Apple Watch Step Counter [Full Review]

Well, watches are so popular among people—no matter what kind of the watch—Smartwatch, classic, quartz, or anything.

Watches are always loved no matter what, but the new generation is into smartwatches because of the abilities the watch is capable of.

You can control your phone’s camera with your watch, look at your gallery, make phone calls, and many other things.

One of the best companies that produce smartwatches is apple. Steve Jobs founded Apple and today became the most significant technology company you can be found in this world.

They start to produce smartwatches since from April 2015 till today, and they continue to give new series year to year.

Apple Watch added an option to their Apple Watch series that gives the users different health benefits, such as the Apple Watch step counter.

We are going to talk about it later in this article, and we are going to review it thoroughly.

Now let’s get started and know how we should count our steps on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Step Counter (Full Review)

What is the Use of the Apple Watch Step Counter?

Health plays one of the most significant roles in everyone’s life. As you are aware, everyone tries to stay in shape and have a healthy life for different reasons.

Someone wants to keep their loved one pleased, and someone cares too much about themselves, but after all, all of the reasons we mentioned lead to one primary purpose.

Staying healthy. This is what Apple Watch step counter-offers to us.

This option motivates the user to walk more often through their daily life. And well, walking is one of the best exercises that you can find.

How should we count our steps on Apple Watch?

Health benefits are one of the best options that Apple Watches offer to its customers. Apple Watches step counter helps the user count steps they took all along.

Ten thousand steps each day means that you have a healthy life. If you don’t walk that much, you can set goals and try to complete them.

For example, you can set a goal of up to 5000; after that, you take 5000 steps Apple Watch step counter will make you know that you have reached your destination.

The Apple Watch step counter will automatically count all the steps you took all day long, so you don’t have to enable anything on the way.

Still, if you want to analyze what happens inside your body, you must connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch so the watch and the phone can explore your metabolism.

Now it may be a question for you guys how can we make the Apple Watch count our steps?

Let’s get started:

  1. First, you must open the activity app on the Apple Watch. You can change the location of the application, so we can not tell you where to tap precisely.
  2. After that, you have t scroll down the digital crown until you reach the central part you will deal with.
  3. After some scrolls, you are going to see that there is a part that shows your step counts. If you scroll a bit down, you will see your weekly summary.

If you are not pleased with the number, you can increase the number by walking more to achieve a healthier life.

Now we told you how to see your Apple Watch step counts with the help of the activity app, but do you know what the Apple Watch face is?

Apple Watch’s face is just like the background of your smartphone, and it has the same purpose as smartphones.

You can put your daily steps on the Apple Watch face screen so you can always have that in Infront of your eyes.

Let’s get started and know about it.

Apple Watch Step Counter (Full Review)

How to Count Steps on Apple Watch Face?

  1. First of all, you have to download the pedometer++. A pedometer is a step counter that you have to download from the internet. This application helps you quickly track your steps during your day, and you can make your Apple Watch step counter appear on your Apple Watch face.
  2. After downloading the Apple Watch, you must open the watch app.
  3. You are going to have many options that you have to tap on my watch tab. Then tap on my watch faces to add the pedometer to your Apple Watch face.
  4. You can add the pedometer to the activity face to keep all the information about your health in Infront of your eyes.
  5. Under the complications, tap and select a location for the pedometer. Also, you can change the colors of it into anything you want.
  6. After that, you can customize what you want to be shown on your Apple Watch face. If you tap on “more,” you can change more things that the average list shows you.

In the end

Exercise plays a huge role, as we said in the previous paragraphs. Apple Watch step counter helps a lot with this exercise routine you have.

It helps with your health and the shape you want to get in. For example, to get in shape for a wedding a few later, you have a beautiful red dress you want to wear to this ceremony.

You have to get in shape as quickly as possible. Then you have to exercise and have a healthy diet. Apple Watch helps a lot with these. It shows your steps, heart rate, and other things.

Thanks for reading our “Apple Watch Step Counter [Full Review]” article. We hope this article will help you a lot through your healthy life, and you can have a happy Sunday morning walk with the help of the Apple Watch step counter.

If we missed anything or you want to add something to this article, please share it with us.


Is the apple watch step counter accurate?

Yes, it’s pretty accurate. You don’t have to worry about anything. We explained everything about it in the article.

Does the apple watch step counter work without a phone?

Yes, it does, but if you don’t connect to the iPhone, you are going to miss some features that can be very useful. Again, you can find what’s those features by checking the article out.

Does the apple watch step counter send notifications to the user?

Yes, it sends notifications when you reach the goals that you set up.

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