Hands-on Review: Longines Legend Bronze

We are sure you have seen people who like classic cars or houses. Some of these individuals prefer traditional wristwatches over modern ones like the new models of Rolex or LeCoultre.

Today we are going to talk about history from 2020.

The review we prepared for you is one of the most significant watches you have ever seen, from design and durability.

The Linguine’s Legend Bronze.

We will talk about these modern and, at the same time, classic masterpieces; keep us company until the end of the article to get to know this fantastic watch better.

You will read:

  • overall view
  • durability
  • design
  • special features
  • Last words

If you are ready to face the magnificence of this beautiful watch, come with us.

longines legend diver bronze reading

Overall view

As we all know very well, the Swiss watchmaking industry is the top craftsmanship of watches in the whole wide world, and among all of these companies, some shine the brightest; without any doubt, Longines is one of those manufacturers.

This watch, like some of the other brands, is from an old company that a specialty in making high-end watches that can brighten up your wrist.

The first models that Longines made were in the early 1800s. They came up with a heritage series to honor and contribute to the fact that they have been doing this for a long time.

We had seen heritage series in so many brands that it doesn’t surprise us anymore, but when we looked into this heritage, the tables turned, and the innovation that this brand has done for its heritage series is beyond words to describe.

But the specific model that we chose to discuss among the models of the Longines heritage series is the Legend Bronze, and it has a simple name but a lot to offer.

At first glance, it may seem like a regular everyday classic wristwatch, but it sure is the exact opposite. You might ask why?

Please keep reading to get the hang of the article and why we are making a big fuss about this model.

Let’s start the review with the next chapter, Durability of the Longines Legend Bronze, without any other explanations.


When we first took the legend bronze onto the test table, we realized that this watch has some unique features on its case and body that none of the other brands have.

The case consisted of titanium and Bronze, which we saw coming reading from the model’s name.

But this watch takes place in another category of this brand, and that’s the Diver’s series; this doesn’t mean that this watch is made for divers only, but they got the inspiration to create this model from the core work sea divers.

The front dial glass consists of sapphire crystal with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating that will prevent your wristwatch glass from getting scratched all over it.

The Bronze in the case and bezel itself gives this watch the fancy of scratch resistance, meaning that the Legend Diver Bronze is very upstanding regarding durability.

Besides, the titanium in the case increases the durability by over 40 percent, making this model one of the best.

Remembering the thickness of this model, we sure are surprised by the amount of effort that the Longines put into this model.

At last, the combination of the hands and bezel connection to the strap is a firm grip that won’t let the watch collapse.

Overall, the Longines legend Bronze gets an A+ when the matter is durability. This company’s material in manufacturing this model is high quality and worthy of the Divers Legend Bronze.

The next stop in our article is a fascinating part for us, and it is the design.

longines legend diver bronze reading


They say that you can observe inside an artisan’s mind by examining their art. And this is what we intend to do today.

Longines always differs from the rest of the brands in the matter of design, it has a sense of unique taste in design, and we intend to observe it.

The Legend bronze was introduced in 2020, but when you look at it, you will understand that this watch looks 100 years old and not in the wrong way.

The circular case and dial add up more nostalgia to this model. The dial comes in a green-to-black gradient, perfectly matching the Bronze-colored bezel and case.

The hands on the dial are pink or rose gold, and they have fluorescent on them like most of the other brands to make it easier for you to look at your wrist and see the watch.

Numbers on the dial are Arabic numerals exclusively fronted for this model; the mate dial plate gives this watch a whole new identity.

When continuing to the back case of the legend bronze, we encounter something that Longines calls Diver’s adventure, and you may wonder why they named the rear compartment that way.

Let us tell you a little bit of the Divers’ history; once upon a time, a diver with a fancy watch dived into the depths of the sea for the sole purpose of research, and after some unfortunate happenings, he passed away, so Longines dedicate da whole series of wristwatches to this Diver.

If you turn back this watch, you will see a diver carved into the back case; this is a rich and fine detail that this company did on its diver models.

Besides the diver carving, there is some other information on the back case, such as the serial number and the water resistance rate of the model.

We are confident to say that the Longines Legend Bronze gets another A+ from the design aspect of the test.

The next chapter will talk about this model’s special and unique features.

Special features

Like any other high-quality luxury watch, the Legend Bronze has some unique features.

First off, we mentioned that this model is waterproof; its resistance rate is 30 bars, about 300 meters deep in pressure.

The power reserve system is leading in this model; it has approximately 73 hours of power reserve that prevents this watch from dying of battery drainage.

The third option is magnetic field protection; this new tech can be found in high-end watches. Usually, Rolex uses this technology on its looks, but this time Longines has the fancy of utilizing magnetic resistance.

We will conclude the article; now, let’s see if the Longines Legend Bronze is a worthy watch to invest in.

longines legend diver bronze reading

Last words

The Longines Legend Bronze is a model that left us shocked in every chapter of this review and performed perfectly when it comes to testing; whether in design or durability, these heritage pieces lived up to their name.

If you are looking for a fancy watch with one of the best designs among its peer companies and you are a classic lover, we recommend this watch to you.

We appreciate you taking the time to accompany us till the very end of the video; if you have any opinions about this model or if you won the Longines Legend Bronze, share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below and if you have additional questions regarding this article ask away in the comments. Our team will respond as soon as possible.


· Is Longines an expensive brand?

Yes, but we should say that it’s a reasonable price because of the high-quality materials used for building this watch that we describe entirely in the article.

· Is Longines a Swiss brand?

Yes, the origin of this company is Swiss watchmakers, and you can read more about its history in the article above.

5/5 (1 Review)

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