Top 3 Smart watch brands in USA + 2023 list

Traditionally, watches were made to allow us to read time with a flick of the wrist. With the rise of famous watch making brands, wristwatches started to indicate wealth, class, and social status in USA. So, watches are not only used for time reading but also as accessories to match our fashion and give us a better and high-class look. But nowadays this is changing again.

But now, most of our mechanical gadgets are becoming electrical and smart watch brands in USA are on the rise. With this pace of advancement in technology, new features are getting added to smart watches every day to help us make our lives easier. Stick with us at Saatsaz Watch to learn more about the changes the smart watch brands in U.S. made.

Best smart watch brands in Usa

What are the Benefits of Smart Watches in USA?

As mentioned, smart watches are a step up from normal watches. They do not only show you time or feature a stopwatch but also help you in various ways, such as medical matters like detecting a heart attack or fitness and even managing calls and texts more easily. Also, almost all of the smart watch brands are compatible in US. Here is a list of such benefits that smart watches have:

  • Making calls
  • Showing notifications on your phone
  • GPS and navigation
  • Find my Phone
  • Medical and fitness sensors
  • Music playing features

The list goes on and on and it only gets better every single day. I know you are also as excited as me to see what the future smart watch brands feature. Click here for more details about the latest features of one of the best smart watch brands in USA.

What makes smart watches good?

We want to talk about the best smart watch brands in U.S. but before that, we must know “What makes a smart watch good?” and what are the compared areas of smart watch manufacturers:

  • Display Quality: The display is the most important part of a smart watch. The best display screen that the top smart watch brands use is AMOLED, which, compared to TFT and IPS screens, is a better option because it has more quality and is more energy efficient.
  • Build Quality: Good smart watches will last long time without getting damaged from everyday use. So, they must be made from good and resistant materials such as scratch-resistant glass and metal… not plastic. Being water resistant is also a plus.
  • Useful Sensors: Smart watch sensors are among the newer technological advancements. Important sensors include:
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Fitness & Step Counter
    • Sleep Tracker
    • Gyroscope
    • GPS
    • Accelerometer
    • Temperature Sensors
  • Ease of Use: Smart watches are for everyone, and their features are there to make your life easy. So, they must be easy to use instead of having a complex design. This will increase the satisfaction of users that wear the smart watch.
  • Battery Life: Smart watches must be able to hold energy for an extended time, and you want to avoid charging your smart watch every day. That is why the top smart watch brands use better batteries to both increase the duration of your smart watch usage per charge, and its battery life over time.


Smart watch brands in United States

Smart watches from across the world are shipped to the United States in hopes of being sold and making profits for their companies. This means there are many low-tier and counterfeit smart watch brands in USA. Some of these smart watch brands are favored over other brands by people and are generally better and, we want to introduce you to the top smart watch brands in USA for every budget.

So, without further ado, here is a list of….


Most Popular Smart watch brands in USA – 2023 edition

Best Smart watch brands in Usa

1. Apple Watch

As you can see on the thumbnail, Apple Watches take the first place as the overall best smart watches to this day. Since its first smart watch in 2015, Apple has had numerous technological advancements which they implemented in their newer versions such as the Apple watch series 8 and Apple watch Ultra and SE. Both of these watches are excellent and have many features and sensors such as blood oxygen and body temperature monitors and more.

These kinds of features are what make them the best smart watches made in Usa; also, the reason that they are much more expensive than the other smart watches on the list. If you want to know more about the Apple smart watches and their features, pros and cons, and prices, make sure to visit our Apple Watch category.

Best Smart watch brands in Usa

2. Fitbit / Google Pixel

The Fitbit company produced various fitness tracking products since 2009, and recently high-quality smart watches suitable for sports had been one of them. The best smart watches from this company are the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Verse, and Fitbit Sense, which we have reviewed and compared them to Apple watches here on Saatsaz Watch. Check those articles out to find out more about these fine budget smart watches.

In November 2019, Google bought the Fitbit company in order to bolster their wearable products and in 2022, Google released their first smart watch… the Google Pixel Watch. This fancy smart watch is a product of Google‘s technology and Fitbit‘s fitness and health tracking abilities. the Google Pixel Watch price starts at $349.

Best Smart watch brands in Usa

3. Garmin

Highly customizable and perfect for tracking your health, fitness, and athletic activities. Garmin has released sport and smart watch series for every budget. Their series consist of the Vívoactive for everyday usage, Forerunner for professional runners, and Venu for more stylish tastes and many more. It is said that Garmin has the best athletic features and trackers among new generation watches; but in terms of functionality, Apple watch is still leading.

The main benefit of Garmin smart watches is that they are compatible with both Android and IOS. The Garmin smart watches price range is from $129 up to $799. So if you have a low budget, or own an Android, and you want a nice smart watch made in Usa on your wrist, then Garmin wearables can be a top choice.

Every day in Usa, smart watches are becoming more popular and smart watch wearers are increasing in number, and watches do not only show time. Apart from the fancy aspect of smart watches, they also come with many features that can improve our lives; whether by monitoring our health and sleep, or by managing our texts and calls. In this article, we talked about the benefits of smart watches in today’s world and the features that make them better than the rest.

There are many smart watch manufacturers but today we tried to introduce you to the top 3 smart watch brands in USA and their most popular wrist wearables along with a brief explanation of their company and the pros and price range of their smart watch series.

We, the Saatsaz Team, genuinely thank you for reading this article here. Our goal is to provide you with useful information and news regarding wrist watches and we are glad if we were able to. Leave a comment and tell us about YOUR favorite smart watch brands and your experiences with them.


What are the Benefits of a Smart Watch?

  • Smart watches only show you time or feature a stopwatch, but also help you in various ways, such as medical matters like detecting a heart attack or fitness and even managing calls and texts more easily.

What are the best budget smart watch brands in US?

  • If you can’t afford Apple watches or Fitbit fitness trackers, your third best option is Garmin sport watches. Garmin has smart watches suitable for any budget from $150 up to $1000. Not very cheap, but you will be sure that they are of high quality and worth it.

What are the top smart watch brands in usa?

In our opinion, the list goes as:

  • 1. Apple
  • 2. Fitbit / Google Pixel
  • 3. Garmin
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