Hands-on review: Apple Watch Series SE

“Heavy on duty, light on price”

This is what Apple has to say about their brand new Apple Watch Series SE.

Like any other watchmaker, Apple also thought of an innovative way to present affordable and high-quality products to its consumers.

These watches are called budget watches because they are affordable, so what makes the Apple Watch Series SE special?

We all have seen other apple watch series, such as Apple Watch Series 7, which we have done a complete review on.

But when it comes to a new product, Apple won’t ac on until they know that their product will be the best in the market; that’s why this company hasn’t released a foldable phone yet.

However, the Apple Watch Series SE is one of the watches that made us think, is it worth spending this much on a budget smartwatch?

And the answer was yes.

Now we shall begin the article together, and let’s review the Apple Watch Series SE from scratch, shall we?

Apple Watch Series SE

Overall view of the Apple Watch Series SE

Unlike any other smartwatches in the market, the Apple watches are unique regarding the body’s design or the software and hardware configuration.

This fact makes every Apple watch a tad more popular and incomparable to the other brands.

Apple watches are the top smartwatches in the industry; in September 2022, Apple announced a new series of watches called the SE series, the same as their SE iPhones.

These series were meant to offer incredible power and practicality for almost half the price of the newest Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 6.

However, it did hold up to its name.

This watch used the exclusive chipsets combined with the screens that no one else could use in the market, and the support of the watch and its harmony with the fitness app on your phone made this watch the best option then.

The design is still the same, and Apple just offered this watch in one material and three finishes.

In our opinion, this watch is the one if you are not picky about the peak performance and care about a fair price.

Now we shall begin the detailed article on the Apple Watch Series SE.

Configurations of the Apple Watch Series SE

Chipset: Apple S5

OS: WatchOS 7.0 up to 9.0

Display: Retina LTPO OLED 1000 nits

CPU: Dual-core

GPU: Apple PowerVR

Storage: 32GB


WLAN: WIFI 802, Bluetooth 5.0


This is the complete configuration of the Apple Watch Series SE, and as you can see, a lot is going on in the interior of this watch.

Now let’s go to the next section and see the small details.

Body & design of the Apple Watch Series SE

The Apple Watch Series SE has one of the nostalgic faces of the Apple series.

The body is made from aluminum to be light; however, the seals on this watch make it water resistant.

The front glass is X-ion protected, and the back glass covering the sensors is made from sapphire and ceramic. This guarantees that your watch will not get damaged that easily, but you must protect it because it’s valuable.

The screen on the Apple Watch Series SE is %30 more significant than the Apple Watch Series 3, and the watch’s performance is 2 times faster than Apple Watch Series 3. This watch was a substitute for the Apple Watch Series 5 and did well.

However, Apple promised that the next generation of this watch would have the series seven display and body.

Also, the fact that attracts us is the fact that this watch has a retina display with 1000 nits brightness rate, meaning you can even use it on the sunniest of days.

As we said, the body is made from aluminum, a durable and light-weight metal, Apple usually makes new watches from ceramic, but this watch is also a decent one in the series.

However, when it comes to certain features, this watch gets bested by Apple Watch Series 7, which is fair because it is a newer model and more powerful, to be honest.

Apple Watch Series SE

Software & hardware of the Apple Watch Series SE

Just like we mentioned in the configuration of the Apple Watch Series SE, this watch uses Apple WatchOS, the exclusive operating system of the Apple watches.

Although this watch has only 1 GB of RAM, one of the factors that Apple consistently gets right is that Apple products last a very long time because their software and hardware are pretty in sync and harmony.

This watch also supports the muscle movement indicator, a new accessibility option for the watches; this feature allows you to act on the watch without touching the screen and with the movement of your wrist.

The Apple Watch Series SE uses the SIRI virtual assistant on demand, meaning that you have to only call out to your wrist, and it will answer through its speakers. The watch also has a dual microphone system that allows you to take calls straight from your watch.

And lastly, the sensors on this watch are immaculate and accurate:

1. Accelerometer

This sensor can indicate your physical position and distance from the ground using gravity, and most Apple watches use this system hoer this one is improved.

2. Gyro

This one calculates the location of the watch, and it uses it to perform some actions regarding accessibility and compass.

3. Heart rate (2nd gen)

The following sensor that has been through a significant milestone is the heart rate monitor, which is evident that it monitors your heart rate and then reports it to the fitness and health app.

4. Barometer

This one uses the air surrounding the device to calculate the pressure of the atmosphere, which can help in the water resistance feature and much more.

5. Always-on altimeter

This sensor measures your elevation the whole day; if you trip and hit the ground or a car hits you, the watch will instantly know and call your emergency contact.


As the name suggests, this sensor can help you find directions and uses the magnetic field system to navigate the rules.

These were the sensors on the Apple Watch Series SE, and now you know everyone has a use, so let’s get to the end of the article, shall we?


As we said in the article, watches in the industry have great value.

Without any doubt, the Apple Watch Series SE is one of these watches; however, the battery life might not be that good, but the other features are the peak performance of the market after the Apple Watch Series 7.

The price on this watch starts at $279 and, depending on the color, and special edition can be up to $300.

In the end, we are sure that you enjoyed the “Hands-on review: Apple Watch Series SE” article as much as we did, and we can’t wait to hear your opinion on this subject.

Contact us in the comment section below.


Why should I buy the Apple Watch Series SE?

  • Considering that Apple made one of the best smartwatches in the market and the price on this watch is fair, we advise getting this watch this instant.

Should I get Apple Watch Series SE or the series 6?

  • The Apple Watch Series SE is the budget version of the Apple watch series 6, and although there are some significant differences between these two, you have to decide for yourself.

Is the Apple Watch Series SE low on battery?

  • As you might know, the battery isn’t the exact strong suit of the Apple, and you cannot expect this watch to last more than two days on your wrist.
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