How Accurate is The Apple Watch Step Counter

There is no doubt about the importance of each in our life. The old generation is stuck to quarts watches or classic ones, while the new generation prefers to use smartwatches.

Smartwatches are one of the inventions of the past few years, which helps a lot with people’s daily life.

One of the best brands that produce the market’s best smartwatches is apple. Apple aired its first Apple Watch in 2015.

It has lots of excellent option that helps people in different situations; for example, if you are not near your phone and you have an important call that you have to answer, you can answer it from your Apple Watch if you are connected to your cellphone.

One of the best options for apple watches is the health benefits that it provides to the user. Everyone indeed cares a lot about their shape and their health.

Apple Watch helps you stay healthy, reminding you of your condition with different notifications. The Apple Watch Step counter is one of those options that counts the steps you took throughout your day, which helps you a lot with your daily exercise.

If you want to know more about the Apple Watch step counter, look at the article “Apple Watch Step Counter [Full Review].”

But it may be questioned to you guys how accurate this device is. How does it work? How is the Apple Watch step counter count all of those steps?

Don’t worry. We will explain it to you guys through the article, so let’s get started before it gets late.

How Accurate is The Apple Watch Step Counter


Apple Watch is excellent for fitness.

The options that the company of apple puts in their Apple Watch make this fantastic product an excellent tool for measuring everything related to your fitness and healthy life.

It has different options such as a heart rate sensor, GPS, step counter, distance counter, and the calories you have burnt throughout your day.

The main reason people are interested in these options is the accuracy of the Apple Watch.

The accuracy of the Apple Watch is so important, especially when talking about our health conditions. Every slight condition inaccuracy has intense effects on the people.

Now let’s get started and discuss all the factors about it the accuracy of the Apple Watch step counter.

The accuracy of the Apple Watch step counter

As we said before, people care a lot about the accuracy of the Apple Watch step counter.

Regarding steps, the Apple Watch step counter has one of the best accuracies among the step trackers in the market. We can say that it’s so accurate that researchers use the information they get.

One of the recent studies found that Apple Watch step counter accuracy is about 5% of actual steps taken; if you walk about 10000 steps, the Apple Watch will report it as 9500-10500.

Another study finds that the Apple Watch is accurate, about 2.5% of actual steps. This means that there is positive enhancement with the tracker of the Apple Watch, and it gets more accurate with the time series enhancement.

For example, if you took about 10000 steps in your day, it’s going to report as 9750-10250.

But if you want to make your Apple Watch step counter more accurate, what should you do? We are going to explain, don’t worry.

How to make our Apple Watch step counter more accurate?

Yes, you have the option to make your Apple Watch step counter more accurate by playing with some settings of your Apple Watch that we are going to explain to you guys.

When you calibrate your settings, you will not only have a more accurate Apple Watch step counter, but your fitness measurements will improve significantly, so read this part carefully.

How Accurate is The Apple Watch Step Counter

Steps (+ 4 simple ones)

  1. First, you must open your Apple Watch and enter your settings. If connected to your iPhone, you can change your fitness accuracy from your smartphone.
  2. After you enter settings, you have to tap on the privacy option and then tap on the locations services if you want to make your step counter more accurate.
  3. After that, you tap on the location services; you have to scroll a bit down until you see an option called system services, then you have to tap on it.
  4. Now, you will confront many options you have to turn on or off. We have nothing to do with those options except one. You have to turn on an option called motion calibration & distance.

Now you are done with calibrating your Apple Watch step counter accuracy. It’s time to test your accuracy.

Your weight, length, pace, and everything affect the conclusion of your step counter accuracy.

Important tips:

  1. So, you must ensure that you enter all your information first. Then you have to go to a flat place.
  2. If you are using Apple Watch Series 2 or enhanced versions, you must carry your Apple Watch, but if you have the previous versions, you must take your iPhone for the GPS.
  3. Open the workout app and then select the outdoor walk. Don’t forget to choose and goal for yourself.
  4. After that, you have to walk or run for about 20 minutes.

If you follow these steps, your Apple Watch step counter will work more accurately.

The last words

Fitness and health play an intense role in our lives, and we think we should be careful about everything we do.

We must be careful about our health. Thanks to technology, it helps humankind, and our job has become much easier than before.

Today we discussed the accuracy of the apple watch step counter, and we hope we have explained to you whatever is needed.

You can buy these products without doubts about yourself and have fun with your daily walk.

If you have anything to add to this article or think we missed something about the main title, please share it with us. Also, you can talk about your experiences with the accuracy of your apple watch step counter.

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