How to Change Orientation on Apple Watch?

As you are aware, we live in a new generation of technology. Tech has helped us a lot with our work through all these years, and it has become one of the essential parts of our lives.

Many things that were invited in the past gave their place in their rework, just like a game.

Telephones became smartphones, classic cars became supercars, and many other obstacles had upgrades. Watches are included too this list.

Watches are one of the most popular objects that youkan find in this world. Besides showing time, it dramatically affects the fashion industry, one of the essential accessories.

But well, besides the old watches that are still popular among people in the ancient era, smart watches changed the whole tech community upside down and impacted the new generation.

Many companies started to make smartwatches, but only one can be the winner in this competition.

Apple is the company that stayed at the top of the list from the first time it started producing Apple Watches.

Apple Watches has different abilities, so we consider this watch the best one on the market. It has other series and variations for all ages and all prices.

One of the best benefits of the Apple Watch is that you can decorate the watch face however you like. You can even change the orientation on Apple Watch, which we will discuss today.

Today we will talk about how to change the orientation of the Apple Watch.

So, let’s get started.

How to Change Orientation on Apple Watch

All about the orientation on Apple Watch

By default, your Apple Watch is programmed to have the digital crown of the Apple Watch on the right side of your watch face.

For any reason, you might want to change the place of your digital crown, or in other words, the orientation of your watch face.

Happily, Apple Watch gives you this option so that you can change your Apple Watches orientation.

It may be troublesome for many people. If we want to talk more friendly digital crown gets in our way so often, we decided to make your friends comfortable about it.

People who own Apple Watch Series 3 or earlier models have one + benefit more than the other Apple Watch users.

When you change your Apple Watch’s orientation, the microphone will fall toward your face, which can be beneficial when you are having a call or talking with dear Siri.

Now here is the instruction about how to change orientation on Apple Watch.

How do we change the orientation of the Apple Watch?

  1. If you want to change the orientation of your Apple Watch, you have to press the digital crown on the right side of your Apple Watch by default. After that, you tap on the digital crown of your Apple Watch; you are going to see all the apps installed inside your Apple Watch.
  2. After that, you will confront a gray gear icon called settings worldwide. Now you have to tap on it.
  3. You can either use your finger or turn the digital crown up or down in this part of the instruction. You have to scroll down until you see the available option, then tap on it.
  4. After that, you enter the general section; you have to tap on the orientation section.
  5. Now, you have to choose which wrist you usually wear or which you like to wear on your Apple Watch; you can either wear it left or right.
  6. Now you can choose which side you want your digital crown to stay on.

As you can see, we quickly changed our Apple Watch’s orientation. We have another piece of news for you guys; you can change your Apple Watches orientation from your iPhone.

You have to make the same progress you did with the Apple Watch. The only difference is that you don’t have any digital crown in smartphones.

How to Change Orientation on Apple Watch

Last but not the least

As you can see, we can change our orientation on Apple Watch easier than you think. The only thing that you should do is tap some buttons, and Tada, you are done.

We should give special thanks to the Apple industry because of the great tech it offers to us.

Apple Watch provides us with many different options, such as helping us with our workout by containing other devices which calculate all the happenings inside our body as accurately as possible, getting quick access to phone calls if you connect your Apple Watch to the iPhone, and many other options.

Thanks for reading our article about how to change orientation on Apple Watch. We hope that this guide will help you


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My Apple watch is upside down. What should I do?

Well, your orientation is messed so you have to change the orientation settings changed, which we explained how you should do it.

How can I rotate my screen to landscape in an Apple watch?

We are afraid that this intention of you guys is unavailable during the day. The only time your Apple watch can rotate to landscape is when it is used as a nightstand clock.

How should I make my watch face upside down?

This question is a little bit weird, but well, the only thing you have to do to make your watch face upside down is that you have to take off your Apple watch band and then put it back together, so your digital crown faces the opposite side, and then flip the screen orientation from the settings.

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