Hands-on review: Glashutte Original Senator

Crafting a wristwatch is like doing art on a canvas.

Few artists can capture the technique and beauty of the watchmaking industry. And when it comes to manufacturing fancy and high-end watches, this condition suddenly gets more sensitive.

Usually, all of the high brands that we have discussed in our articles were Swiss watchmakers because they were the ones that invented the first caliber for the world’s first pocket watch, which later on turned into the first wristwatch.

Today we are going to go to Germany and meet the Glashutte Company.

This company started its journey about 175 years ago, but today we will talk about a specific watch: Glashutte Original Senator.

Let’s get started and review this watch from top to bottom.

The best watches Glashutte Original Senator

Overall View of Glashutte Original Senator

Everyone knows that Germans have the upper hand when it comes to engineering and the complexity of the interior.

Some say they are gifted; they used this gift to create something magnificent.

The Glashutte Company has made many beautiful timepieces; however, we are interested in the Original Senator’s specific model.

At first glance at this watch, you will understand that this company did an excellent job, creating the most elegant and great look ever.

Although in this article, we will tear up Glashutte Original Senator and see the reason for this complexity and how this German company managed to control it and get it into a small space.

Overall, this wristwatch pleases us; whether designed or durable, it comes pretty lovely.

But for the sake of the review and giving you the complete information about this watch, we will review and test every aspect of this watch.

So, without any further or do, let’s start the article and get to the review of Glashutte Original Senator.

Durability test of Original Senator

Our first stop is the durability of this model; this brand tried to use unique materials that were cute to the eye but not much durable.

The Glashutte Original Senator series has been using red gold or white gold for the case of this wristwatch.

Although gold is not the most durable substance globally and is weaker than titanium or reinforced steel, it still does the job of holding on for a long time; you have to be careful.

The straps on this watch are the completion to the elegance that this watch needed, these straps are made from Louisiana alligator leather, and it is very authentic and classy.

This watch uses a typical sapphire glass boosted with an anti-reflective coating on the outer and inner layer of the glass, making it easy to use this watch on the brightest of days.

However, this company ensures the durability of this watch. When you try to buy this timepiece, you will get certificate documentation that describes the tests that this watch has gone through before getting on your wrist.

The diameters on this watch are 40mm, and the thickness of the case in this watch is around 10mm, so you see, this is a pretty thin wristwatch.

Every step that yo0u take towards the depth of this review, you will understand that this watch is called elegant it has a pretty good reason.

The durability of this watch is pretty good overall, and we will give it a 7 out of ten for not having a titanium case.

The next matter of order is the design of the Glashutte Original Senator.

Watches Glashutte Original Senator Review

Design of the Glashutte Original Senator

One of the main reasons we fall in love with a wristwatch is its design and looks; for instance, if you love minimal and straightforward watches, you cannot wear a G-shock every day.

Overall the design on the Glashutte Original Senator is immaculate and hard to compete with.

There are three variants to this series which are different in color and straps.

  • Red gold
  • White gold
  • Black

These are the categories that this watch comes in. we fell in love with the black one because it defines the beauty of this elegant watch.

The straps on the Glashutte Original Senator are made from alligator leathers, and they are lovely. On the other hand, there should have been a metal bracelet option for more formal occasions for a watch this elegant.

However, this model is entirely multi-purpose, meaning that it is formal and sporty at the same time.

Let’s get to the dial.

No wonder Glashutte calls this model excellence because it does the job that has been given to it in the perfect way possible.

The dials on this watch come in two colors, starlight white and midnight pitch black.

These two dial colors are to die for. Next, the design on the dial is so simple that you may want to stare at it for a day on end, there are Greek numerals on the dial with some strings for the hour markings, and that’s it.

Unlike the body of the Glashutte Original Senator, the dial on this watch is made from stainless steel with a matte coating to avoid shining back the light.

This watch gets 9 out of 10 in design, and the negative point is for the lack of a metal bracelet. Now to the next chapter, which is about the unique features of this watch.

Special features of the Glashutte Original Senator

Like every other watch on this planet, this one has its unique features that are pretty normal but high achieving.

The first factor that we have to consider is the water-resistance rate that has to be on every watch.

This watch has a rate of 5 bars equivalent to 50 meters deep. Although this number is pretty acceptable, some brands create wristwatches that can go up to 300 meters deep; again, this watch is significantly thin, so it’s ok.

The next factor is the self-winding and the magnetic resistance; in some of our previous articles, we explained both of these functions.

On the other hand, while brands like Rolex have a maximum of 70 hours of power reserve in their models, this one has up to 100 hours per battery charge which is 30% more than any other brand in Swiss.

The last feature that we will add to the list is the stop second function which works like a chronometer.

The finishing touch on the Glashutte Original Senator is the double-G logo that belongs to the company on the watch’s crown.

Now that we are fully aware of what’s inside this watch, let’s get to the conclusion and discuss whether it is worth spending on or not.

Summing all up

After considering all of the information we got from testing this watch, we get the result that this watch answers our calls regarding elegance and finery.

Although getting a wristwatch is a personal matter, we advise you to read through this article and then decide whether you want to invest in this watch or not?

We are glad that you stayed with us until the end of this article; we hope that our article will nudge you in the right direction on buying a watch.

If you have any other questions about “Glashutte Original Senator” or experience using this watch, we would like to hear your words; the only thing you have to do is contact us via the comment section below.


Is Glashutte Original senator expensive?

  • Relatively yes. However, this watch comes from a high brand, so it’s pretty normal to have higher prices, and the material counts. The start price for this watch is 18-20 grand.

Is Glashutte Original Senator Luxury watch?

  • Indeed yes. This watch takes place among the elite timepieces of Swiss and even Germany.

Does Glashutte Original Senator have good quality?

  • This watch is crafted delicately, yet it’s durable, and the design will surprise you; you can find the full article about this watch in our collection.
5/5 (4 Reviews)

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