Samsung galaxy watch bezel replacement

Samsung is one of the best apps for producing digital properties. People around the world use all its products. As you know, the Samsung galaxy watches are also known.

These watches are popular among Samsung users and are at the level of solid watches.

Samsung also offers professional replacement and repair options where you can get replacements and repairs at your home or anywhere else.

One of the replicable components in Samsung galaxy watches is the bezel. Samsung watches’ bezel is a controller, and it rotates around the edge of the watch’s display.

Sometimes Samsung galaxy watch bezel is not working, and they need replacement. In this section, we want to add the steps and see how the Samsung galaxy watch bezel replacement is.

Can you replace the Samsung galaxy watch bezel with your own? If you want to find out, let’s continue.

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Why should you change the bezel of the Samsung galaxy watch?

Most Samsung galaxy watches have a controller digital bezel. When this feature is off or not working, the watch’s screen will not respond if you touch the bezel.

Since the bezel is the outer component of your watch, it can be quickly damaged.

If your Samsung galaxy watch bezel is not working, you must repair and replace it. Don’t be worried! Sometimes incidents happen and cause damaging your watch. The good news is you can return the Samsung galaxy watch bezel.

If you are not sure that the bezel is damaged or it is just off; first, you need to check the following items:

  • You have to tap on the switch next to the touch bezel and try to turn it on.
  • Check for the new updates.
  • See if there has been an external impact, such as small cracks on the watch.

If you find something that convinces you the bezel needs replacement, you can request Samsung services or replace the Samsung galaxy watch bezel yourself. If you want to know how to change the Samsung galaxy watch bezel, check the following paragraph.

How to replace the Samsung galaxy watch bezel? (A Brief tutorial)

If you spin the Samsung galaxy watch bezel but it no longer scrolls, you need the tutorial for replacing the bezel. You can use this guide for general cleaning purposes as well.

Step 1

In the beginning, you need to insert an opening tool. It is better to be a plastic one under the bezel and then pry up the broken bezel. If you don’t have a plastic opening tool, you can use a thin knife which is handy and manageable.

But be careful with your hand!

Step 2

When trying to detach the bezel, be careful and do it gently. There is no need for too much force. You have to keep the two components needed for reassembly. It is better to do this over a safe surface to catch the parts if they fall off.

  • Plastic Retainer
  • Metal Bezel Ring

Step 3

Clean the metal bezel using the tool you just used to pry the bezel off. The small ridge on the watch can collect gunk.

Run your pry tool through this ridge and clean out anything that has stuck in there. This step is necessary and makes your job easy after replacing your Samsung galaxy watch bezel.

The bezel’s plastic retainer is fragile so the cleaning process will require much more care. Holding it gently between two fingers, rub a cotton swab against all its parts. Rotate the retainer and clean the surface thoroughly.

Steps 4

Note that: The ridged surface of the retainer needs to face down in the watch.

The retainer sits in the cut around the inside of the metal bezel. You need to place the retainer in the track on the bezel smoothly and without applying force.

Don’t give up! Only one step is remaining until you can replace your Samsung galaxy watch bezel.

Step 5

In the final stage, after you have the retainer seated in the bezel, first split the retainer down.

Then place the bezel side down on the Samsung galaxy watch. Ensure doing this step right; the retainer may not sit properly.

If the retainer did not seat correctly, you need to pry the bezel and retainer up using your hand, re-seat the retainer in the bezel, then try again.

When you successfully replace your bezel on the galaxy watch, it should rotate freely again.

The Samsung Galaxy watch Bezel should rotate freely without resistance after a correct replacement.

This was a brief tutorial about Samsung galaxy watch bezel replacement for people who are confident that they can replace the parts themselves. It is worth trying if you are interested in repairing watches.

Samsung galaxy watch bezel replacement

In the end

If you have lost your Samsung galaxy bezel watch for any reason and this controller no longer works on your watch, in this paper, we have discussed the steps to replace the Samsung galaxy watch bezel. You can do this yourself but ensure to do all the processes carefully and step-by-step.

If you still want to repair your galaxy watch, feel free to use the tutorial we have offered in this article.

You can ask us in the comments if there is any vague point about this tutorial. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


What is the bezel on a Samsung Galaxy watch?

The bezel is around the Samsung Galaxy watch, like a controller. For further information, check the intro of the article.

Can my Galaxy Watch be repaired?

Yes, you can ask for Samsung services, or if you want to do it yourself and, for example, replace the Samsung bezel watch, you can use this article.

How do you remove the bezel on a Samsung watch?

The replacement and removal of the bezel on a Samsung watch is a risky job, and you need to be gentle and do all the process smoothly. To see the process of removing the bezel on a Samsung galaxy watch yourself, check the mentioned steps in this article.

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