The grand Seiko’s SBGX341

If you are frenzied with your watch collection and cannot determine which one to wear, read through this article because it’s for you.

The Grand Seiko is a company from central japan specializing in designing high-end products to wear, especially wristwatches.

Today we offer you a full hands-on review of one of the most desirable and suitable models that ever existed:

The Grand Seiko’s quartz SBGX341the sport collection

Whether you like casual wear or formal, this article goes through every aspect of this series, so come with us on this fascinating review of the SBGX341 model.

You are going to acquire:

  • Overall review
  • Durability
  • Design and delicacy
  • Special futures
  • To wrap it all up

If you want to explore the beauty in the depth of the gears that power this watch, proceed with this article.

sbgx341 reading

Overall review

Here we have a delicate model on our hands, the grand Seiko’s quarts SBGX341.

You might wonder, what’s the big fuzz about? What makes this watch so unique?

Well, we’ll elaborate.

This model uses stainless steel as its body shield and frame and a case diameter of 40mm wideness.

The crown that is embedded in this particular model is a screwed-down crown type, which means that it is completely integrated with the mother frame; however, this gives this model a unique quality and future, like the fact that this model has no reachable ways for any air to enter and is almost waterproof up to 200m is significant for a watch in this price range.

As in movement and energizing, the SBGX341 uses the 9F61 caliber made of quarts. Further in the article, we will explain why using quartz, genuine and legitimate quartz, in a wristwatch is gravely important.

One last thing to mention is the magnetic resistance of this watch. Don’t know what it is?

Stay with us because we will clarification on it in the futures section.


how many times has this happened to you that you are doing something intense and your precious wristwatch collapses, cracks, or even gets a broken dial glass? Well, grand Seiko has thought about all of this, introducing the SBGX341.

A brand new “cohesive” sketch and design powered by the 9F caliber meets delicacy at its finest.

The new generation of stainless steel reinforces this model to protect it and make a stand in the most crucial situations; the case that this model uses is almost 40mm with a thickness of 11.7mm, giving it a svelte identity.

The SBGX341 has the power to stand the pressure of 20 ATMs underwater; this fact means that this watch is going to defend itself not only in bad weather but even in the most intense forms of situations.

The dial used in this particular model consists of two tons of Lumi Brite green and blue. It is noticeable that this is the first time that Grand Seiko has done something like this; in other words, it’s one of a kind.

It is effortless to use in bright daylight or extreme lighting conditions because of the combination of the exclusive coloring of the dial and the light base; also, if you are thinking about using it at night, don’t be concerned because this light base on the dial in conjunction with the luminance based clock hands is the best combination to use even in the darkest of times.

As you are well appreciative, luminance is the glow-in-the-dark substance, meaning that every single strand of light gets stored to reveal its majestic glow in the dark.

sbgx341 article

Design and delicacy

whether you are a sports ware fan or a formal lady or gentleman who appreciates fine goods, this watch covers it with the imperial silver frame and distinctive dial base color. This watch both is casual and ceremonial suited.

Read the rest if you are interested in some hidden and dazzling facts about the SBGX341.

The sapphire glass on the front of this watch offers a big difference in reflecting light, and it is marvelous how grand Seiko used the pink-hued sapphires to give a rare personality to this watch.

The clasp on this watch is three-folded and nostalgic, considering better options invented since. The material used to forge this unique watch is purely stainless steel, so you have nothing to worry about when you are around water or go for a swim.

Elementariness and lack of texture on the dial’s base are plus points for this watch; let us tell you why.

We mentioned that this is what you want to be wearing in any social situation. Therefore the plain background gives it welfare that is hard to find in most models.

Special futures

Earlier in the article, we mentioned the SBGX341 has magnetic resistance.

So what does that mean? Let’s find out.

There are magnetic fields everywhere around us. This arises almost from every device possible around us nowadays. You are familiar with WIFI and Bluetooth; yes, both of these, along with so much more, are magnetic fields, but what harm do they do??

Regularly they don’t have any physical harm to humans, maybe in the long run but not immediately.

Although almost every watch that has ever been made gets affected by this magnetic field, the reason and logic behind this are fundamental since.

Some delicate parts inside your wristwatch can bend out of shape if overexposed to specific magnetic fields.

But the grand Seiko, with their SBGX341 model, changes the game’s rules.

The characterization of a small and very well-designed organ inside your watch absorbs the magnetic field using a small but authoritative magnet that allows magic to happen.

These all together make the SBGX341 one of the most dominant in the market.

Let’s get all the information and see overall how the performance of this grotesque model was.

sbgx341 articleTo wrap it all up

after all that we discussed if you are on a budget but concurrent on a fancy treat for yourself, we recommend the Grand Seiko’s quartz SBGX341 model. It has all the fancy and fluky qualities in a watch that you want.

Yet, if you have a large amount to spend, we recommend getting one of the higher-class models like the double zero collection (example: 005,009); otherwise, this watch is one of the best choices you can make purchasing a wristwatch.

Vigorously, we end this review here. If you have any other questions or you want us to review another model in the Grand Seiko series, let us know in the comment section.

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