lost/stolen Rolex will be much higher.

So, tracking the Rolex firsthand depends on your foresight while buying a new watch. If someone that has stolen your watch has your Rolex with them when arrested, the police can enter its serial number and trace it back to you.

There might be a chance that someone buys the stolen watch, thinking it is brand new, and tries to register it. Assume you have reported the watch stolen to the manufacturer using the police report, once they try to register, an alert will be set off, and the authorities will have all the data required to find the individual in possession of your stolen Rolex.

Do you still have your Rolex but are too afraid of losing it? Don’t be worried! Here we have added steps to protect your Rolex before being lost or any unfortunate events.

Practical steps to protect your Rolex watch

As we told you in the first article, keeping your watch safe depends on the action you have to do right after you have bought the watch, and that is registering your watch with Rolex’s database.

These will incredibly improve the watch protection and make tracking your Rolex easier for the police:

  1. Update a journal of your personal property within your home every couple of years.
  2. Be sure to include the safe model you use to store your watch.
  3. Take shots of the high-valued Rolex watches in the safe and store these on a secure drive.

Wrapping up

Watches nowadays are not just for showing the time. They are an incredible investment for your life and your style.

In the world of watches, the Rolex company is one of the leading companies which produces timeless, high-valued timepieces. These watches are so expensive that owning one has its own troubles. You have to make sure to register your Rolex watch right after buying it.

In this article, we talked about the “Can Rolex Watches be Tracked?” question. We hope this information was helpful for you in tracking your Rolexes.

Has your Rolex timepiece been stolen? Could you track your Rolex watch? Please share your answers. We would be pleased to see your experiences in the comment section.

Can Rolex Watches be Tracked


How can you check if a Rolex has been stolen?

  • Rolex serial number check. You can use the watch register database, which currently has listed over 70,000 lost and stolen watches and is growing.

Where is a Rolex serial number?

  • It is written on the box and the guaranteed paper that comes with your watch. Also, it can be found between the case’s lugs on the 6 o’clock side of the bracelet.

Are Rolex Watches registered when bought?

  • The Rolex owners register their serial numbers themselves with Rolex USA. So, they can report it if their high-valued timepiece is lost or stolen. So, the watch can be located by the police and returned to the rightful owner.

What would you do if you found a Rolex watch?

  • You can hand it to the clerk, check if the watch has been registered, and find the owner. This is the reason we INSIST registration after buying a new Rolex.
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