The white birch: grand Seiko SLGH005

It doesn’t matter if you have a preserving day or just took the day off; one of the most pressing matters is “time.”

And what’s better than a wristwatch to get all the alerts you need?

Although there are many wristwatches that you can choose from, a good wristwatch has to be reliable, charming, and precise.

Grand Seiko is one of the most affluent and surprisingly reasonably priced compared to other competitors’ company that constitutes high-end-built wristwatches.

But this is not an ordinary article; today, we will examine a particular model.

So, hover with us because we will have a hands-on review of the most sold and tenacious wristwatches yet: the grand Seiko SLGH005.

We are going to deliberate:

  • inclusive view
  • durability
  • delicacy
  • battery life
  • the outcome

And so many more fun facts about this model, so let’s dive into our article.

slgh005 review

Inclusive view

As we cited at the beginning of the article, the grand Seiko has perfected HI-Beat movements and luminous steelwork to perfection.

There is plenty of more model in grand Seiko’s collection, although, at the time, our priority is the 1967 design SLGH005 or, as commonly known, the white birch.

The ardor captured from this watch refers to the white birch tree thickets near the Shizuku Ishi, and pleasingly all the grand Seiko products are made in the studio next to these majestic forests.

Looking intently at the dial, you can almost feel the breeze coming through these birch trees. The built quality on the dial is fanciful; the material and the steel all blend into each other seamlessly, and it creates the perfect masterstroke.

This exceptional watch has a body entirely made of stainless steel, and besides that, the front glass that covers the dial consists of box-shaped sapphire crystal; with its reflection coating on the inner surface of the watch, there is no need to squint or look for shadows to check the time.

Let’s talk about the powerhouse.

This watch uses a 9SA5 caliber and an automatic movement with manual winding. Surprisingly, the error rate on this watch is so deficient, meaning it’s only -1 or +8 seconds in a whole day, which is something to contemplate.

Yet, things are about to get shocking and very appealing.

So, let’s see how this watch acts when talking about dependability:


The Grand Seiko SLGH005 series are a tad different than the others when it comes to the body of the ware.

The SLGH005 model AKA the white birch is seated on a steel bracelet, but here is the exciting part,

They polished all the edges in the 5-link style. This gives a whole new look and maybe a new chapter for the brand.

Let’s talk about size and diameter.

Yes, it is a wide watch, with a lug as long as 22mm and 2m at the clasp takes the more formal feeling off this specific model and gives it more of a sporty vibe.

Although this is not only because of these qualities, the frame on the watch itself is very aggressive, and it feels like you are adding a mass of metal to your wrist, but overall, it has a fine to it.

With the caveat in the head, we have to say wearing this watch is quite pleasurable; however, it’s a heavy watch, but we think it gives it a reassuring substantiality.

The coating on the outside and even on the dial is brilliant, you look at it, and it feels special. Although the grand Seiko tried to innovate some models by coating them mate, it was not a good idea. It failed horribly.

slgh005 article


Without a single second of a doubt, the SLGH005 is one of the most gorgeous ones on the market.

And regardless to say that the inner section of the watch presents its heart to those who wear it.

You might ask what we mean by this.

We will tell you.

The white birch SLGH005 is among the few watches that offer a unique future, and it’s the transparent backside.

You can almost the whole movement design inside the watch by flipping it. However, you might have seen similar movement designs in an AP, JLC, or even an original Glashutte.

The Grand Seiko even offers a special edition of this specific model; in calibration with the company caviar, grand Seiko has released a caviar special edition golden-white birch SLGH005, which is made entirely from gold and Swarovski crystals.

This model has an intense scene of rivalry with some of the models; we will review them and see how they will end up.

slgh005 review

Battery life

The battery used in the watch bodies is durable and long-lasting, yet we had the experience to change the battery on our wristwatches at least once.

Now, gran Seiko deals with that complexity and entirely removes it from your lives.

You might ask how?

Stay with us and find out.

We are sure you know that smartphones use Li-ion batteries in them, meaning they are made of lithium; this is very interesting that the grand Seiko tried to mash up the idea behind these batteries and the movement of energy together and perfect revolution.

This all means that now you don’t have to change the battery on your watch, but you might say that if this is not a smartwatch, how does your spouse charge it? Now things get exciting.

If you recall, there was a time when people used watches powered by moving your hand; this is far beyond that and more impressive, we might add; when you move your hand, it charges up the battery, making it everlasting.

This watch will be with you as long as you are with it.

Ok, so let’s wrap up all of the information above and get to some points.

The outcome

Given all the fine details and facts about the Grand Seiko’s SLGH005 model, we can confidently say that this is the watch that you want people to see on your wrist no matter the auction or the place, it could be a family dinner, or night out with friends or even business meetings this the watch you need.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it and it is on your price budget, we recommend this wearable because it is one of the best that you can get within this price range.

So it’s done; we are thankful that you stayed with us for yet another review. Hopefully, we covered all the details necessary, but if you have any questions or any other models that you want us to review, comment below, and we will tend to them as soon as possible.

5/5 (1 Review)

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