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A watch is a sensitive device used by most people nowadays. As you know, a watch is a piece of equipment with hundreds of small sections. That being said, to work on a watch, you’ll need the correct equipment.

Every watch fan and connoisseur should have a watch repair tool set on hand. A good watch fix toolbox is the place to begin modifying your watch wristband or learning the basics of watchmaking. The most basic and essential instruments you’ll need to fix or adapt your watch are included in these packages.

Repairing the watch is an exciting career, but everyone in this field should be familiar with so many watch tools available in the market, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed or even swept up.

We thought it might be helpful to compile a collection of the essential watch repair instruments that any severe horologist should invest in as a starting point and add to their toolkit.

Now let’s learn the names of the tools together.

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1. Watch Case Opener

A case opener is one of the first and essential instruments that every watch repairer should have in their toolbox. First, to see inside it to realize the problem or do a regular service, so for this purpose, you need to remove the back and front of the watch by its structure.

Depending on the type of watch, you may need to screw off the back or front of the watch. Screw-back watches require special tools. A case opener knife can separate the Snap-On front and back of the watches.

The case opener has a narrow, blunt blade located into the taper of a case back and then twisted counter-clockwise to pop the case back off. On one end of some opener cases is a sharp blade, and on the other is a case knife. These are great because they can sharpen and form your Peg wood and open watch cases.

2. Watchmakers Screwdriver Set

After you’ve opened the watch back, you’ll need to remove the stalks as well as the case-preserving screws to get it out of the case. You’ll need a set of watchmakers’ screwdrivers for this, which should be the second item in your watch tool kit.

Investing in a good set of watchmakers screwdrivers is the best decision you can make. Screwdrivers can last a life span if adequately cared for. Don’t waste your time and money on inexpensive screwdrivers from China or India; the poor quality mental is so bad, and impoverished screwdrivers can easily harm your watch screws.

The most famous brands in the watch repairing field are:

  • AF Switzerland
  • Bergeon
  • Horotec,

Consider that the entire is made in Switzerland.

Which is the best has been debated for a long time.

Don’t spend your money on a large assortment of hand tools for your watch tool kit; you’ll only need four sizes and shape for the majority of your timepieces:

  • Grey – 140
  • Red – 120
  • Black – 100
  • Yellow – 80

Spare blades are usually included with each screwdriver from all manufacturers listed above. They’ll also have ball-bearing swivel heads that move smoothly.

Screwdrivers used by timepieces can be sharpened using usually dressed stone and a tiny jig.

3. Watchmakers Tweezers

Once you’ve undone a screw with your screwdriver, you’ll have a pair of tweezers to pick up the screw as well as move and consider replacing the watch components—another essential component of your watch-repair toolkit.

Tweezers for watchmakers aren’t the same as tweezers for cosmetics. They are easy to handle and have very accurate ends that close flawlessly together.

Although there are many different types and styles to choose from, most watchmakers agree that the following should be used at a minimum:

  • Strong with fine and flat tips, No. 2
  • Fine Tips, No. 3
  • Hairsprings – Short and Extra Fine, No 5
  • Brass AM is used to keep watch parts from being marked.
  • Plastic – Optional if working with quartz movements.

Choosing non-magnetic tweezers is an excellent idea because watching screws stay on your tweezers can be a real pain.

The tweezers should be managed to hold between the thumb and first two fingers like a pen, and you should be capable of rotating them 360 degrees while holding your watch components between the helpful hints of the tweezers with exercise.

The leading tweezers brands to look for:

  • Dumont
  • Bergeon
  • Horotec

4. Eyeglass or Eye Loupe

You do not need to say how small watch components and screws are seen by the person who repairs the watch. An eyeglass or a loupe should be included in your watch tool kit to ensure you can see what you’re doing.

Eyeglasses come in a variety of shapes, just like most watches. You won’t need more than two types, so don’t worry.

  • Spectacles (3 – 4 times magnification)
  • Eyeglasses for Inspection (10 – 12 times magnification)

When dismantling and reassembling your watch, you’ll most likely use your regular eyeglass. The inspection eyeglass is only used on rare occasions to better look at pivots, jewels, or a more thorough examination.

5. Watch Hand Lifting Levers

To pick up the dial page from your watch, first, you should remove the hands, so include some watch hand-lifting levers in your watch replacement part as well.

Hand Lifting Levers and the Presto Automatic Hand Lifting Tool are two tools that help you with this assignment.

When removing the hands, be careful not to damage the dial or the writings themselves. The Hand Lifting lever does an excellent job of vertically removing the hands by rocking on their vantage points and driving them upwards.

To avoid ruining the dial, it is common practice to place a dial protector or a thin plastic seal bag on top of it.

The Presto hand-removing tool can be practical, but be wary of the tiny plastic feet that descend and press against the dial face.

6. Movement Holder

Once you have removed the watch equipment from its case, it is not recommended that you touch them with your fingers; a movement holder is used to secure the movement for working safely.

Movement holders come in many shapes and sizes, but the standard holder is reversible to cater to different-sized movements, with smaller ones on one side and larger ones on the other. Again Horotec and Bergeon make excellent movement holders. Some specialty branded watches have movement holders, so look out for many different weird and wonderful shapes, including ones made from bamboo. Either way, a movement holder should be part of your watch repair kit.

Horotec and Bergeon, once again, make outstanding movement holders.

Keep an eye out for a variety of other unusual shapes, such as those made of bamboo, in some unique feature-branded watches. In either case, your watch tool kit should include a movement holder.

7. Parts Container

You may not have used a dedicated parts container when you first started repairing watches, but you now see the benefit of doing so.

As you dismantle and reassemble the watch, part containers help you keep track of the various components. They should, however, have a cover to keep dust and debris from falling on the watch parts after they’ve been cleaned.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a parts container when you can get these for a reasonable price. These aren’t required for the replacement part of your watch, but they can make things a lot easier.

8. Peg wood

Peg wood is made of stiff wood uniform in size and shape. Many people are trying to make do with toothpicks or wooden kebab sticks, but these are too soft and won’t hold their shape, so invest in some Pegwood.

Bigwood is used in the watch repair industry for various activities. The two most common are cleaning out jewel holes, watching parts before cleaning with chemical compounds, and holding down parts and springs during assembly and reassembly.

To dress the end of the peg wood, you’ll need a sharp knife; the two most common shapes are a point and a flat.


We looked at the best and most famous watch repair toolboxes in the section above.  We went over everything you need to know about them and how to pick the best one for your needs.

Now it is your turn to say to us about the watch toolkit that is most useful for you and any other experience you have with the brands you use.

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