Types of Clocks (with names and pictures)

They say that time is gold.

Indeed this fact is actual; one of the essential things in every being’s life is time, it is like we are born into this life, and we have a limited amount of time to live it.

For some, it is 60 years; for some, 20; however, we must learn to take advantage of the time in our hands.

In the civilization of ancient Greek, there a gadget was invented that could measure time; this device was called the Clock.

Over time these clocks evolved into the masterpieces that we have today.

As we said, the only purpose of inventing clocks was to measure time correctly, however, these days, we have smartwatches like the apple watch, which is more than a watch, but you can figure that the primary use of every Clock is to tell us the time.

In this article, we will talk about the origin of clocks and how they were invented, and then we will talk about seven types of watches you have never heard of before.

So, without hesitation, let’s go.

The Origin of Clocks

Centuries ago, Greeks started working on a gadget responsible for notifying them about the day’s duration and time. This device was called a water clock, invented around 250 BC.

They designed this Clock so the water in the container would rise, and after one hour, it hit the trigger to notify everyone that one hour is passed.

However, clocks were invented way before Greek, such as the 3,500 BC Egyptian sun clock or sundials and obelisks; these clocks used the sun and the shadow system to indicate the time of the day.

Among these early watches, the best one was the Greek water clock because it could be used during the nighttime and if there was no sun.

Then after the Greek clocks came the Chinese candle clock, this gadget had markings on it, and it could burn and melt the candle on a specific time limit which was used to measure the time; this contraption was invented in 520 BC.

Then we entered the modern era of the 15th century, where things started getting serious.

The early 1500s were when the hourglass was invented, a contraption that used glass and sand to measure a certain amount of time; if you pay attention, some still use the hourglass for specific actions.

But in the late 1600s, the clock and watch industry changed overall; the first mechanical watch was invented in 1656, called the pendulum clock.

They became the standard way of measuring and keeping track of the time during day and night; you can say that the first caliber in history was this one.

As you can see, the clock and watch industry has come a long way; however, in the next section of the article, we will discuss seven types of clocks in the 21st century.

So, if you are ready, let’s get started.

Types of best watches (with name and picture)

Clocks (Seven types & Description)

There are several types of clocks on the market these days, they all are different in shape and working mechanism; however, every single one has only one purpose, showing the time.

Now let’s get to the list of 7 types of watches:

1. Atomic Clocks

This watch is designed to stand the extreme conditions; NASA and National Geographic use this watch to measure time more accurately and synchronized with the GPSs on this device.

The Atomic Clock uses the Atom frequencies to become more accurate.

2. Electric Clocks

As the name suggests, the Electric clocks work with electricity. Therefore, it is a big chance to use this kind of Clock in a region with a lot of power outages because it can make the watch fall behind.

However, some electrical clocks have a backup battery on their board in an emergency.

3. Mechanical Clocks

On this website, we are talking about mechanical clocks when we review a wristwatch.

Although they are not as accurate as other clocks on the list, like the Atomic clocks, they are easily accessible.

Keep in mind that crafting these watches and clocks is extremely tough, so the prices on these watches will be much higher.

4. Quartz Clocks

These clocks are the most accurate after the Atomic clocks; they use the Quartz crystals to measure the time between every pulse of electricity flowing from the battery.

These clocks are the timepieces that you hang on your walls.

To identify a Quartz clock, you have to look on the dial to see if it says Quartz or not.

5. Analog Clocks

Analog watches are similar to the Quartz watches we discussed; however, they are mainly used to measure short periods in simple places.

These watches use batteries and don’t have any Quarts, so they are less accurate for some sensitive places.

6. Time-Zone Clocks

Like the previous two, this Clock can be made with Quarts or a battery. However, the only difference between this Clock is that it has a panel with multiple watches, and each shows a different time zone of the planet earth.

You can find Time-Zone clocks in certain political buildings.

7. Braille Clock

And the last watch that we would like to discuss is the Braille clock.

This Clock is for the individuals that don’t have the gift of sight. In other words, people who can’t see, as you know, these individuals have to read in Braille language.

The Braille clocks and watches have a particular alphabet that people can see and read.

These were some of the most known and used clocks worldwide; some of these watches have even been to the space and back.

We want to end this article, go to the conclusion, and see the point of all of these.

Last but not least

This article discussed the importance of time in our lives and how we surround ourselves with time.

Then we talked about the fantastic innovations that enabled us to check the Clock on demand and even on our wrists; we listed seven types of clocks with specifications regarding how they work.

And the last thing we mentioned in this article is the origin of the clocks; we talked about the dates that the first clocks were invented.

We are happy that you came all this way with us; if you have any additional questions that you want to ask about the “Types of Clocks (with names and pictures)” article, you can use the comment section below to gain access to our team.

We will make sure to include your feedback on this article.


Is an Atomic watch usable at home?

  • Of course, an atomic watch is one of the most accurate clocks on the face of the earth, and you can use it in your house.

Are there more than seven kinds of clocks?

  • There are more than 30 types of clocks; however, they are categorized into smaller sections; this is why they are so many clock types.

What category does a wristwatch stand-in?

  • A wristwatch is a mechanical watch that uses a caliber and power reserve system to maintain the best work possible.
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