Tony Soprano Rolex watch: The 18k Yellow Gold Rolex Day Date President

Rolex watches have always been associated with wealth and fame and are a symbol of high status, and this can also be seen in cinema. Famous characters such as Daniel Craig as James Bond, Mel Gibson as Gene Ryack, Brad Pit as Rusty Ryan, and many more wore Rolex watches, as well as the actors that played them!

Today we want to talk about one of the Rolex watches in The Sopranos that was worn by Tony Soprano in the series. Stay with us at Saatsaz Watch and learn more about the mob boss, Tony Soprano Rolex Watch.

What Rolex watch does Tony Soprano wear?

Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, is a rich American-Italian mafia and mob boss in HBO’s The Sopranos series and is usually seen wearing a golden Rolex. The American actor, Gandolfini, was also a Rolex wearer in real life. The prestigious golden watch that Tony Soprano wore was a Rolex Day-Date with a champagne dial, also known as Rolex “President” watch, which features a 36mm case, a classic Day-Date display, and a yellow-gold finish.

Tony Soprano Rolex Watch
Tony Soprano’s Golden Rolex Day Date President watch

Of course, Tony Soprano was not the only character or person that wore a Rolex Day-Date 118238 with a champagne dial, as it was also worn before by many presidents; but Gandolfini‘s portrayal of the mafia mob boss was so memorable that this golden Rolex can always be imagined on his wrist and be remembered as the Tony Soprano‘s Rolex Watch. The Day-Date President Rolex is a unique and prestigious watch showcasing Tony Soprano‘s rich mob boss lifestyle. After all, this timepiece is fitting for someone in charge of criminal organizations… as their president.

Tony Soprano’s Rolex Day-Date President 18238 36mm watch

The golden Rolex Day Date President, which Tony Soprano wore, is an admirable luxury watch well-known for its timeless design and plentiful features. Featuring a gold dial with champagne index with luminous tritium hands, and a 36mm case diameter, providing a balanced and elegant appearance on the wrist. The case and bracelet are made of 18k yellow gold, an excellent example of Rolex’s meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality materials with the Rolex 3155 movement. The solid gold construction not only adds to the watch’s luxurious appearance but also makes the timepiece pretty durable. The Day-Date collection stands out for its unique feature of displaying the day of the week at the 12 o’clock position and the date at the 3 o’clock position.

Tony Soprano Rolex Watch
Tony Soprano’s Golden Rolex Day Date President watch

Tony Soprano Rolex Gold Watch Specs

  • Full Name: Rolex Day-Date President 18238
  • Nickname: Rolex Presidential
  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Case Thickness: 12mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Dial Color: Champagne
  • Case Material: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Crystal: Sapphire Crystal
  • Bezel Material: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Bezel Type: Fluted bezel
  • Bracelet Material: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Clasp Material: 18k Yellow gold
  • Clasp Type: Concealed Folding Clasp
  • Movement Type: Rolex Automatic
  • Caliber: 3155
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Power Reserve: 48 hours

Tony Soprano’s Rolex Day-Date President Price

Although released in the late 1990s, the Tony Soprano Gold watch still has a high demand around the world. Many people, including The Sopranos fans, dream of buying this luxury Rolex watch and are even content with a replica version!

Rolex watches are expensive, for good reasons, and the Rolex President is no exception. Although it has been almost three decades since this watch’s release, these Rolex Day Date still can be found in good condition, and this is because of Rolex company’s top-notch quality and the effort they put into their watches.

The Rolex Day-Date 18238 President watch is priced around $15,000 up to $20,000 at various online retail shops in 2023. This price is based on Rolex’s condition and whether it includes the Rolex watch box and the papers, such as a Rolex booklet and authentication card. If you want to buy this beautiful Rolex Presidential in good condition, be ready to spend around $18,000 USD.



The Rolex President Tony Soprano wears on his wrist became an iconic watch throughout HBO’s famous TV show The Sopranos, as it emphasized the mob boss’s powerful position as the head of the DiMeo crime family. The Rolex Day Date President 18238 was an indicator of his wealth and high status among the Italian mafia, helping to intimidate others and command respect as the boss of bosses during that time in New Jersey.

Thanks for being with us at Saatsaz Watch, on this article. What is your opinion on Tony Soprano’s Rolex watch? Would you buy one? Or, in case you cannot afford it, just like me, would you consider buying a replica Rolex Presidential watch? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.


What watch does Tony Soprano wear in the Sopranos?

The Sopranos mob boss, Tony Soprano, can be seen wearing a Rolex Day-Date President 18238 watch in almost every episode, excluding “Pilot.” Tony’s golden Rolex watch was a symbol of his wealth and status and injected fear into others. YES, a watch can do that, but if you are a Soprano and the watch is a Rolex.

How much was Tony Soprano watch worth?

The DiMeo crime family’s boss, Tony Soprano, could be seen wearing a Rolex Day-Date “President” watch for almost every scene. Nowadays, the Tony Soprano Rolex President watch is worth around $18,000 apiece.

What kind of jewelry does Tony Soprano wear?

Tony Soprano can be seen wearing a fully 18k yellow gold Rolex during almost every scene of The Sopranos. The mob boss Tony Soprano gold bracelet Rolex watch was a Day-Date President watch.

What happened to Tony Sopranos Rolex?

Tony Soprano could be seen wearing an 18k gold Rolex Day Date 36mm President watch in The Sopranos. The actor, James Gandolfini, was also a Rolex fan and a Rolex Submariner owner. Sadly, after his death, may he rest in peace, his Rolex watch stolen from his body.
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