Are all Rolexes waterproof?

Rolex watches are the most luxurious watches while maintaining durability and resistance.

This company has represented many durable and luxurious watches that take away every watch-obsessed breath!

Rolex has designed its watches so strong; you can travel with them into the hottest, coldest, lowest, and the highest place on earth and this little companion of you won’t let you down.

One of the most critical issues regarding the watches is: being waterproof!

The Rolex company has solved and handled this matter very well. In today’s subject, we are going to discuss the waterproof Rolex watches and see if all Rolexes are waterproof or not.

Are all the Rolexes waterproof? Is there any dissimilarity between waterproof and water resistant?

Here you will get all the answers to these questions, so be patient and stay with us till the end of this report. Let’s start together.

First, we want to learn more about being waterproof and water resistant. Let’s dive in.

Are All Rolexes Waterproof

What is Waterproof & Water Resistant?

One of the biggest enemies of timepieces is water! Water gives life to the human being, but it is the opposite on the watches!

Here we want to know what waterproof and water resistant are so we can better understand our main topic, “Are all Rolexes waterproof??

Waterproof and water Resistant might be used interchangeably, but they are different.

Waterproof watches never allow water to seep inside under their circumstances. But as you know, it is impossible. If you leave any watch immersed long enough, it will become compromised eventually.

The Rolex company invented the Oyster case in 1926 to protect their watches from the water. This is the first waterproof case for watches that this company has designed.

But all the Rolex watches from the Datejust to the Deepsea have several parts that fit together. In other words, if all the elements of a Rolex watch are waterproof, it still has some weak points, such as anywhere the watch’s components meet, the case back, and the crown.

If you don’t take care of these watches, water might be intruded on them.

Based on all these facts, the word “waterproof” is incorrect, so the term “water resistant” comes ahead!

Now we want to know Rolex watches Water Resistance models. Rolex watches have different “Water Resistance” percentages, which can be divided into three categories. In the following topic, we will talk about them.

Different types of Rolex models water resistance

This timepiece maker company has three different categories of water resistance for its watches.

We begin with the most powerful one:

  1. Dive Watches
  2. Oyster
  3. Cellini
  4. Dive watches:The most potent watch which shows a remarkable resistance toward wateris the Rolex Dive Watches. They can be safe down to 1220m, and the most influential models can survive down to 3,900m which is incredible.
  5. Oyster:This is the subsequent model that is water resistant but not as much as the dive watches models. This model ensures its users a resistance of 100m.

100-meter water resistance is a minimum number for dive watches. So, you can’t do Jumping and swimming in a pool, snorkeling, or Scuba diving using the Oyster Rolex watches.

Daytona and Sky-Dweller are the most famous Oyster Rolex watches. Try to keep them away from water deeper than 100m.

  1. Cellini:Dress watches show the slightestresistance regarding water. But you would be surprised if you know that Cellini Rolex models still give a water resistance rating of 50m.

This is the best number for a dress watch. But again, it doesn’t mean you can wear a Cellini on your dive trip!

Now you know that not all Rolexes are waterproof! Rolexes are water resistant but in different depths.

If you want the most water resistance, Rolexes go with its Dive watches, but if not, you can select the other Rolexes models.

We have decided to introduce some of the most famous water-resistant Rolexes in the following paragraph. So, if you want to purchase one, check it out.

Are All Rolexes Waterproof

Which models are water-resistant Rolexes?

In this section, we intend to add a list of Rolex water-resistant watches. So, if you want to buy one, you can have some background about the model.

Let’s be familiar with water-resistant Rolexes:

  1. Rolex Cellini
  2. Rolex Datejust
  3. Rolex Submariner
  4. Rolex Sea-Dweller
  5. Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller
  6. Rolex Day-Date
  7. Rolex Daytona
  8. Rolex Oyster Perpetual
  9. Rolex GMT-Master II

Now that we have discussed the waterproof, water resistant, and water-resistant Rolex watches, it is time to know what to do if water gets in your Rolex. It is terrifying.

What to do if water gets in your Rolex?

If you realize that the water has not been in the watch for long, you have two choices: either let the watch dry, or you can carry it to a watchmaker if you are too worried.

Rolex can guarantee the customers that the entirety of their watches is waterproof, up to a specific measure of water pressure. Even their dress watches.


This time we went through the waterproof Rolexes and examined all the water-resistant Rolexes. We also discussed the difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant.

So, suppose you are looking for information about all these topics. In that case, you can read the article “Are all Rolexes waterproof?” in this article, there is a list of water-resistant Rolexes which can be helpful for those who want to buy these masterpieces.

The Rolex is leading in producing timepieces that are water resistant; you can buy a roles dive watch and explore the oceans with it!

Which of these watches do you like the most? Have you ever had a waterproof Rolex? Please share your answers with us.


Can a Rolex be worn in the water?

It is acceptable to wear your Rolex dive watches into the water, whether it is a chlorinated pool or the ocean. Your Swiss timepiece is constructed, and the general rule is that your Rolex can handle anything you can take.

Is it permissible to wear a Rolex in the shower?

Except for some of the models as the Cellini, all Rolexes have an Oyster case and are water resistant to at least 100m.

It is typically not suggested to wear your Rolex watch while showering.

Which Rolexes are waterproof?

All modern Rolex watches are “Oysters.” This means the Datejust 41, Datejust 36, and Datejusts. As mentioned above, Rolex watches have a water resistance of 100 meters.

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