Hands-on review: Seiko SKX007 Diver

Over time, most brands have had lots of affordable luxury watches.

Some individuals call these series the Budget watches; some of the most beautiful watches we have reviewed today are from budget collections.

The watch that we will be reviewing today is the Diver watch of the Seiko brand.

In other words, the diver series on the Seiko watches is a unique collection, meaning that some other brands have the same diver watches, however, with completely different designs and features.

Today we will be reviewing the Seiko SKX007 diver.

This watch is one of the most affordable watches of this brand.

Some of the high brands we have reviewed on this platform usually do not have any budget watches, such as Rolex. However, Seiko was thinking of approaching another part of the community.

People who don’t want to spend thousands on a timepiece but want to use a high-end wristwatch.

So, if you are ready for this fantastic watch, let’s start with the review.

Eiko skx007 (full review)

Overall view of the Seiko SKX007

Like any watch in the timepiece industry, the Seiko SKX007 will not be a thin watch.

Being a diver from scratch, we figure that this watch is going to be pretty big in case of size. However, there are some limited options regarding the case size of the SKX007, which we will be discussing in the features section.

The watch has many unexpected points in the design and even the durability; however, this is one of the most inspiring designs from the heart of Tokyo, just like the other Seiko diver watches.

The watch’s durability is decent for a low prices diver watch; we mean what we expected much less from a budget watch. However, Seiko really did surprise us with this one.

The design of the Seiko SKX007 is an exciting concept. However, we mentioned that the creation of the SKX007 is very familiar with the other diver watches; however, this watch was a prototype for a significant change.

Let us tell you why.

Some of the innovations on this watch are first in the industry, meaning that Seiko is experimenting with huge breakthroughs.

Further, in the article, we will be talking about all of the features of the design and durability of this watch. Also, there are some immaculate limited models of the Seiko SKX007 that we will introduce to you.

So, let’s get to the actual review without any more words.

Review Eiko skx007

The durability of the Seiko SKX007

Every watch in the high-end watch industry has three paths when it comes to choosing a material for the case of the watches:

  • The first group is the Stainless-Steel folk. This steel is affordable compared to some other substances, and it has a decent durability.
  • The second group is the Titanium users. This metal is much more durable; however, it is heavy and expensive.
  • The third group is the exclusive materials. A few companies use their exclusive materials, like the Oyster Steel of the Rolex Company.

The Seiko has a budget series has to use the first group of materials which is the stainless steel, because, as we said, the diver watches of the Seiko company are heavy and thick enough, now if they add another layer of weight on the case it would not be practical.

So the case of the Seiko SKX007 uses stainless steel as its primary material; the frame and the bezel both have the same substance inside them.

This model has a different material related to the limited edition divers in some exceptional cases.

The front glass on the Seiko SKX007 is made of Hardlex crystal; you might ask, what is it?

The Hardlex is exclusive material for the diver and some other series; this crystal is one of the few shatter-resistance substances. However, it can get scratches much easier than the famous sapphire.

As you know, the level above the sapphire crystal is diamond, so we can say the Hardlex is very durable.

Overall the durability of the Seiko SKX007 diver is decent for a watch that is priced under 700 euros.

Now let’s get to the design.

The design of the Seiko SKX007

First of all, you know that we care about the design of a timepiece, and we try to avoid the cliché; however, to determine our decision on the design of the SKX007, we have to go through the design specifics once more.

Like most Seiko divers, the dial color on this model is matte black, which uses the same steel as the body.

The numerals on the dial are the exclusive font, meaning they are unique for this watch.

The watch hands and the numerals have luminance light on them, which means they glow in the dark.

However, there are two flaws in this watch’s design; needless to say; this is our personal opinion.

First, the ratio of the body to the dial is not pleasant; the dial is way too small for a watch this big.

Maybe if they shrunk the watch’s case a tad, it would be perfect.

The second fact is the strap. Seiko uses rubber straps on the Seiko SKX007 diver, who is excellent overall. However, if the bracelet were made from leather or metal, it would be much better.

In the end, the design of the SKX007 is also decent yet not perfect.

The next and last section of the article is the unique features; let’s get into it.

Eiko skx007 Full review

Special features of the Seiko SKX007

We will be starting this section right away.

The Seiko SKX007 diver is water-resistant up to almost 200 meters deep, which means that this watch is a perfect diver in its way.

The power reserve option on this watch makes it more valuable to us; the rate of the power reserve on the Seiko SKX007 is up to 46 hours in total. As you know, the power reserve is when you remove the battery from the watch, but it keeps working for the duration we mentioned.

This watch uses a unidirectional bezel. It means that the bezel on this watch only can be rotated in a clockwise direction and not the other way; just like the GTM watches, you can set this bezel to identify a second-time zone.

The last part of the features is the limited edition.

Seiko doesn’t like partnerships, so instead of offering their VIP customizations to the Caviar or Cartier, they have decided to do it themselves.

The Seiko SKX007 edition has white and yellow gold instead of stainless steel, and that’s it.

The price of this watch is 564 euros which is very much affordable.

Now we end this article, let’s conclude and see if this watch is worth the $600 or not?

As a result,

The Tokyo-based company, the Seiko, has many models that are beloved by the community of watch lovers.

And meanwhile, there are some models in the Seiko collections that are worth the money that you are spending on them.

The Seiko SKX007 is one of those models.

However, we said there are several flaws in this watch, but the price range and fine details like the exclusive front glass convinced us that this watch is worth the cash you are spending on it.

We are happy that you stayed with us until the end of the article.

If you have any additional information that you would like to add to the “Hands-on review: Seiko SKX007 Diver” article, contact us, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Is Grand Seiko an expensive brand?

  • Occasionally, however, models in the Seiko collections are meager in price; we call them budget watches.

Is the Seiko SKX007 worth buying?

  • Overall, yes, but the wristwatch is a matter of preference. We reviewed this watch inside out; you can decide much more accessible by reading this article.

Is the Seiko a Swiss watch?

  • the grand Seiko is a Japanese watch from the city of Tokyo, and the work policy of the Seiko is much different than the Swiss brands.
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