Hands-on review: Dan Henry 1970

Have you ever heard of the Micro Brands of Australia watch industry?

Let us start the article by telling you a brief story about the history of a particular brand.

In the beginning, a young boy loved collecting vintage timepieces; he had more than 1,500 timepieces in his collection. After growing up, he decided to share the watching spirit with everyone; in other words, he wanted to share it.

After 30 years, he had his brand manufacturing valuable vintage-inspired timepieces for a very affordable price; this boy was Dan Henry.

After he decided to open his brand in 2016, he started an Instagram account and sold his watches on the internet network.

And today, the Dan Henry watches are one of the most well-designed and built clocks among Australian brands.

Because this brand is relatively small compared to the others like Rolex, they are called the Micro Brands, but this doesn’t mean that these brands have anything less than a perfect timepiece manufacturer.

In this article, we will discuss a particular watch from the Dan Henry collection: Dan Henry 1970.

Let’s start the review and find out what is magnificent about this watch.

Dan Henry 1970 review

Overall view of Dan Henry 1970

The Dan Henry watches have a few minor details you cannot find in any other situation; at least, we haven’t seen anything like it before.

These features are regarded in the design section so keep reading.

The case and body of the watch are durable; however, it can be better, yet this watch would be one of the best options to consider in this price range.

When it comes to design and unique features, this watch has it all; imagine everything you desire from a vintage movement; the Dan henry 1970 can offer you all of them.

Dan Henry 1970 takes place in the high-end category because it has all of the qualifications needed to be in this category; however, in the market of Swiss wristwatches, we are confident that you cannot find something this practical and unique for the low price.


This watch is a Diver watch meaning that it will have a very high rate of water resistance; this watch comes in a tie with Longines legend diver bronze; both of these models have a crazy amount of power when it comes to being under the water pressure.

This was the summary of the overall review; let’s get into the exciting part.

A detailed review of Dan Henry 1970.

The durability of the Dan Henry 1970

The durability subject isn’t the Dan Henry 1970’s strong suit.

While it is durable, compared to some models that use Titanium or Oyster Steel, this watch comes slightly short.

The Dan Henry 1970 uses stainless steel in all outside compartments, meaning that the case, bezel, and crowns are all made from stainless steel.

As you might have noticed, we said crowns.

This watch has two crowns at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, with different functionalities. However, this subject belongs to the features section.

The straps on the Dan henry 1970 are rubber which is a downside for us; some people might like rubber straps on a watch; however, we would prefer metal or leather straps because in many cases that we encountered, some individuals can be highly allergic to rubber and latex.

So make sure that you don’t have such an allergy.

Overall for an entry-level luxury watch, these specifications are enough, in our opinion.

And we think that one of the reasons that this brand doesn’t use certain technologies is that these watches are vintage-inspired and, therefore, they are trying to keep it simple.

Here ends the durability section, moving on to the design of the Henry 1970.

Dan Henry 1970 Full review

The design of the Dan Henry 1970

In the previous section of the article, we said that the durability could be better; however, the tables have turned regarding the design.

The design of the Dan Henry is extraordinary; the color combination, the detailed complex, and the unique sides of this watch make it one of the best-designed watches we have ever seen.

The dial of this watch is stainless steel coated in matte color, and it comes in two colors, black and white.

However, that watch itself has more color options; here are the colors available on Dan Henry 1970:

  • Orange (shiny silver case)
  • Black (matte black case)
  • White (polished silver case)
  • Blue (polished silver case)

These color options make the Dan Henry 1970 popular with all individuals.

The dial on this watch is rather complicated. There are minute numerals on the dial, and you cannot see any hour digits.

The pieces under every numeral are lighted up in the dark using an exclusive luminance substance.

This watch has two bezels, the inner bezel and the outer one.

These bezels have different uses, but they are both beautifully built.

As we said, this watch has two crowns which are made this watch look like a chronograph timepiece.

The black and orange model has unique colored straps on the dial, which gives it a modern vibe while being vintage.

Overall the design on the Dan Henry 1970 is off the charts, and we love it.

It is now time to check out the unique features of the Dan henry 1970

Special features of the Dan Henry 1970

As we said, there are several distinct sides to the Dan Henry 1970 watch; let’s see what they are.

First of all, we mentioned that this watch is a diver, and the water-resistance rate on this watch is up to 200 meters deep into the sea.

The second fact about this watch is the double bezel on the outer side of the dial, which rotates, and you can easily control it with the second crown.

It operates the rotatable crown.

The third fact is that this company uses LumiNova technology, a form of luminance substance that has %40 more light than the standard light.

The design of the dial allows for the Lumi light to travel inside the dial and lights up the whole watch face.

In the end, the Dan henry 1970 watch is a beautifully armed watch with decent features inside of it; we might mention that the caliber in this watch is made by Seiko and not the Dan Henry itself.

By this point, we know everything about the Dan Henry 1970 watch; now, let’s get to the last words.

Dan Henry 1970

In brief

The Dan Henry 1970 watch is a masterpiece in some ways.

For the low price of $250, you can get a watch that is both built beautifully and has many options. You can consider getting this watch if you are on a budget or like vintage watches.

In this article, we talked about the design and durability of the Dan Henry 1970, and the results were much more pleasing; we liked every bit of this diver watch and recommended getting it.

We appreciate you reading this whole article, and we hope we could shine a light on your watch choosing darkness.

If you have any other questions regarding the “Hands-on review: Dan Henry 1970” article, you can contact us, and we will respond to your inquiries.


Is the Dan Henry an expensive watch brand?

  • Compared to most luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, or even Sinn, the Henry watches are reasonably priced.

Where are Dan Henry watches located?

  • There are several headquarters for the Dan Henry, but the primary one is in Australia.

Does the Dan Henry make their calibers?

  • Mainly, no. they usually collaborate with brands like Seiko to purchase automatic calibers for their models.
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