How to Put the Back on a Timex Watch?

The Timex watch is one of the timepieces with a well-known brand and has a particular place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts.

Putting the Back of the Timex watch, more often referred to as the Back of the case, should be taken care of while maintaining the watch.

There’s no need to worry about it since a Timex watch makes everything simple.

In this step of the procedure, the item you should pay attention to is reviewing the original case in its entirety to figure out whether or not it is required to replace it.

Even though Timex watches are relatively affordable, older versions quickly become collectibles.

Be advised that flipping the bezel backward can considerably decrease its value since the date code ink etched inside will no longer match the remainder of the watch model and movement codes.

The rear panels of replacement bags for more recent models must be identical to the originals. You can get them from a Timex dealer authorized to sell them.

The arguments that we have provided up to this point should be sufficient to convince you that you need to learn “how to put the Back on a Timex Watch”.

If you’re ready, lets to get started with “How to Put the Back on a Timex Watch”.

How to Put the Back on a Timex Watch

The devices you should use to put the Back on the Timex watch

  1. Blunt blade
  2. Jeweler’s loupe
  3. Lintless cloth
  4. Case back remover
  5. Watch press
  6. Replacement case back

Putting the Back on the Timex watch (Tips & Steps)

We have now arrived at the most sensitive and significant aspect of wearing a watch.

To do this:

  1. First, while examining the Timex watch, use a jeweler’s loupe to determine if it is a clip-on or screw-on type.
  2. Several Timex watches feature a little triangle imprinted on the case back that indicates an edge where a blade may be inserted to raise lowered versions. This is one of the ways that lowered versions can be lifted.
  3. Older versions may not have edges. Check the seam between the rear of the case and the BackBack of the case for a suitable spot to put the blade to separate the case from the BackBack of the body if there is no lip on the case.

Note: However, Timex can be a screw-down model, which is no need to do step 3 above.

  1. At this point, you will need to position the blunt blade below the lip. To open the rear case, you will need to press the blade down at this point. If there is no edge, put the blade into the seam.
  2. If the back cover is a screw-on style, place the case back cleaner into the holes that have been made along the back cover’s edge.
  3. To put the Back on the Timex watch, turn the case back cleaner in the counterclockwise direction.
  4. If you have an earlier model that does not have a notch, you may spin the bezel off the bezel by using the palm of your hand.
  5. Following the removal of the rear cover, a rubber gasket is taken off with it as well.
  6. Using a clean cloth that does not have any lint in it, wipe the Back of the new case on the Timex watch as well as the edges of the case.
  7. After you have reattached the case to the new case, use your thumb and fingers to reattach the snap-down version using the case. Pay attention that these instructions are suitable for use with antique Timex watches. More recent snap-down models may need a watch push.
  8. Position the Timex watch, so the crystal face faces down on the watch press’s bottom pad. Insert a pad, also known as a die, into the holder at the top of the press. Check to ensure that the pad thoroughly covers the Back of the Timex watch without going any more than that. Adjust the case so that the new case back and gasket fit properly. Place the press onto the case carefully and apply pressure to close it.
  9. Utilizing the cloth, clean the inside of the new case and its edges. If you are replacing the screw-down version, you will need to screw the new case back onto the Timex watch in the opposite direction from which it was removed.

How to Put the Back on a Timex Watch

The essential tips & warnings to put the Back on Timex watch

After this discussion, we will draw your attention to two very essential things about putting the Back on the Timex watch, which are as follows:

  • Under no circumstances should you try to open a problematic case back. It will cause the watch to become unusable.
  • When the case back of a freshly acquired Timex watch is opened, the warranty on the watch is voided.


As covered in the “How to Put the Back on a Timex Watch” essay, Timex watches are one of the most well-known and sought-after brands.

This article’s primary emphasis was putting the Back on Timex watch, and we included a comprehensive walkthrough of all the required processes.

We hope you can quickly complete this task according to the explanations and emphases mentioned in the hints section.

If you cannot complete putting the Back on Timex watch, you should steer clear of any undue pressure and inappropriate actions and seek the advice of an expert in this field.

In conclusion, if you have any questions about the “How to Put the Back on a Timex Watch” scenario and any experiences, please share them in the comments box.


What is the proper way to put the back on the Timex watch?

  • Take hold of the crystal with your fingers, then with your thumbs, push down on the rear of the watch itself until it clicks into position. If one of the watch case’s edges is still elevated after it has snapped, change the position of your fingers and push down on the watch case in the area where it is still raised.

What’s wrong with the back of my watch that it won’t go back on?

  • Most case backs click audibly and securely into place after replacing them. Adjust the watch as necessary and examine the dimensions of the dies if it does not fit properly. It will be necessary for you to alter them sometimes. While some wristwatches need more time and effort, others may be put on fast and effortlessly (especially if the watch has a gasket and is water-resistant).
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