Seiko Chronograph 100m [Full Review]

Have you ever wanted a chronograph watch, but they were way too expensive?

As you know, when you want a watch that is both fancy looking and, in the meantime, formal and sporty, you have to look around and find the best one that you can because this is a great combination.

And besides, there is the matter of the clock; these watches are unique because of the different moves they would have inside them that make the extra watch hands spin on the dial.

What if we told you that we had found you a watch that you can get for under $200, and it is a chronograph with lots of features to offer and decent quality? It seems nice, right?

In today’s article, we will be talking about the Seiko chronograph 100m.

This watch is one of the best Seiko pieces if you are into excellent formal steel and silver watches.

We will tell you about the small details of the watch, including its durability and design.

Let’s get started with the statement and see if the Seiko chronograph is 100m worth buying or if you should skip it.

Seiko Chronograph 100m

Overall view of the Seiko chronograph 100m

As you know, each watch is unique in a way, and you have to appreciate the designer and the engineers behind the production of these watches because, without any doubt, it would take a long time and hard work to get a new watch out in the market.

In this section, we will give you a brief review of the Seiko chronograph 100m watch, and then after this chapter, we will review the Seiko chronograph 100m watch more extremely.

So, let’s get to it, then.

First, we have to discuss the durability of the Seiko chronograph 100m watch; this watch doesn’t use the crystalized sapphire par. Instead, this company uses something exclusive to Seiko watches, the Seiko Hardlex glasses.

TheseThese glasses, while durable, do not reflect the sun so that you can see the dial in the brightest and sunniest of conditions.

Moving on from the watch’s durability, we come to the watch’s design.

As we said, this watch is a timepiece meaning there are additional dials on the bigger one that indicate seconds and a timer.

Other than that, the small details on the dial that we will tell you about make this watch the perfect combination.

Also, as you saw the 100m in the title of the Seiko chronograph 100m, you can tell that this watch is a Diver, meaning it has a water resistance rate of 100 meters deep.

Overall, this watch is promising, but we must look at it more thoroughly.

So, let’s get to the detailed review of the Seiko chronograph 100m.

The durability of the Seiko chronograph 100m

The Seiko chronograph 100m comes in two diameters and one substance for the case and the watch’s bracelet:

  1. 42mm
  2. 40mm

The watch is made from stainless steel, a durable and reliable substance; however, you have to be careful because, unlike the titanium cases on wristwatches, the stainless steel gets scratched very easily.

And also, as we have mentioned, the glass on this watch is made from Hardlex material that can enforce the glass; this glass has an anti-reflective coating meaning that you can see the dial easily during the day, and also, these glasses are shatter and scratch resistant.

Overall, the case and bracelet and the glass of the Seiko chronograph 100m watch are enough to take you through extreme conditions, and because this watch is water resistant, you can even wear it when you are diving or want to go to the pool.

Now let’s get to the next section and talk about the design of the Seiko chronograph 100m watch, and because we are skeptical about the watches’ designs, we will be hard on this watch.

Seiko Chronograph 100m

Design of the Seiko chronograph 100m

As you know, a watch with a decent design can change how people look at you, and you will feel more confident just wearing it.

The Seiko chronograph 100m watch is one of the watches that, at first glance, seems like every other clock that you see every day, but when you pay attention to the little details then, you will see that this watch is quite different.

The dial of the Seiko chronograph 100m watch has three watch hands with small silver-coated metal, giving the watch a nice edge.

The base dial of the watch is cream-colored. However, this would be our choice. It looks good on the Seiko chronograph 100m, so we will pass that.

Then you would come to the time indicators and the numerals on the watch; Seiko’s font is lovely and gives a friendly, casual vibe to the formal watch we have here.

And then you would come to the case and bracelet of the watch; while the case is 11mm, it seems very thing because of the color of the case.

The watch’s crown is enormous, so we have to subtract this point; if it were a tad smaller, it would be awesome.

Then we come to the standard steel bracelet with a locking ledge.

Overall, the watch’s design is decent but far from perfect because it could have been better.

But on the other hand, if you think about it, you are paying less than $200 for this watch, so this design meets the money you would pay for it.

Now let’s get to the next section of the statement and finish the article, shall we?

The conclusion…

Seiko is one of the old Japanese companies with specialties in manufacturing watches with low prices and relatively high quality.

In this article, we have talked about the Seiko chronograph 100m watch, a Diver watch.

Then we got to the detailed review of the Seiko chronograph 100m which included factors like the design or the watch’s durability.

And overall, if your budget is $200 tops, this is the watch you should be getting because it is the best in the range.

But when you talk about some more budget, you can get better models in the Seiko collections eve, but you have to spend up to $400.

In the end, we are happy that you have come with us until the end of the “ full review of the Seiko chronograph 100m” article; we are sure that there are some feedbacks and inquiries you want to share with us.

Make sure to use the comment section and the website’s contact page.


Should I get a Seiko chronograph 100m watch?

  • Based on the information mentioned in the article, you must see for yourself because there are some complications that you must read about.

Is the Seiko chronograph 100m a cheap watch?

  • Yes, this watch is relatively cheaper than other watches, but the exact price of the watch may shock you, so check out the article to know the watch’s price.

Is the quality of the Seiko chronograph 100m bad?

  • The material that Seiko has chosen, or this model is the best that they could do in that range; however, we can say that the quality of the watch is good.
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